2001-06-25 hristovNew&delete used for array with variable size
2001-06-22 morschBack to official z-positions of rings.
2001-06-22 morschRing locations matching TRD module positions.
2001-06-21 morschObsolete version of AliMUON removed.
2001-06-21 morschPut volumes of station 3 into DIPO if present. (A....
2001-06-21 morschUse absolute coordinates for mother volume PCON.
2001-06-21 morschSimple concrete shielding around compensator dipole.
2001-06-21 morschSome more details in compensator geometry.
2001-06-20 morschRemove some shielding to accomodate compensator magnet.
2001-06-20 morschCompensator dipole MBWMD (MCB@SPS) added.
2001-06-18 morschForward kinematic ranges to entries only if not set...
2001-06-16 kowal2Opening galice.root using rfio
2001-06-15 marianaFix memory leak
2001-06-15 barberaNew version from Boris and Enrico with improved ghost...
2001-06-15 marianaFix memory leak
2001-06-15 coppedisGeometry bug corrected
2001-06-15 morschIn gudcay: write only first generation decay products...
2001-06-15 marianaInclude forward declaration of AliITSRad
2001-06-15 morschPut only first generation decay products on the stack.
2001-06-14 barberaNew versions to cope with the new version of tracking V1
2001-06-14 barberaNew temporary class to manage PPR and v5 geometries...
2001-06-14 barberaNew class for tracking V1 in complete analogy with V2
2001-06-14 barberaTracking V1 decoupled from AliITS
2001-06-14 barberaTest macro to analysis the SPD simulation made with...
2001-06-14 barberaNew version from B. Batyunya to get the Dubna model...
2001-06-14 hristovRemove writing of a TreeD (now in AliMUON::SDigits2Digi...
2001-06-14 hristovWrite a TreeD in SDigits2Digits method (needed to be...
2001-06-14 morschBugs corrected. SetSide() method added.
2001-06-14 schutzmissprint in the default ctor
2001-06-14 nick14-jun-2001 NvE Memberfunction GetRapidity() introduced...
2001-06-14 coppedisMinor change
2001-06-14 coppedisChanges to add AliZDCFragment class
2001-06-13 schutzadded initialization in the default ctor
2001-06-13 schutzadded initialization in the default ctor
2001-06-13 schutzcosmetics
2001-06-13 schutzfChecker was not initialized !
2001-06-13 schutzChange to comply with the new IndexToObject
2001-06-13 schutzWhen the galice.root file is opened it gets the PHOS...
2001-06-13 schutzFirst attempt to use systemtically TFolders: the geomet...
2001-06-13 nick11-jun-2001 NvE ResultError correctly set in GetMomentu...
2001-06-13 coppedisMinor changes
2001-06-13 coppedisAdding AliZDCv2
2001-06-13 coppedisBug corrected
2001-06-13 coppedisMinor changes
2001-06-12 coppedisTDI in correct position and minor correction
2001-06-12 hristovConfigPPR.C removed to avoid confusions with Config...
2001-06-12 kowal2Hits2SDigits method implemented (summable digits)
2001-06-12 kowal2New files for folder and stack
2001-06-11 schutzcorrected typo in the volume name of EMCAL
2001-06-11 morschSetAliGenEventHeader() method added.
2001-06-11 morsch- Store cross-Section and number of binary collisions...
2001-06-11 schutzremoved a cout
2001-06-11 schutzadded the vomume EMCA that contains the whole calorimeter
2001-06-10 hristovMinor corrections needed on HP and Sun
2001-06-09 nick09-jun-2001 NvE Script mklibs.bat modified to match...
2001-06-07 schutzremoved a warning due to unused variable
2001-06-07 schutzthese TTask are posted to the apropriate folders /...
2001-06-07 schutzthe temporary YSAlice folders structure and PHOS folder...
2001-06-07 buncicSTAGE_HOST renamed to stagealice (was aliceb01)
2001-06-07 buncicRemoved compilation warning in AliConfig initialisation.
2001-06-07 buncicTPC branches now correctly diverted into Digits.TPS...
2001-06-07 barberaBoth chip and det thicknesses set to [100,300]
2001-06-06 nickSubdirectory "scripts" created in RALICE.
2001-06-06 nickAliEvent class added into repository.
2001-06-06 nick27-may-2001 NvE New class AliEvent introduced and RALIC...
2001-06-06 ivanaadding geantino in MapParticles() corrected
2001-06-06 ivanacomment correction only
2001-06-06 ivanaupdate for changes in Config.C
2001-06-06 ivanaadded option for default modules versions
2001-06-06 ivanaG4DAWNFILE_VIEWER setting commented
2001-06-06 ivanain PreTrackingAction() added call to AliRun::BeginPrimary()
2001-06-06 ivanamethod ClearPrimaryStack() removed, stackManager->Clear...
2001-06-06 ivanamethod ClearPrimaryStack() removed
2001-06-06 ivanaAliHeader.h include added
2001-06-06 ivanatwo levels of verbose introduced; AliHeader.h include...
2001-06-06 ivanaupdated default versions of FRAME, ITS
2001-06-05 schutzfinal parameters correction for the APD response
2001-06-05 schutzScript to read impacts generated by AliPHOSvImpacts
2001-06-05 schutzAliPHOSvImpacts and AliPHOSImpact is added
2001-06-05 schutzPHOS impact class
2001-06-05 schutzNew PHOS version AliPHOSvImpacts which stores impacts
2001-06-05 schutzadded the QA checkable-chekers using TTask and TFolder
2001-06-05 schutzadded the QA checkable-chekers using TTask and TFolder
2001-06-01 gosset#include "AliHeader.h" needed
2001-06-01 barberaremoved; now the Bari/Salerno model is the default
2001-05-31 schutzmerge conflicts solved
2001-05-31 schutzintroduced the response of the APD
2001-05-31 schutzCoding rule violation corrected
2001-05-31 schutzCoding rule violation corrected. Read branches instead...
2001-05-31 schutztask becomes a subtask of PHOS
2001-05-31 schutztask becomes a subtask of PHOS; TreeD filling changed
2001-05-31 schutzatask becomes a subtask of PHOS
2001-05-31 schutzactor changed to create the task PHOS
2001-05-31 schutzctor changed to create the task PHOS
2001-05-31 schutzcomments added
2001-05-31 barberaUpdated version with the Bari/Salerno model as default
2001-05-31 barberaNew version with the Bari/Salerno model as default...
2001-05-31 barberato be substituted by the new version
2001-05-31 barberaDubna model of SPD simulation. It was the default before
2001-05-31 barberanew versions based on the Bari/Salerno model