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2000-07-12 fcaRe-correcting codecheck part
2000-07-12 fcaCorrecting several syntax problem with static members
2000-07-12 fcaAdding G4 directory to check list
2000-07-11 fcaCoding convention corrections + few minor bug fixes
2000-07-11 fcaCasting to eliminate constructor ambiguity
2000-07-11 fcaSome syntax corrections for non standard HP aCC
2000-07-11 fcaAdding include path for dependencies
2000-07-11 fcaSome cleanup of creators
2000-07-11 fcaDeviate the error of makedepend
2000-07-11 fcaCorrections to PHOS constructors and methods
2000-07-10 hristovUpdate of TPC cuts by M.Kowalski
2000-07-10 hristovUpdate of TPC code and macros by M.Kowalski
2000-07-10 fcaFix long line
2000-07-10 fcaRemoving spurious files
2000-07-10 fcaRelease version of ITS code
2000-07-10 fcaCorrection of the inheritance scheme
2000-07-10 fcaremoving binary file
2000-07-10 fcaNew version of ZDC from E.Scomparin & C.Oppedisano
2000-07-08 fcamore corrections for I/O
2000-07-08 fcaAliPHOSv0, AliPHOSv4 could not be instantiated because...
2000-07-06 vcolinminor changes to the "download code" part.
2000-07-05 fcaCorrecting initialisation problem
2000-07-04 vcolinadd pictur files
2000-07-04 vcolinadd picture files to picts/ITS
2000-07-04 vcolinadd picts to the AliRoot/picts directory.
2000-07-03 fcathis is now a named macro
2000-07-03 fcacorrected -Wall filtering for Linux system;
2000-07-03 kowal2Corrected bug.
2000-07-03 ivanachanged tag name (to be accepted by cvs)
2000-07-03 ivanamoving to AliRoot and tag al-3-00__ar-3-7-00__g4-1...
2000-07-03 ivanaadded new function g4libs() with a call either to g4lib...
2000-07-03 ivanatemporarily excluded PHOS
2000-07-03 ivanachanged default to native STL, updated OGLHOME - both...
2000-07-03 gossetPrintout at the right place after extrapolation to...
2000-07-03 morschAliMUONSegmentation and AliMUONHitMap have been replace...
2000-07-03 morschAliMUONHitMap and AliMUONSegmentation moved to STEER...
2000-07-03 morschMoved to STEER
2000-07-03 morschAliHitMap and AliSegmentation added
2000-07-03 morschHit map base class moved from MUON
2000-07-03 morschSegmentation base class moved from MUON
2000-07-03 morschDouble declaration problem on HP solved.
2000-07-03 nilsenFix for compliation error for Dec/Compact Unix
2000-07-02 ivanacorrections for HP-UX (find usage)
2000-07-02 ivanamethod StartRootUI() corrected
2000-07-02 ivanaadded clean target, TOCLEAN corrected
2000-07-02 ivanaadded clean target
2000-07-02 ivanacorrected includes from g4std
2000-06-30 nilsenFixed error with deleting a deleted object.
2000-06-30 dibariInserted back the rule ckecker stuff
2000-06-30 dibariObsolete
2000-06-30 dibariNew diagnostics menu
2000-06-30 dibariConfiguration applet for RICH
2000-06-30 dibariMinor constant update
2000-06-30 dibariObsolete.
2000-06-30 dibariTwo new files to compile: AliRICHv2.cxx and AliRICHTres...
2000-06-30 dibariNew object to store pedestal information
2000-06-30 dibariNew objects: AliRICHv2 and AliRICHTresholdMap
2000-06-30 dibariCall to GenerateTresholds()
2000-06-30 dibariFixed incorrect comments.
2000-06-30 dibariDifferent call for ring drawing.
2000-06-30 dibariNew function GenerateTresholds() for pedestal simulation.
2000-06-30 gossetMore useful comment for ClassDef
2000-06-30 dibariCleaned up output.
2000-06-30 dibariCleaned up version. New layout for Diagnostics.C
2000-06-30 dibariNew layout for use with Diagnostics.C
2000-06-30 dibariMore robust version (doesn't crash when called from...
2000-06-30 dibariNew RICH menu.
2000-06-30 dibariNew menu for diagnostics.
2000-06-30 dibariInserted SetDebugLevel. AliRICHv2 used.
2000-06-30 dibariNew configurale version.
2000-06-30 dibariNew configurale version. V1 is now the default.
2000-06-30 dibariRemoved setters.
2000-06-30 dibariTest on kDebugevel
2000-06-30 dibariSeveral new data members for Bari reconstruction
2000-06-30 dibariNew drawing routine from Nico and Daniela
2000-06-30 gossetCorrections against violations of RS5
2000-06-30 dibariSeveral changes (ring drawing, fiducial selection,...
2000-06-30 dibariIntroduced kDebugLevel
2000-06-30 dibariNew drawing routine from Nico and Daniela.
2000-06-30 dibariDisabled writing to rechits.
2000-06-30 dibariAdded kDebugLevel variable to control output size on...
2000-06-30 morschMore meaningfull class descriptions.
2000-06-30 morschCorrect log and Id tag.
2000-06-30 morschPythia takes care of vertex smearing. Correct conversio...
2000-06-30 morschType of fFileName changed to TString, fp has been ...
2000-06-30 pcrochetobsolete command removed
2000-06-30 morschIn member data: char* replaced by TString, Init takes...
2000-06-30 kowal2Updated from the TPC-PreRelease branch
2000-06-30 gossetNew macro "MUONreco.C" for using the event reconstructi...
2000-06-30 gossetCorrection for hit search in the right chamber (JPC)
2000-06-30 gossetChanges to EventReconstructor...:
2000-06-29 morschConfiguration examples for new AliGenParam added. param...
2000-06-29 morschAll paramatrisation libraries derive from the pure...
2000-06-29 morschfFilename !-ed
2000-06-29 nilsenAnother fix to the Streamer function so that we can...
2000-06-29 morschNew default cuts for ABSO and SHIL
2000-06-29 morschAliMUONSegmentation class has been made independent...
2000-06-29 morschAdd some charmed and bottom baryons to the particle...
2000-06-29 morschExample for AliGenHijing configuration added.
2000-06-29 ivanaInitial version