2013-07-09 quarkAdded support to display the HLT ESD Tree. See the...
2013-07-09 morschParameterization at 8 TeV done by Ara and Vardanush
2013-07-09 gconesabinitialize properly and in seconds the time cuts to...
2013-07-09 dgangadhComment out more FVP sections. Change normalization...
2013-07-09 akisielNew train macros for kaons
2013-07-09 gconesabchanging a last Maks into Mask
2013-07-09 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-07-08 mvlAdd setters for trigger pt bins (Rongrong)
2013-07-08 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-08 mvlextend pt range for histos (Marta)
2013-07-08 lgraczyknew train macros for the proton HBT analysis
2013-07-08 lgraczykmodification to proton HBT train wagon
2013-07-08 gconesabincrease classdef - Marta
2013-07-08 kleinbAvoid use of fastjet typedef/enum for setter of algorithm
2013-07-08 lgraczykproton femtoscopy train macros and AOD reader update
2013-07-08 mvlAdd flag to select hybrids with ITS reffit (Leticia)
2013-07-08 quarkRe-added the 3D view
2013-07-08 miweberremove FillParent from Terminate (Christoph Mayer ...
2013-07-08 miweberreplaced THnSparse with AliTHn
2013-07-08 bdoeniguMinor bugfix for histogram filling
2013-07-08 kharlovCompilation warning fixed
2013-07-08 kharlovCoverity fix (Boris Polishchuk)
2013-07-08 mkrzewiccoverity fixes (removed dead code)
2013-07-08 gconesabdo not stream the number of centrality bins - Marta
2013-07-08 jotwinowcoverity fix
2013-07-08 jotwinowcoverity fix
2013-07-08 quarkFix coverity warnings complaints
2013-07-08 zconesaFix for missing variable initialization
2013-07-08 gconesabrecalculate trigger matching opening the cuts when...
2013-07-08 fnoferincoverity fix
2013-07-08 prsnkoCoverity fix
2013-07-07 ddobrigkCascade task: flexibility of eta selection in the refer...
2013-07-07 mvlUpdates DiJetResponseTask (Marta)
2013-07-05 quarkFix enums as reported by coverity
2013-07-05 zconesaFix on the PID systematics (A.Festanti)
2013-07-05 quarkAdded ESDfriend Entry in Filedialog. Fix paths to filenames
2013-07-05 morsch- Update 11a10* (MC_PbPb) (also update for splines)
2013-07-05 maseraUpdate for the value of the density of the foam inside...
2013-07-05 cholmDrawdNdeta.C AliceLogo.C OtherData.C DrawdNDetaSummary
2013-07-05 quarkFirst version of the new GUI in development. You can...
2013-07-05 prsnkoSatoshi request: fTrig and fTime
2013-07-05 ddobrigkAdded configurable eta range for multiplicity estimator...
2013-07-04 loizidesFrom Megan:
2013-07-04 loizidesFrom Jiri:
2013-07-04 loizidesMore getters and minor fixes (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesid
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesCoverty (Redmer)
2013-07-04 morschProtections added
2013-07-04 gvolpeminors
2013-07-04 gvolpeAliHMPIDRecoParam class renamed AliHMPIDRecoParamV1...
2013-07-04 gvolpeAliHMPIDRecoParam class renamed AliHMPIDRecoParamV1...
2013-07-04 cholmAchieved a factor 2-3 speed-up of the AOD filtering.
2013-07-04 ssakaiextended pT range of histograms
2013-07-04 aurasCoverity fix
2013-07-04 kharlovCompilation error corrected
2013-07-04 zconesaBayesian method now explicitly looks for the pion rathe...
2013-07-04 cbaumannupdate from MArkus
2013-07-04 kharlovAnalysis task EpRatio added to aliroot build system
2013-07-04 mcosentiaccepting tracks for isolation in full azimuth
2013-07-03 kharlovAnalysis task for electron E/p ratio in PHOS
2013-07-03 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-07-03 cholmThis commit has two major parts:
2013-07-03 janielskChanged default mutliplicity estimator to V0A.
2013-07-03 janielskAdded support for electron template to use TPC PID...
2013-07-03 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Perez:
2013-07-03 lmilanosmall fix in Add Task
2013-07-02 eserradiFix for null fMCevent pointer
2013-07-02 shahoianAdded 2nd afterburner for short tracks (seen only by...
2013-07-02 agheataLoad geometry from local geometry.root if this is available
2013-07-02 loizidesfrom redmer
2013-07-02 loizidesfrom Chris
2013-07-02 loizidesFrom Marta: A small patch to avoid a too large bin...
2013-07-01 dcaffarrUpdate on Dstar MCPtshape Syst (G.Luparello)
2013-07-01 dcaffarrUpdate on MCPtshape syst for D0 (A.Festanti)
2013-07-01 zconesaD0 pPb systematics update (A.Festanti)
2013-07-01 zconesaD*+ pPb systematics update (G.Luparello)
2013-07-01 zconesaD+ pPb systematics (R.Russo)
2013-07-01 lmilanoAdded hist for the V0A multiplicity
2013-07-01 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Perez:
2013-07-01 hristovC++11 fix (Raffaele)
2013-07-01 belikovCoverity fixes (M. Krzewicki)
2013-07-01 ddobrigkAdded diffractive tagging also to main task, for comple...
2013-07-01 loizidesfix printout
2013-07-01 shahoianadded new data member for max clusters/track
2013-07-01 mkrzewicfrom Carlos PErez:
2013-07-01 zconesachange histogram bining (G.Luparello)
2013-07-01 zconesaadding getters and some infos
2013-07-01 loizidesFrom Jiri:
2013-07-01 shahoianAdded charge to the clusters tree
2013-07-01 akisielAdd KK configs
2013-06-30 zconesaD* systematics in pPb (G.Luparello)
2013-06-30 kleinbenable QA running for pPb on the lego train
2013-06-30 zconesaAdd histograms and enlarge the Ntracklets range to...
2013-06-30 zconesaFor pPb analysis, enlarge the range of the Ntracklets...
2013-06-30 zconesaAdd possibility to use weights on the number of Ntracklets
2013-06-30 zconesaDs systematics for pPb (GM.Innocenti)
2013-06-30 zconesaD+ Raa vs Npart systematics (R.Bala, E.Bruna)