2012-06-21 kleinbset minimum pT for dicing (M. Verweij)
2012-06-21 miweberadd QA histograms for HBT/conversion cuts
2012-06-21 loizidesrenamed init into execonce
2012-06-21 loizidesadded emc area cut
2012-06-21 loizidescosmetics
2012-06-20 ddobrigkChanges for PbPb data analysis to the main analysis...
2012-06-20 loizidesupdate von saehanseul
2012-06-20 pcrochetProtection: require exact pattern when summing differen...
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixed absolute include path
2012-06-20 cbaumannAdd BAsic CF signals to pp
2012-06-20 loizidesexec once
2012-06-20 loizidesclear
2012-06-20 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-06-20 loizidesavoid init
2012-06-20 loizidesavoid init
2012-06-20 agheatasmall fix from Laurent
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixed a warning
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding EMCAL selection class to build system
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixing warnings
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding selection classes for EMCAL
2012-06-20 odjuvslaReintroducing previously removed variables
2012-06-20 odjuvslaUpdates in analysis code for EMCAL
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding classes to build system that were removed
2012-06-20 wiechulasmall change in the FillVarMCParticle2() function to...
2012-06-20 laphecetRemove the dollar-id-dollar in the responsible name...
2012-06-20 morschUpdate
2012-06-20 dperrinoAdded the task to perform PID in jets with the HMPID
2012-06-20 dperrinoChanges needed to use the jet analysis and to match...
2012-06-20 cbaumannFix location dependent paths, enable toggle for CF...
2012-06-20 loizidescorrect py
2012-06-20 cbaumannfix namespace collision, add variable to CF
2012-06-20 lmilanorunAODProof updated
2012-06-20 gconesabfix check of pointer existence
2012-06-20 gconesabinitialize variable not done in second constructor
2012-06-19 cbaumannadjust path
2012-06-19 cbaumannadd robust defaults
2012-06-19 fbelliniAdded histograms + method to estimate TOF_T0
2012-06-19 lmilanorunGrid macro updated
2012-06-19 gconesabfix compilation warning
2012-06-19 prinoAdd Lc->V0+bachelor in HF QA task (Annalisa)
2012-06-19 prinoAdapt MatchToMC to Lc->Vo+bachelor (Annalisa)
2012-06-19 mcosentiincluding a parameter to set the trigger bit option
2012-06-19 aadarefor AliAnalysisTask3PCorrelations
2012-06-19 aadare3 particle task from Claude Pruneau
2012-06-19 aadareadded 3 particle task from Claude
2012-06-19 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2012-06-19 loizidesupdates by Salvatore
2012-06-19 loizidescleanup
2012-06-19 gconesabadd possiblity to copy mc particles
2012-06-19 lmilanoupdate of the running macros
2012-06-19 quarkAdding ALICE specific implementations of Eve
2012-06-19 quarkAdding ALICE specific implementation of Eve
2012-06-19 cnattrasTweaks to destructors and getting code working with...
2012-06-19 hansenaUpdated for LHC10h
2012-06-19 gconesabAdd histograms to check the event centrality and event...
2012-06-19 iselioujFigure macros for the high pT flow paper
2012-06-19 prinoAdd task of Lc->V0bachelor in compilation
2012-06-19 prinoNew task for Lc->V0bachelor + update on cut class ...
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- adding refined bad channel map
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- added selection classes to macro
2012-06-19 mcosentibugifx
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- Removing alot of histograms, replaced with trees...
2012-06-18 morschUpdates Leticia
2012-06-18 lmilanotypo fix
2012-06-18 lmilanofix to join the LEGO train
2012-06-18 morschUpdates Leticia
2012-06-18 prinoPID usage handled by cut object + new definition of...
2012-06-18 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-06-18 loizidesupdates from Saehanseul.
2012-06-18 loizidesdeal with emcal particle, emcal acceptance.
2012-06-18 ssakaiupdates for train
2012-06-18 mflorisNeeded for compilation
2012-06-18 loizidesadded emc particles and pt sub
2012-06-18 kleinbAdding option for fixed cone (M. Zimmermann)
2012-06-18 mflorisFixes for compilation
2012-06-18 mcosentibugfix
2012-06-18 mcosentibugfix
2012-06-18 cbaumannchange cuts
2012-06-18 simonesset owner for tlist
2012-06-18 wiechulao updates for AOD MC (Julian)
2012-06-18 prinoCentrality bins for 2011 PbPb run (Davide)
2012-06-18 prinoFix (Rossella)
2012-06-18 jbook-add user task of michael
2012-06-18 abercucirevert changes done for adding ITS seeding to TRD to...
2012-06-18 kleinbuse same binning for TH and THnSparse (M. Vajzer)
2012-06-18 kleinbAdded data driven estimate for leading particle efficie...
2012-06-18 gconesabadd possibility to clusterize only within a centrality bin
2012-06-18 loizidesadded get rho from event
2012-06-18 miwebercoverity fix + Adding PID for output container name...
2012-06-18 ssakainew config for systematic study TPC+EMCal
2012-06-18 ssakainew task for systematic study
2012-06-18 wiechulao add pass4 awareness
2012-06-18 mflorisCompiling AOD analysis
2012-06-18 mflorisFixes for compilation
2012-06-18 maseraITS QA macros for pp 2012 runs
2012-06-18 loizidesenergy
2012-06-18 loizidesfix cent loading
2012-06-18 jklein- bugfix to correctly treat corrupted tracklet endmarkers
2012-06-18 lmilano- v2 selection using VZERO
2012-06-18 loizidesimplementing particle interface