2003-10-28 allageometry bug fixed
2003-10-27 kirfirst phase to new digits
2003-10-27 kirSigGen bug fixed
2003-10-27 nilsenfixed some compiler errors.
2003-10-27 kirmain ctor bug fixed
2003-10-27 kir1D removed, AliRICHParam as static
2003-10-27 alla remove AliSTARTv2
2003-10-27 kowal2Polynom also in z-direction
2003-10-26 nick07-oct-2003 NvE Arguments of SetSignal and AddSignal...
2003-10-24 nilsenadded missing #include "AliMC.h" .
2003-10-24 nilsenadded SDD test beam geometry version (draft). included...
2003-10-24 hristovFix for Lego run (P.Skowronski)
2003-10-24 dibariMore improvements
2003-10-24 dibarinew Class AliRICHDisplFast added
2003-10-24 dibariCurrent solution for display events.
2003-10-24 morschWorks with newio now.
2003-10-24 alibraryFixing warnings
2003-10-24 morschTo run macros in compiled mode.
2003-10-24 morschRedefinition of ptMin and ptMax corrrected.
2003-10-24 allaclean up warnings
2003-10-24 martinezImproving stepmanager and reponse function of the chamb...
2003-10-24 martinezImproving stepmanager and reponse function of the chamb...
2003-10-24 martinezRKUTA choice doc in README. RKUTA as default in Config_...
2003-10-24 mhornerAdded explicit base class declaration
2003-10-24 mhornerAdded explicit base class declaration
2003-10-23 nilsenAdded some more services and updated display
2003-10-23 dibariProtection against empty hit events
2003-10-23 hristovMC-dependent part of AliRun extracted in AliMC (F.Carmi...
2003-10-23 mhornerAdded explicit base class declaration
2003-10-23 dibariA batch file for RICH
2003-10-23 kirRecriation of chambers removed
2003-10-23 coppedisMinor changes to avoid warnings during compilation
2003-10-23 mhornerAdded explicit base class declaration
2003-10-23 kirNew Local2Global with respect to PC. Old v3 geometry...
2003-10-23 hristovUsing the same optimization in the compiler and in...
2003-10-23 allaClean up coding convention violations
2003-10-23 dibarifcn changed in fcnrecon (already il AliRICHClusterFinder)
2003-10-23 kirAll clusters-recos things are to be done in AliRICHRecon
2003-10-23 dibariCompatibility with HP
2003-10-22 kirNew Global2Local
2003-10-22 dibariMenu modified to run for AliRICHRecon
2003-10-22 dibariThis class has been replaced by AliRICHRecon
2003-10-22 dibariNew class AliRICHRecon added (AliRICHPatRec replaced)
2003-10-22 kirWill be recrated later in AliRICH.h after AliRICHRecon...
2003-10-22 dibariAdd L2G and G2L for vectors.
2003-10-22 dibariBug in AliRICHhit fixed
2003-10-22 dibariRadiator to Pad goes static.
2003-10-22 allaClean up coding convention violations
2003-10-22 dibariMinor changes
2003-10-22 kirAddopted to new ConfigRich.C
2003-10-22 kirprivate RICH config
2003-10-22 morschFor lego run set number of events per file to nc1 ...
2003-10-22 alibraryTPC barrel lib not in module.dep
2003-10-22 alibraryMinor corrections to include
2003-10-22 hristovUsing Riostream.h instead of iostream.h
2003-10-21 kirFirst interation on SplitByLocalMaxima with Nico
2003-10-21 martinezSetting splitlevel to 0 by default in treeH, TreeR...
2003-10-21 martinezBug on max theta (Jean Pierre)
2003-10-21 hristovObsolete member function removed
2003-10-21 hristovAdding new classes (M.Ivanov)
2003-10-21 hristovNew transformation function (M.Ivanov)
2003-10-21 hristovNew comparison macro (M.Ivanov)
2003-10-21 hristovNew cluster finder (M.Ivanov, J.Bielcikova)
2003-10-21 allarotated geomtry, fixed warnings
2003-10-21 allarotated geomtry, supressed warnings
2003-10-21 kowal2Removed compiler warning (Bool_t accept changed to...
2003-10-21 kirRecHit3D adn depended removed
2003-10-21 kirRemoved
2003-10-21 bnandiSTL vector and algorithm removed
2003-10-21 allarotated geomtry
2003-10-21 kirRemoval of the Ellipse stuff
2003-10-21 kirBye Bye
2003-10-21 kirPatRec adapted to new IO
2003-10-21 kirnew code
2003-10-21 allarotated geomtry
2003-10-21 morschPhi range consistent with new coordinate system.
2003-10-21 alibraryRemove minor warning
2003-10-21 alibraryFixing minor warning
2003-10-21 alibraryImprove default constructor
2003-10-20 nilsenRemoving obsolate code.
2003-10-20 gamezClean up compilation warnings
2003-10-20 decaroupdating of the TOF volume numbering (ALICE-INT-2003...
2003-10-20 gamezClean up compilation warnings
2003-10-20 gamezClean up compilation warnings
2003-10-19 nilsenUpdated geometries, bug fixes in SSD cone.
2003-10-17 decaroupdating of the TOF volume numbering (ALICE-INT-2003...
2003-10-17 kowal2Back to the previous version. The warning was erronousl...
2003-10-17 morschUse flat vertex distribution if SetVRange has been...
2003-10-17 morschAveraging for pathlength corrected.
2003-10-17 morschNew pathlength option added.
2003-10-17 maserasmall bug fix (go to the next event if vertex is not...
2003-10-17 kowal2Removed "always true" comparison
2003-10-17 kowal2Removed compiler warning.
2003-10-17 morschz-limits in New Coordinate System.
2003-10-16 maseraChanges related with the new Master Reference System
2003-10-16 maseraUpdate needed by changes in AliITSdigit (protected...
2003-10-16 maseraAdded treatment for peripheral events. Changes to compl...
2003-10-16 morschBackframe and Baby-Spaceframe added.
2003-10-16 hristovRestoring correspondence between the base class ant...
2003-10-16 tkuhrbugfix