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2005-08-05 hristovDebug printout commented out
2005-08-05 nick02-aug-2005 NvE Support for explicit (de)calibration...
2005-08-03 martinezSetting Z positions of the tracking chamber to values...
2005-08-03 martinez- Setting Z positions of the tracking chamber to values...
2005-08-03 martinezSome algorithm improvements (Sacha)
2005-08-03 hristovAdding a missing slash
2005-08-02 hristovPropagateToR and PropagateToX using the mean material...
2005-08-02 hristovImplementation of PropagateTo and PropagateToDCA (M...
2005-08-02 hristovUsing TGeo to retrieve the mean material budget between...
2005-08-02 hristovRemoving extra semicolon
2005-08-02 hristovCorrected argument
2005-08-02 hristovReconstruction of RAW data. Introduction of cluster...
2005-08-02 decaroImplemented new class to read raw data and published...
2005-08-01 pavlinov"Version
2005-08-01 hristovThe raw reader has to be reset before the processing...
2005-08-01 richterma sample component library
2005-08-01 richtermstarted the new framework module supporting PubSub...
2005-08-01 richterm(ALIHLT_TOPDIR)/BASE added to include paths, (ALICE_ROO...
2005-07-29 martinezFR4 material redefined via elements (Ivana, Bruno)
2005-07-28 hristovGeneration of Lambda1520
2005-07-27 hristovUpdated comparison macros (M.Ivanov)
2005-07-27 kharlovMixture ArCO2 is corrected
2005-07-26 martinezStation2 detailed geometry builder (Sanjoy, Sukalyan...
2005-07-26 kharlovRestoring raw data fit from version of 29-Aug-2004
2005-07-26 morschCorrected recess for chambers 1 and 2.
2005-07-26 hristovA warning transformed to debug message (Y.Schutz)
2005-07-26 hristovLoading the event header (Y.Schutz)
2005-07-26 hristovIncrementing ClassDefs (Y.Schutz)
2005-07-26 hristovAccess to the first PHOS and EMCAL particles (Y.Schutz)
2005-07-26 decaroCode description: updating (C. Zampolli)
2005-07-25 hristovModifications to reduce the size in memory (E.Crescio)
2005-07-25 kharlovRead raw data
2005-07-25 kharlovSet raw data reader
2005-07-25 kharlovReading raw data
2005-07-22 pcrochetinconsistency between TriggerCircuit and TriggerGeometr...
2005-07-22 hristovFillEvent not implemented...
2005-07-22 cussonnoRaw2Digits method implementation (Indranil & Christian)
2005-07-22 cussonnoOptimization of code (Christian)
2005-07-22 cussonnochange class name: AliMUONEventReconstructor -> AliMUON...
2005-07-22 cussonnoRemove obsolete classes
2005-07-22 cussonnoremove obsolete classes
2005-07-22 cussonno memory leak fixed in track reconstruction and obsolete...
2005-07-21 morschFast EMCAL simulation option added.
2005-07-21 morschJet analysis class first commit (G. Contreras, M. Lopez...
2005-07-21 morschSet flag and reset state if no leading particle has...
2005-07-21 cussonnoRemove obselete members and methods (Ch. Finck)
2005-07-20 dibariMinor change
2005-07-20 dibariLess severe on sigma...
2005-07-20 szostakAdding some things that I need to do.
2005-07-20 nick20-jul-2005 NvE RDMC index "off by one" problem fixed...
2005-07-19 hristovAdding AliEn environment
2005-07-19 hristovDo not skip the negative indexes, even if their meaning...
2005-07-18 hristovReverted direct flow parameters
2005-07-18 hristovAdding Efficiency and SmearMomentum
2005-07-18 coppedisMinor changes
2005-07-18 hristovpT saturation set to 2GeV/c in GeVSim
2005-07-18 cussonnoPut default wise two cathodes per chamber (Ch. Finck)
2005-07-16 morschTPC fast simulation added.
2005-07-16 morschSetInput call corrected for generated jets.
2005-07-16 morschProtection in case no particle has been found in accept...
2005-07-16 hristovInitialization of all data members in the default const...
2005-07-15 morschAdded CheckKinematicsOnChild() in order to be able...
2005-07-15 morschDecay options or W added. (Z. Conesa)
2005-07-15 morschDecayer options for W added. (Zaida Conesa)
2005-07-15 morschDeacy option for W added. (Zaida Conesa)
2005-07-15 hristovSkip the indexes of tracks belonging to the underlying...
2005-07-15 hristovRemoving obsolete calls in MUON initialization
2005-07-15 hristovCorrect account of tilting angle (M.Ivanov)
2005-07-15 hristovCorrect account of tilting angle (M.Ivanov)
2005-07-15 hristovUsing cluster center (M.Ivanov)
2005-07-15 hristovAdding the cluster center as new data member (M.Ivanov)
2005-07-15 kharlovMore coorections in GetPrimaryIndex
2005-07-14 schutza few corrections in GetPrimaryIndex
2005-07-14 hristovBug fix and additional protection
2005-07-14 skowronSumw2 called by default
2005-07-14 kharlovnew class AliPHOSCalibData is added
2005-07-14 kharlovESD track has a label set
2005-07-14 kharlovNew method GetPrimaryIndex() added
2005-07-14 cvetanUpdate monitoring executable in order to make it compat...
2005-07-14 cvetanLink libITSrec.so, not libITSraw.
2005-07-14 hristovNew event tag classes (P.Christakoglou)
2005-07-14 hristovAdditional protection
2005-07-13 cussonnoRemove obselete members & methods (Ch. Finck)
2005-07-13 morschFragmentation scheme according to fHadronisation flag.
2005-07-13 morschMemory leak corrected.
2005-07-13 hristovInitialization of data members in the default constructor
2005-07-13 hristovDo not delete the data members of TGenerator
2005-07-13 cussonnoGetting Z chamber positions from AliMUONConstants ...
2005-07-13 hristovRenaming calibration classes (A.Colla)
2005-07-12 hristovInitialization of some arrays
2005-07-12 hristovChanges needed to run simulation and reconstrruction...
2005-07-12 hristovRemoving run loader
2005-07-12 dibariNo TRD holes in front of RICH forseen
2005-07-12 morschGetting AliGenHerwig in sync with rest of the framework.
2005-07-12 morschAliHerwigRndm added.
2005-07-12 hristovAdditional protection. Initialization of pointers
2005-07-12 cussonnoClean up, remove obselete methods (Ch. Finck)
2005-07-11 dibariChange width of sliding window (minor change)
2005-07-11 dibariOnly printouts
2005-07-11 cussonnoFix bug on getter methods (Indranil)