2013-09-19 cholmA better way to specify the Nch axis for the MultDists...
2013-09-19 cholmSmall fixes
2013-09-19 cholmFixes for common options to SummaryDrawer.C
2013-09-19 cholmFixes for common options to SummaryDrawer.C
2013-09-19 cholmFixed up scripts to use same flags for Pause and Landscape.
2013-09-19 ssakaiupated for flattering
2013-09-19 nmartinopen deuteron PID cut to 4sigma for systematics
2013-09-19 miwebercharge dependence of contamination (Alis Rodriguez...
2013-09-19 pluettigmodified dNdPt/AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPbAOD.{h,cxx}
2013-09-19 maszymanadded config for ProtonFemto train
2013-09-19 maszymanadded functionality to get pair kinametics
2013-09-19 loizidesfloating point check (Marta)
2013-09-19 loizidesfrom marta
2013-09-19 loizidesPropagate to 440 in case of ESD
2013-09-19 loizidesFrom Chris: Added possibility to cut on NEF
2013-09-19 loizidesexample for pPb
2013-09-19 loizidesAdded Glauber-Gribov
2013-09-19 loizidesAliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetDev: make jet container getters...
2013-09-18 pluettigM dNdPt/AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPbAOD.cxx
2013-09-18 gconesabcosmetics
2013-09-18 gconesabfix proper setting of trigger bit variable when using...
2013-09-18 lmilanoreverting previous commit, by mistke the patch was...
2013-09-18 miweberupdate in dphi macro (Leonardo Milano <Leonardo.Milano...
2013-09-18 nmartinbug fix for pion PID in systematics
2013-09-18 pcrochetFix compilation warnings (Laurent)
2013-09-17 jthaederIontail object for OCDB
2013-09-17 atoiacode and files for running Glauber+SNM fit to ZDC
2013-09-17 antoniolUserDataRecoPass not transient
2013-09-17 dcaffarrsolving issue with copy constructor (F.Prino)
2013-09-17 loizidesFrom Chris
2013-09-17 cholmInstall a new script
2013-09-17 cholmVarious fixes
2013-09-17 cholmAdded correlation of MC triggers
2013-09-17 cholmAlso get stuff from directories
2013-09-17 cholmAdded stuff to be written to shell script after completion.
2013-09-17 cholmUpdates to the P(Nch) analysis.
2013-09-16 kharlovCoverity fix
2013-09-16 gconesabprotection against rejection of MB events by bad trigge...
2013-09-16 gconesabRemove electron MC histograms
2013-09-16 gconesabnew parametrization for new definition of local maxima
2013-09-16 gconesabAllow local maxima in diagonal to be 2 local maxima...
2013-09-16 zconesafix list ownership
2013-09-16 morschCoverity warning corrected.
2013-09-16 jbook- test comiit
2013-09-16 jbook-test commit
2013-09-16 ssakaiupdated
2013-09-16 deliaMods to re-run V0 and Cascade vertexers
2013-09-16 hongyanAdd task macro for Patrick
2013-09-16 agheataCoverity fix
2013-09-16 mvlTypo fix: fSourceRho --> fTargetRho (detected by Coverity)
2013-09-16 zampolliCoverity fix.
2013-09-16 cnattrasAdding infrastructure for pPb and 8 TeV pp analyses
2013-09-15 mvlUpdates to jet QA task + minor things in the dijet...
2013-09-15 bdoeniguCommit of Hypertriton task for Ramona
2013-09-15 dgangadhFB7 PID workaround change, //! added to St1
2013-09-13 morschsmall update
2013-09-13 mvlRevert 440cm extrapol in AddTaskJetPreparation; acciden...
2013-09-13 mbombaraChanging mixing options
2013-09-13 mvlUpdate to jet matching algorithm (from Redmer)
2013-09-13 mvlUpdates to dijet analysis task (from Marta)
2013-09-13 fbocksubmitted AddTasks for Dalitz
2013-09-13 kharlovUpdates for bunch crossing pileup, event selection...
2013-09-13 dgangadhCoverity fix. Mult bin limits change.
2013-09-13 dgangadhK0s code update (Matt Steinpreis)
2013-09-11 sgorbunobug fix: wrong "merged clusters" flag was added to...
2013-09-11 akalweitIncreasing ClassDeff. Forgotten in previous commit.
2013-09-11 mkrzewicprovide the possibility to merge the QA using the stand...
2013-09-10 mvlFrom Redmer:
2013-09-10 morschDo not overwrite user decay options
2013-09-10 eserradicumulative changes for root scripts and code cleanup
2013-09-10 miwebercoverity fix (Prabhat Pujahari <p.pujahari@gmail.com>)
2013-09-10 zconesachange some messages from AliError to AliDebug
2013-09-10 maszymancompile bug fixed
2013-09-10 maszymanadded possibility to use DCA from global tracks apart...
2013-09-10 maszymanadded possibility to use DCA from global tracks apart...
2013-09-10 maszymanadded possibility to use DCA from global tracks apart...
2013-09-10 gconesabupdate bad channel map for 2013 periods - Elienos
2013-09-09 fbockadded Dalitz addTask
2013-09-09 fbockdalitz modified
2013-09-09 akalweit Adding possibility to cut on length over which the...
2013-09-09 mvlAdded flag for running on pythia jets (from Redmer)
2013-09-09 fbocksynced with svn
2013-09-09 fbockchanged addtask PbPb
2013-09-09 raverbecupdate of package
2013-09-09 eserradiadd header files
2013-09-09 eserradiupdate prior probabilities
2013-09-09 dcaffarrPossibility to study D+ invariant mass vs y (R.Russo)
2013-09-09 ebrunafix coverity defects
2013-09-09 dcaffarrPossibility of skipping IsEventSelected and check of...
2013-09-09 morschTranslation of the class AliESDv0KineCuts to the AOD...
2013-09-09 akalweitImproving const consistency of Marians new functions...
2013-09-09 pluettigModified dNdPt/AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPbAOD.{cxx,h} and...
2013-09-09 arossiCoverity fix, 8443
2013-09-09 agheataFixed Coverity defect
2013-09-09 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-09-09 zampolliCoverity fix.
2013-09-09 fprinoUpdates in the methods to get the generator for a given...
2013-09-09 antoniolreco pass user selectable
2013-09-08 loizidesFrom Marta and Redmer:
2013-09-08 raverbecupdate package