2014-10-27 fnoferinfine tuning of TOF tail (developing task)
2014-10-27 zampolliMinor bug on T0-AC resolution fixed. TOF resolution...
2014-10-27 zampolliMinor bug on T0-AC resolution fixed. TOF resolution...
2014-10-27 hristovDIM is installed only together with DATE, protect the...
2014-10-27 prsnkoPut in agreement with updated Tender
2014-10-27 prsnkoBug in dispCore filling corrected; cleanup
2014-10-26 mchojnacUpdate of macro
2014-10-26 gconesabinclude DCal in introduction and how to init it in...
2014-10-26 rbailhacFix crash during merging
2014-10-25 morschwarnings corrected
2014-10-25 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-25 aurasNew Analysis Tools for the MFT
2014-10-25 aurasNew MFT Analysis Tools
2014-10-25 gconesabsimple macro to read the trigger OCDB
2014-10-24 zconesaReduce verbosity
2014-10-24 lietavaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-24 lietavaFix for Next50 class bit mask propagation to esd
2014-10-24 shahoianFix from F.Noferini: treatment of the case when nTofClu...
2014-10-24 hristovAliRawReaderDate does not require DATE, only event...
2014-10-24 agrigoraFix for include path for Fortran file
2014-10-24 fnoferinadd tuning of TOF TOF tail for MC (under deveolping)
2014-10-24 dmuhlheismall bugfixes
2014-10-24 jniedzieevent server now checks for current run on startup
2014-10-24 jniedziealieventrecontruction with more output for tests
2014-10-24 prsnkoReturn to full E; try coreDispersion
2014-10-23 fbelliniAdded macro for local merging of the QA output
2014-10-23 zampollimethod to tune TOF tail added to TOF reponse (F. Noferini)
2014-10-23 zampollimethod to tune TOF tail added to TOF reponse (F. Noferini)
2014-10-23 sjenaNew macro for Femto QA: sjena
2014-10-23 rbailhacMerge branch 'master' of git.cern.ch/pub/AliRoot
2014-10-23 rbailhacNumber of bin
2014-10-23 maszymanupdates in macros for Femto QA in train
2014-10-23 sjenaUpdate analysis qa GA macro: sjena
2014-10-23 ddobrigkTuning bin limits
2014-10-23 miweberChange output filename for Lego Train running
2014-10-23 gconesabname of cluster raw histograms changed in summer a...
2014-10-23 gconesabfixes to avoid problems configuring the analysis train
2014-10-23 gconesabcomment out print
2014-10-23 lmilanofixed GetNchBin
2014-10-23 gconesabremove commented line
2014-10-23 gconesabinit mag field for ESD and AOD not just ESD
2014-10-23 gconesabchange all printf's to AliDebug/AliInfo/AliWarning
2014-10-22 fbelliniFix to reduce output size (Massimo)
2014-10-22 poghosadding QA task for PWGUD/DIFFRACTION
2014-10-22 rbailhacFix
2014-10-22 hristovReplacing string comparison by coparison of enums
2014-10-22 maszymanmacros for Femto QA in train
2014-10-22 hristovUsing FindFixBin instead of FindBin
2014-10-22 hristovMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-22 hristovAdding using std::... (Root6)
2014-10-22 fnoferinMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-22 hristovUsing const (Root6)
2014-10-22 fnoferinimprove fit procedure (err estimates)
2014-10-22 hristovRemoving wrong inline
2014-10-22 hristovAdding PWG/muon to EINCLUDE
2014-10-22 hristovFixing the results of a wrong merge
2014-10-22 ddobrigkTesting vzero response a bit
2014-10-22 ekryshenV0A23, V0C01 and V0S(V0A23+V0C01) percentiles added...
2014-10-22 belikovLittle fix in the treatment of event species
2014-10-22 hristovALIROOT-5677 Modification of dateStream to take into...
2014-10-22 fbockforce EM decay to photons also for heavier particles
2014-10-22 fbockupdated cocktail generation macro according to changes...
2014-10-22 fbockupdated parametrisation for pi0, eta, omega, phi for...
2014-10-22 fbockadded option to generate heavier particle, control...
2014-10-22 gconesabadd histogram to check invariant mass for pairs inside...
2014-10-21 zconesaCheck against null dynamic cast pointer
2014-10-21 zconesaAdd histos for MC closure tests (A.Alici)
2014-10-21 zconesamanual external threshold of the momentum conservation...
2014-10-21 mcosentiincluding a histogram to compare the isolation distribu...
2014-10-21 zconesaFix for memory leak
2014-10-21 zconesaAdd flags for rotational background
2014-10-21 gconesabreplace printf's by AliDebug/AliInfo/AliWarning
2014-10-21 dmuhlheibugfixes + extended track matching histograms
2014-10-21 miweberBugfix in AddTask macro for AMPT:
2014-10-21 shahoianAdded dummy c-tors to AliITSURecoDet/Layer/Sens to...
2014-10-21 zampolliFix for TOF new calib task for CPass
2014-10-21 zampolliAdding macro to be able to run TOF calib tree task...
2014-10-21 zampolliFixing TOF calib tree task to use the same output handl...
2014-10-21 morschCMake for LHAPDF update
2014-10-21 morschCmake for new lhapdf version
2014-10-21 pgonzaleNew function for TrueChic added and a cut with open...
2014-10-21 fbock- changes by Lucia in order to include PbPb centrality...
2014-10-21 hristovFixed end-of-line format
2014-10-21 mgermainadding scripts and macros for V0 automatic QA and trending
2014-10-21 mkrzewicMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-21 mkrzewicRevert "make the sorting more robust by using natural...
2014-10-21 ssakaiupdated EMCal HFelectron QA
2014-10-21 mkrzewicMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-21 mkrzewicmake the sorting more robust by using natural sort
2014-10-21 ekryshenEMCAL triggers added in AliTriggerAnalysis + code clean-up
2014-10-21 sjenaAdding onfly task for PIDCorr: Subikash
2014-10-21 sjenaUpdate on Two Particle Pid Corr: Debojit
2014-10-21 sjenaUpdate on DptDpt Corr: prabhat
2014-10-21 gconesabreplace printfs by AliDebug/AliInfo
2014-10-21 tbreitnefix (potential) floating point exceptions
2014-10-20 rbailhacFurther TPC pid 2011
2014-10-20 shahoianfix for c++11 warning
2014-10-20 pgonzaleDalitz: New histogram for photon effiVsRadius
2014-10-20 hristovThe explicit linking of X11 GL GLU is commented out
2014-10-20 cmayerUpdated STARLIGHT from r176 ro r188 (starlight.hepforge...