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2002-10-21 schutzParticle identification improvment by Gustavo
2002-10-21 schutzRec.Particle <-> Prim.Particles association improved
2002-10-21 schutzExtending to beam test analysis
2002-10-21 schutzNew classes for beam test analysis
2002-10-21 alibraryIntroduce clean-all for CodeCheck
2002-10-21 hristovAdding htmldoc target
2002-10-21 hristovCorrecting problems which appeared during the merge...
2002-10-21 vestboNew interface class for the compression classes.
2002-10-21 alibraryOptimising initialisation of data members
2002-10-21 barberaDefault output file reverted to galice.root
2002-10-21 allacompiling warnigs free
2002-10-21 alibraryRemoving unused variables
2002-10-21 alibraryIntroduce Riostream.h and remove unused variables
2002-10-21 cblumeFix type conversion warnings
2002-10-21 alibraryRemoving unused variables
2002-10-21 alibraryGetting rid of unused variable
2002-10-21 alibraryAdd cleaning of reveng
2002-10-18 hristovTMevSim renamed to TMEVSIM
2002-10-18 hristovUsing ALIC instead of alic (I.Hrivnacova)
2002-10-18 hristovTMevSim renamed to TMEVSIM
2002-10-18 ivanaInitial version
2002-10-18 ivanacorrected LIBS
2002-10-18 alibraryRename lib file
2002-10-18 ivanaupdated for changes in Config.C
2002-10-18 ivanatemporarily change RICH version to v1
2002-10-18 ivanaadded static data member fgIsHoles and its setter/getter;
2002-10-18 ivanaupdated default version of detectors
2002-10-17 vestboChanged parameters of WriteRootFile
2002-10-17 hristovCorrected check of the MC type
2002-10-17 hristovDefinition of additional particles moved to VMC (I...
2002-10-17 hristovRemoving AliDecayer class (I.Hrivnacova)
2002-10-17 hristovMAG geometry with resolved MANY (I.Hrivnacova)
2002-10-17 hristovModifications needed by VMC (I.Hrivnacova)
2002-10-17 hristovCorrecting array's size (valgrind)
2002-10-17 skowronLookup of both parameters setup
2002-10-17 ivanamissed during merging the VirtualMC branch to the head
2002-10-17 vestboCheck for ADC saturation in AliDigits2Memory.
2002-10-17 vestboAdded function that writes new rootfile with digits...
2002-10-16 vestboBugfix in Init.
2002-10-16 vestboAdded ADC saturation in AliL3Transform.
2002-10-15 vestboFlag for compiling on the alpha.
2002-10-15 vestboAdded entry for runtracker. Also some changes in order...
2002-10-15 vestboStandalone program for running the track finder.
2002-10-14 hristovAdding const
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...
2002-10-14 vestboBugfix in AliPoints2Memory
2002-10-14 vestboCommented out fInterMerger
2002-10-14 vestboAdded new function AliL3Modeller::CheckCluster. Functio...
2002-10-11 morschSetPARJ and SetMSTJ added.
2002-10-11 morschpdg code for psi' corrected.
2002-10-11 vestboCan print compression ratio to file in AliL3Compress...
2002-10-11 skowronLink to not existing class removed
2002-10-10 skowronSetting of magnetic filed adapted to new schema
2002-10-10 hristovFixed a bug related to xmin and xmax values for probabi...
2002-10-10 hristovUsing Riostream.h to resolve the std namespace (gcc...
2002-10-10 hristovRecompilation of AliTPCComparison.C to avoid clashes...
2002-10-10 hristovAdditional protection (Alpha)
2002-10-10 hristovUse Riostream.h to resolve the std namespace (Alpha...
2002-10-09 gamezBad Copy implementation on gcc-3.2 (Yves SCHUTZ)
2002-10-09 gamezBad operator= implementation on gcc-3.2 (Yves SCHUTZ)
2002-10-09 cblumeUpdate header file
2002-10-08 cblumeDo coupling factors before noise is applied
2002-10-08 morschGray particle generator, first commit.
2002-10-07 gamezCustom event generator and new module added
2002-10-07 gamezCRTv1, GenCRT modules added
2002-10-07 gamezFirst version, generation of cosmic muons on the surface
2002-10-07 gamezFirst version, stand alone detector
2002-10-07 gamezChanges requested by coding conventions
2002-10-07 gamezDepth variable added
2002-10-07 gamezAccess shafts added
2002-10-07 gamezCleaned up version
2002-10-07 kowal2General tracking macro by J. Chudoba.
2002-10-07 kowal2Obsolete - removed.
2002-10-07 kowal2Updated macro by J. Belikov
2002-10-05 nilsenAdded material to simulate services in front of the...
2002-10-04 vestboSome changes resulting from last week work. The mc...
2002-10-03 vestboAdded a few more explaining lines in class description.
2002-10-02 barberaBug in copy 37 of volume I570 corrected (thanks to...
2002-10-02 vestboPerform check on cos(crossing_angle_with_padrow) in...
2002-10-02 vestboSerious bugfix in Local2Raw function. This function...
2002-10-01 vestboAdded new function AliL3Hough::MergeEtaSlices which...
2002-10-01 jchudobaChange loop order to run faster.
2002-09-27 skowronQinvResVsQinv, Phi and Theta pair open angle resolution...
2002-09-27 skowronMonitor functions implemented by Z.Chajecki.
2002-09-27 skowronexample analysis macro extended for monitor functions
2002-09-27 skowronMonitor functions implemented by Z.Chajecki. Initial...
2002-09-27 skowron Bug Correction: simultanous cut on particles and tracks
2002-09-26 nilsenAlso now for SDigits.
2002-09-26 nilsenMacros usefull for testing. They print out Hits, Digits...
2002-09-26 cblumeBug fix in LUT
2002-09-26 schutzreplaced setw by sdt::setw
2002-09-26 schutzMoved include <iostream> from .cxx to .h
2002-09-25 hristovSwitch off the Fortran optimisation in case of gcc...
2002-09-24 nilsenUse new RICH version in it's new positions.
2002-09-24 schutzRemoved fAlice and changed ReadTreeK to make it look...
2002-09-24 morschCheckTrigger() corrected.
2002-09-23 nilsenMissed updating the ClassDef Version for changes to...
2002-09-23 hristovnameNode enlarged (HP)
2002-09-23 hristovDummy ctor and dtor for AliLegoGeneratorPhiZ (HP)
2002-09-23 hristovTypo corrected (HP)