2009-11-16 snellingfixing coding viol
2009-11-16 coppedisSelection of ADC words updated to get correct calibration
2009-11-16 odjuvsla- fixing problem with offset subtraction
2009-11-16 marianMove the documentaion to the scripts directory
2009-11-16 marianM filterRecLog.sh - remove the ssyswatch...
2009-11-16 dperrinoJet ordering by estimated energy
2009-11-16 richtermchange to prepare for the faster SDD cluster finder...
2009-11-16 marianAdding histograms for absolute z residuals
2009-11-16 jotwinowadd pt calibration check component (S. Schuchmann)
2009-11-16 jotwinowfollow coding convension (S. Schuchmann)
2009-11-16 gconesabNeed to include STEERbase in Makefile to work with...
2009-11-16 decaroMemory trashing in TOF reconstruction (P.Hristov)
2009-11-16 allacorrect version number
2009-11-16 daineseAdded setters
2009-11-16 dainesePossibility to redo vertex on the flight
2009-11-16 rvernetcorrected warnings
2009-11-16 mrodriguFlag to avoid divisions by cero in QAChecker
2009-11-16 aszostakUpdate from Arshad Masoodi. Adding triggering option...
2009-11-16 belikovsin(phi)=1 is acceptable. However, for the error calcul...
2009-11-16 cvetanCorrection to the last commit
2009-11-16 kleinb Addsupport for AOD /delta AOD, limit printouts and...
2009-11-16 richtermcmake update (Oystein)
2009-11-16 dibariThis macro will read the data files and created TGraph2D
2009-11-16 dibariQe files per PC
2009-11-16 dibariDirectory to contain the Qe files per PC
2009-11-16 prsnkoAdded possibility to use RawFitterv3 in reconstruction
2009-11-16 kleinbcover case for AOD analysis
2009-11-16 prsnkomemory leak fixed
2009-11-16 enricoComment modified
2009-11-16 enricoProtections added (Mariella)
2009-11-16 enricoProtections added (Mariella)
2009-11-16 laphecetBe less verbose
2009-11-16 laphecetInit full store at once to avoid confusing its normal...
2009-11-16 laphecetEnable error logging (even though it is not currently...
2009-11-16 laphecetAdding a warning when requesting histogramming
2009-11-16 laphecetAdding a method to dump the readout errors at the end...
2009-11-16 laphecetFixing memory leak
2009-11-16 allabug fixed
2009-11-16 allaamplitude calibration and walk correction for next...
2009-11-16 cvetanRemoving obsolete file. Thanks to Federico for spotting...
2009-11-16 martinezFixing algorithm for efficiency calculation (Diego)
2009-11-16 allapreprocessor with write protectiona nd new file simulat...
2009-11-16 allacorrect amplitude with fit parameters
2009-11-16 abercucifix typo error (Markus)
2009-11-16 kleinbChanges by Sara V. to UE class, and one cosmetic change...
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-16 cvetanFix to the updated interface of the vertexer (Thanks...
2009-11-15 marianNew OCDB entries:
2009-11-15 cheynisProtection added
2009-11-15 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.h.diff fix forward...
2009-11-15 marianCosmic reference data (closes task 2476).
2009-11-15 cvetanBug fix: the mask should be 64-bit. The bug was the...
2009-11-15 policheh- Fixed bug which caused rewriting of HighGain/LowGain...
2009-11-15 morschCoding violations corrected.
2009-11-15 odjuvsla- fixing coding violations
2009-11-15 prsnkoTiming corrected, warnings corrected
2009-11-15 cvetanUpdated DA from Brigitte. Steerable clock range for...
2009-11-15 cheynisUpdated Calibration Object
2009-11-15 cheynisUpdated Trigger Object
2009-11-15 cheynisUpdated Calibration Object
2009-11-15 marianCHANGES:
2009-11-15 martinezfixing warnings (Federico C.)
2009-11-15 jgrosseosmall update to print the results
2009-11-15 allaprotection from old OCDB object
2009-11-15 gconesabcorrect to make it work on amore agent (Yaxian)
2009-11-15 kleinbFixed naming when selecting tracks for FF
2009-11-15 jgrosseoadded FMD offline trigger
2009-11-15 martinezDeacresing the size of the log file output (Christian...
2009-11-15 cvetanInitialization of HV data arrays (Raphael)
2009-11-15 zampolliBug fixed.
2009-11-15 cvetan1. Bug fix in pedestal subtraction. The channel was...
2009-11-14 mrodriguDebugging of code
2009-11-14 mrodriguFix for Bug: 58726 including a new QA histogram for...
2009-11-14 snellingremove empty method and make two methods public (last...
2009-11-14 jgrosseoadded ZDC trigger
2009-11-14 snellingfix formatting for microsoft compiler
2009-11-14 zampolliImproving printout.
2009-11-14 gconesabCorrect problem in pp and PbPb bench, add comments
2009-11-13 daineseAdd possbility to read also the RecPoints
2009-11-13 daineseITS tracking analysis macros
2009-11-13 daineseUpdate of ITS tracking check task and related macros
2009-11-13 snellingexplicit conversion and change of order arguments macro
2009-11-13 fcaFix compilation on mac
2009-11-13 snellingfixes how common configurations are set
2009-11-13 allaimproved monitoring
2009-11-13 jgrosseoadding class to trigger offline on content of the ESD
2009-11-13 maseraNew RecPoint container class. Access to RP through...
2009-11-13 miskoBug fix - the array ax was too short. Thanks to Andrei...
2009-11-13 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warnings
2009-11-13 belikovPrinting the warning only if sin(phi) is significantly...
2009-11-13 snellingadding subevents onthefly
2009-11-13 basantacorrect name for the mapping file
2009-11-13 agheataIf using par files, add line:
2009-11-13 kleinblimit print out
2009-11-13 kleinb fixed exclusion of all but DA
2009-11-13 daineseAdded static method to convert track-points back to...
2009-11-13 laphecetFix
2009-11-13 allaprotection against exidental writing
2009-11-13 allanew amplitude calibration up to 50 MIPs
2009-11-13 morschWarnings corrected.