2007-11-02 hristovProvide return value if the function is not void
2007-11-02 hristovInitialization of data members
2007-11-02 markusTrack propagation and coordinate transformation moved...
2007-11-02 marianNew functions implemented (Marian)
2007-11-02 alla one more bug fix
2007-11-02 acollaImproved log message
2007-11-02 acollaProtection added to AliShuttle::CopyFileLocally
2007-11-02 acollaStoring raw data tags properly
2007-11-02 akisielPort of changes from v4-07-Release and additional rule...
2007-11-02 acollaMap of CDB storages and list of CDB object Id's used...
2007-11-02 allafix bug in OnlineLookup
2007-11-02 bnandinames changed to lower case
2007-11-02 bnandiPreprocessor with DCS
2007-11-01 alibraryFixed also smell detection
2007-11-01 cblumeAdd a warning for missing transformation matrix
2007-11-01 cblumeAdd a warning for missing transformation matrix
2007-11-01 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-11-01 mtadelFrom Bertrand: Windows fixes.
2007-11-01 kharlovMacros to produce bad modules map from ESD
2007-11-01 richtermbugfix: MAXHOSTNAMELEN not defined on macosx -> general fix
2007-11-01 maseraTemporary fix to allow tests with new SPD geometry
2007-11-01 richtermbugfix: dynamic_cast caused undefined symbol; sequence...
2007-11-01 jgrosseoupdated handling of include paths
2007-11-01 mvlRemoved call to SetOldRCUFormat, which is only needed...
2007-11-01 mvlFurther improvement of peak finding; more robust fit
2007-10-31 acollaFurter developement on the Shuttle:
2007-10-31 mvlFixed bug in raw data unpacking; Added pedestal to...
2007-10-31 cvetanIn case of online, one has to create the calibration...
2007-10-31 cblumeNew QA classes by Sylwester
2007-10-31 acollaCDB base folder is now created recursively if needed
2007-10-31 marianAdding new function (Marian)
2007-10-31 richtermcorrection in usage example
2007-10-31 cvetanRemoval of obsolete error message
2007-10-31 martinezReplacing AliFatal by an AliError in GetIndex to avoid...
2007-10-31 cblumeDAQ Detector Algorithm with documentation
2007-10-30 hristovCoding conventions
2007-10-30 hristovCoding conventions, removing compilation warnings
2007-10-30 hristovCoding conventions, removing compilation warnings,...
2007-10-30 acollaImproved managing of temporary folders, which weren...
2007-10-30 acollaUpdated GRP preprocessor (to be validated with Panos)
2007-10-30 richterm- HOMER library manager completed
2007-10-30 morschCorrected upper limit for material indices.
2007-10-30 morschSwitch of delta-rays with -1. instead of high threshold.
2007-10-30 cblumeProvide a special IO ctor for the parameter singleton...
2007-10-30 cvetanPHOS altro mappings stored in the CDB
2007-10-30 cvetanMacro to create the PHOS altro mapping from the ascii...
2007-10-30 cvetanTPC altro mappings stored in the CDB
2007-10-30 cvetanMacro to create the TPC altro mapping from the ascii...
2007-10-30 cvetanObsolete code. The mapping classes are in the RAW package
2007-10-30 cvetanChanges needed in order to enable the root i/o for...
2007-10-30 morschSpecial particles added in AddParticlesToPdgDataBase()
2007-10-30 morschCorrect time for primary ionisation steps.
2007-10-30 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2007-10-30 allaOnline LookUpTable the same as offline
2007-10-30 richtermbugfix: modules can be disabled manually
2007-10-30 marianCoding violation reduction (Stefan)
2007-10-30 dibariMinors...Just ordering the libraries
2007-10-30 richtermenabled automatic LinkDef generation
2007-10-30 alibraryUsing symbolic particle types everywhere
2007-10-30 richtermadded agent for AliHLTComp library
2007-10-30 alibraryUpdating the class id for I/O
2007-10-30 bnandicoding violation fixed
2007-10-30 alibraryIncreasing Class version
2007-10-30 alibraryRemoving newling
2007-10-29 schutzAdded QA for Raws
2007-10-29 richtermadded framework for libAliHLTComp
2007-10-29 richtermadded HLTOUT treatment for HLTReconstruction
2007-10-29 richtermminor corrections for consitent header files
2007-10-29 richtermfurther work on HLTOUT component;CDH and HLT OUT Event...
2007-10-29 jklaycoding violation fixes
2007-10-29 richterm- compined HLT/AliRoot build system adapted to phos...
2007-10-29 marianCoding violation removal (Marian)
2007-10-29 marianEliminating coding violations (Marian)
2007-10-29 alibraryImproving error message
2007-10-29 acollaNew function StoreRunMetadataFile added to TestShuttle...
2007-10-29 acollaNew function StoreRunMetadataFile added to preprocessor...
2007-10-29 acollaNew function StoreRunMetadataFile added to preprocessor...
2007-10-29 marianEliminate coding violation (Marian)
2007-10-29 alibraryintroducing the all-MODULE target by default
2007-10-29 cvetanlibpthread is now need by root 5-17/04
2007-10-29 coppedisMinor changes needed to generate pedestal for calibration
2007-10-29 coppedisUpdated DA for STANDALONE PEDESTAL runs
2007-10-29 gustavoNew class for particle selection
2007-10-29 gustavoCorrected coding violations
2007-10-29 richtermmacro added: library checks specific to each HLT module
2007-10-29 allaAliT0Parameters fro online lookuptable
2007-10-29 ivanaUse AliMUONVTrackStore rather than TClonesArray,
2007-10-29 ivana- Removed obsolete functions
2007-10-29 ivana- Added function Param2Coef
2007-10-29 jgrosseocoding conventions
2007-10-29 dsilvermsilvermy@ornl.gov; coding violations (comments) update
2007-10-29 cvetanNew macro for visualization of the HMPID clusters ...
2007-10-28 coppedisError in alias name definition (suggested by A. Colla)
2007-10-28 richtermsolve new dependencies of libSTEER (libProofPlayer...
2007-10-27 alibraryAvoiding the creation of empty fles with funny dates
2007-10-27 ivanaAdding MtgCurrent.dat input file for trigger
2007-10-27 ivanaFixed ChamberNumber(), which was it was not working...
2007-10-27 ivanaImproved error handling
2007-10-26 alibraryImprove Makefile generation for violation checking
2007-10-26 cvetanCorrect error message in case of wrong detector code