2012-05-24 morschPID updates
2012-05-24 gconesabload properly the library in case of par files, update...
2012-05-24 prinoUpdated D0 cuts (AndreaR)
2012-05-24 cbaumannFix histograms
2012-05-24 cbaumannUpdate AOD cuts
2012-05-24 morschUpdates Leticia
2012-05-24 jbook-fiorellas update
2012-05-24 jbook-fix AOD cuts
2012-05-24 ddobrigkLinking to AliAnalysisTaskExtractV0 and ExtractPerforma...
2012-05-24 rbailhacUpdate
2012-05-24 loizidessalvatore changes
2012-05-24 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-24 rgrossoadding getters for the LHC period (OCDB folder) and...
2012-05-24 cholmAdded missing DTOR
2012-05-24 akisielFix function call and constant
2012-05-24 akisielFix function call
2012-05-24 cholmMoved calculations of flow weights (after burner) into a
2012-05-24 morschCorrection needed for decayer.
2012-05-24 pchristreducing the bins and the dimensions
2012-05-24 gconesabcompilation warning plus change in macros settings
2012-05-24 gconesabcode refactoring, add track filtering and event selection
2012-05-23 cbaumannswitch off or Analysis
2012-05-23 cbaumannUpdate Cuts
2012-05-23 aurasModified support macro AddMisalignmentToClusters.C
2012-05-23 aurasSimulation macros updated
2012-05-23 prinoCorrect formula for the error on significance
2012-05-23 cblumeProtection for undefined objects at SOR and EOR and...
2012-05-23 maseracolour for a TPaveTxt changed (P.G. Cerello)
2012-05-23 abercuciupdate trending infrastructure
2012-05-23 gconesab do not keep digits with null energy, speed up in case...
2012-05-23 hristovFix for #94804: PID QA crashes on data
2012-05-23 prinoNew histos in HF QA task + rejection of tracks wiht...
2012-05-23 jbookadd directory with root files for different kinds of...
2012-05-23 coppedisUnique container name for each task
2012-05-23 kleinbchanges for running on AOD
2012-05-23 miwebercoverity fixes
2012-05-22 loizidesupdate salv
2012-05-22 loizides ana update salvatore
2012-05-22 loizidesrand task update
2012-05-22 loizidesrandom eta/phi
2012-05-22 loizidesrandom eta/phi
2012-05-22 loizidesremove warning
2012-05-22 loizidesmax track pt
2012-05-22 ivanaLoad necessary data from OCDB if not already set
2012-05-22 loizidescosmetics
2012-05-22 loizidesinclude aod track cuts
2012-05-22 rbailhacCoverity and Elienos
2012-05-22 gconesabbug fix - Adam
2012-05-22 aadareupdate from Claude
2012-05-22 belikovPossibility to vary the cuts on TPC clusters and on...
2012-05-22 belikovPossibility to vary the cut on the DCA wrt the primary...
2012-05-22 belikovPossibility to vary the cuts on TPC clusters
2012-05-22 cholmMore debug guard stuff for tracing execution.
2012-05-22 simoneschanged order of adding histograms to the TList
2012-05-22 janielskAdded option for different binning of DCAxy axis in...
2012-05-22 jbook-add fiorellas b2jpsi
2012-05-22 cholmFix some problems with PAR file generation.
2012-05-22 loizidesadded cuts
2012-05-22 loizidesadded track cut
2012-05-22 loizidesremove comp warning
2012-05-22 gconesabnon linearity fixes
2012-05-22 gconesabfixes
2012-05-21 wiechulao add variables
2012-05-21 ddobrigkAdded 3 controlling functions to the AddTask macros.
2012-05-21 loizidesfix
2012-05-21 loizideshisto switch
2012-05-21 zampolliUpdating reconstruction macro for CPass1, adding VZERO...
2012-05-21 miweberCorrect Delta Phi calculation in AliBalanceTriggered...
2012-05-21 morschIntroduction of the D+ and Ds (and the -Xi_c case)
2012-05-21 morschUpdate
2012-05-21 antoniolAdded extraflag to force TRD bug correction
2012-05-21 antoniolAdded extraflag to force TRD bug correction
2012-05-21 jbook-add mc boolean for aod analysis
2012-05-21 cblumeTRD/AliTRDdEdxCalibHistArray.cxx Redefine nbin...
2012-05-21 gconesabAllow fill QA time histograms for Cells in AODs, add...
2012-05-21 allachecker tuned to high lumi run
2012-05-21 snellingreduce memory usage
2012-05-21 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-05-21 loizideshist switch and update from pdsf train
2012-05-21 loizidesupdates from pdsf train
2012-05-21 loizideshist switch, leading jet option
2012-05-21 loizidesUpdates from Salvatore
2012-05-21 loizidesmerge with pdsf train
2012-05-21 loizidesgeometry handling
2012-05-21 prsnkoTime histo range adjusted
2012-05-21 rbailhacHFE task for lego train 2011
2012-05-21 rbailhacUpdate
2012-05-20 prinostore ntuple in same file as histos (Renu)
2012-05-20 kharlovQA checker for RAW is implemented
2012-05-20 aurasAdded support macro AddMisalignmentToClusters.C
2012-05-20 pchristAdding the pt trigger and associated bins in the Psi...
2012-05-20 ssakaifixed coverity error
2012-05-19 morschWarning corrected.
2012-05-19 ssakaiadd new task
2012-05-19 ssakainew macro for EMCal electron
2012-05-19 ssakainew task macro for EMCal electron analysis
2012-05-19 ssakainew task for EMCal electron
2012-05-19 morschsingle instance of AliTPythia used
2012-05-19 morschUpdate for LHC12c
2012-05-18 morschPhysics selection update for LHC12c