2013-05-25 ssakaiupdated
2013-05-25 majanikConfig files for DEtaDPhi train
2013-05-25 cnattrasAdding histograms for crosschecking hadronic correction...
2013-05-24 pchristaRestoring the analysis vs multiplicity
2013-05-24 cnattrasMacro for calculating hadronic deposits from data
2013-05-24 cnattrasOysteins plotting macro
2013-05-24 cbaumannmore updates from Markus
2013-05-24 pcrochetAdding parameters for LHC13f muon_pass2 (Diego)
2013-05-24 laphecetSmall update of the Plot method
2013-05-24 laphecetAdding 2013 periods
2013-05-24 shahoianAdded Alice luminosity and bckg records.
2013-05-24 cbaumannupdates for Markus
2013-05-23 morschnewly implemented model for slow nucleon production
2013-05-23 mvlUpdate to subtract fixed values of v2,3 (Redmer)
2013-05-23 morschGetter for number of MPI
2013-05-23 lgraczykupdates to pA pion HBT
2013-05-23 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-05-23 agheataClass to analyze TRD trigger data (Yvonne Packmayer)
2013-05-23 jgrosseoDCA cut
2013-05-23 loizidesfrom ruediger
2013-05-23 zconesarequirements on the clusters
2013-05-23 shahoianUnnecessary ";" removed (Sergey)
2013-05-23 jbook-change of output file(michael)
2013-05-23 morsch- AliAnalysisTaskESDfilter: increase class version
2013-05-23 fbelliniAdded generalisation of y-cut for pairs
2013-05-23 jbook-modifications by michael
2013-05-23 nmartinbug fix for momenta in the tree, now innerParam
2013-05-23 morschUpdates
2013-05-23 lgraczykconfig macros for NonId DEtaDPhi train analysis
2013-05-23 kleinbNew trigger selection scheme (F. Krizek
2013-05-23 kleinbImprove association of heavy flavor MC jets (L. Feldkamp)
2013-05-23 loizidesup from Salvatore
2013-05-22 lgraczykconfig macros for pLam HBT train analysis
2013-05-22 shahoianheader was missed in previous commit
2013-05-22 loizidesnew histos for embedding (Salvatore)
2013-05-22 loizidesfrom Salvatore
2013-05-22 loizidesfrom Redmer
2013-05-22 jbook-add Steffen Webers task
2013-05-22 lgraczyknew config macros for proton HBT
2013-05-22 mcosentifixing the dEdx information for TM clusters
2013-05-22 mivanovAdding the histogram as an optional input:
2013-05-22 shahoianModifications for short tracks afterburner. RecoParams...
2013-05-22 shahoianMacro to initialize standalone reconstructor
2013-05-22 fprinoPossibility to retrieve sub-event correlation histos
2013-05-22 gconesabwhen checking the pass, if non standard production...
2013-05-22 gconesabwhen checking the pass, if non standard production...
2013-05-22 gconesabwhen checking the pass, if non standard production...
2013-05-22 ssakaifixed conf. file
2013-05-21 bdoeniguAdded AddTask and minor code update
2013-05-21 mivanovSetter for the PID response parameterization (Jens)
2013-05-21 akisielNew train configuration for kaons
2013-05-21 shahoianCoverity fix
2013-05-21 ssakaimodified Histograms name
2013-05-21 hansenaFix for excluding individual FMD rings in AOD productio...
2013-05-21 allafix for re-reconstruction 2010 data
2013-05-21 lgraczykbug correction and new config file in HBT code
2013-05-20 morschTOF recalculation with HG only added
2013-05-20 lgraczykadding DEtaDPhi non-id analysis config macros
2013-05-20 prsnkoPHOS calibrations for LHC13xxx updated
2013-05-20 lgraczykmodifying proton HBT train config macro
2013-05-20 ssakaiadded & changed bin size of histograms
2013-05-20 mcosentiincluding debugging printouts, reducing the output...
2013-05-20 lgraczykchanges in proton-lambda HBT train config macros
2013-05-20 lgraczykcommenting out not needed couts
2013-05-20 morschFlag for extented event info
2013-05-20 cnattrasfixing a bug in the track matching logic
2013-05-19 zconesaIncluding: 1) possible Nch weights in MC, 2) usage...
2013-05-19 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-05-18 cnattraschanging hadronic correction to centrality not multipli...
2013-05-18 gconesabadd few NLM dependent histograms
2013-05-17 shahoianThe deposited charge scaling parameter was not used...
2013-05-17 mcolocciUpdate task
2013-05-17 shahoianClean unfinished hypotheses before running afterburner...
2013-05-17 mivanovChanges needed for big distortions.
2013-05-17 hristovPatches for the TRD on-line tracklets and tracks in...
2013-05-17 zampolliUpdating file with correct subversion in Id (see https...
2013-05-17 mivanovAdding the macro to generate the file with space charge...
2013-05-16 zconesaEnable the TPC HV dip check for 2013 data and the incom...
2013-05-16 shahoianFill separate control histos for each reconstruction...
2013-05-16 dsilvermremoving unused EMCal OCDB objects with inconsistent...
2013-05-16 morschTOF recalculation added
2013-05-16 gvolpeMismatch between OCDB file id and file name solved
2013-05-16 morschBoost also resonances into LAB frame
2013-05-16 shahoian1) Flag all track with kITSupg bit.
2013-05-16 shahoianRemoved conflict between kGlobalMerge and kEmbedded...
2013-05-16 tkolleggMake OCDB object version 0 (savannah #101470).
2013-05-16 fbelliniAdded CheckTOF option to cuts for TRD/noTRD checks
2013-05-16 fbelliniImplemented method to select std 2011 ESD quality cuts...
2013-05-16 zconesaAdd candidate phi-eta plots (A.Festanti)
2013-05-16 prsnkoRemove useless warnings
2013-05-16 mkrzewicfix a bug where the tree remains empty for data
2013-05-16 jgrosseochange in binning (Emilia)
2013-05-16 prsnkoTOF calibration for LHC13cdef added
2013-05-16 mvlWhitespace
2013-05-16 tkolleggMade AliCDBId in objects consistent with filename ...
2013-05-16 fprinoAdded TRD triggers in histos
2013-05-16 lgraczykadding proton HBT config macro
2013-05-16 jgrosseoselection on time0 type (Leonardo)
2013-05-16 morsch- AliAnalysisTaskSAQA: new QA histograms
2013-05-16 jgrosseopile up cuts (Leonardo)