2007-09-20 richtermminor corrections in documentation and build system...
2007-09-20 richtermminor corrections in documentation and build system
2007-09-20 cholmReplaced isnan with TMath::IsNaN and isinf with !TMath...
2007-09-20 richtermcorrected confusing error message
2007-09-19 marianNew functionality add to the TPC tracker + bug fixies
2007-09-19 belikovThe possibility to switch on/off the ESD V0 and cascade...
2007-09-19 kharlovPHOS strip survey data from EDMS
2007-09-19 cholmAdded flow example script
2007-09-19 cholmAdded drawing capabilities
2007-09-19 cblumeAdd additional protection
2007-09-19 cblumeReintrodruce old clusterizer for HLT
2007-09-19 hristovSmall change required by the updated AliTRDcluster...
2007-09-19 richtermeff C++ warnings; unknown error codes replaced
2007-09-19 cblumeIntroduction of AliTRDtransform. Cluster coordinates...
2007-09-19 morschkZDiElectron forcing Z->e+e- added.
2007-09-19 cholmSmall bug fix to flow/AliFMDFlowStat.h
2007-09-18 belikovNew functions needed for effective removal of splitted...
2007-09-18 szostakAdding the reconstructor component for trigger DDL...
2007-09-18 cholmFixed some pedantic errors
2007-09-18 marianadding missing header file (Marian)
2007-09-18 marianAdding base class for TPC calib selector (Marian)
2007-09-18 cholmAdded code to do flow analysis.
2007-09-18 marianSwitch to enable-disable cluster sharing added (Marian)
2007-09-18 marianChanging to the AliESDEvent (Marian)
2007-09-18 cvetanObsolete file
2007-09-18 cvetanSorting out some issues concerning the compilation...
2007-09-18 dsilvermsilvermy@ornl.gov - updated hardware to geo mapping
2007-09-18 hristovUpdated alignment macros and related changes (Raffaele)
2007-09-18 szostakManso tracker is now ported into AliRoot-HLT framework...
2007-09-18 szostakFixed problem with debug build. Needed iostream and...
2007-09-17 maseraSeting vol UID for sensitive volumes
2007-09-17 marianremovinf effc++ warnings (Marian)
2007-09-17 cvetanThe package was overwriting the rootcint flags. This...
2007-09-17 cvetanReverting back to the previous version. The problem...
2007-09-17 morsch- Some as built corrections.
2007-09-17 mtadelIn SelectByP() also set children-rendering mode.
2007-09-17 cvetanAdding missing include paths?
2007-09-17 marianalocate memory dynamically not on stack
2007-09-17 cvetanFirst version of the fast ALTRO decoding for TPC (Jens)
2007-09-17 cvetanModifications to the initial version of the fast ALTRO...
2007-09-17 maseraUpdate of PID 2 to the present recpoint normalisation
2007-09-17 marianAdded AliTMinuitToolkit (A.Kalweit)
2007-09-17 cvetanNew TPC monitoring package from Stefan Kniege
2007-09-17 cvetanNew TPC monitoring package from Stefan Kniege. The...
2007-09-17 morschfErrorLogs->Delete() since memory is allocated in TNamed.
2007-09-17 morschClear method added.
2007-09-17 dibariSome pointers initialized
2007-09-17 dibariCopy constructor was accidentally commented out
2007-09-16 szostakThis class stopped working with the new AliMUONDataInte...
2007-09-16 szostakAdding class AliHLTMUONTriggerRecordsSource
2007-09-16 szostakPorting old TriggerSource to the AliRoot-HLT framework...
2007-09-16 szostakRemoving ClassDef and ClassImp since this class should...
2007-09-16 marianSpeed up of recosntruction - Use faster seeting of...
2007-09-15 ivanaAdding comment (Laurent)
2007-09-14 jgrosseo1) Connect and Close are called before and after each...
2007-09-14 belikovRevised versions of getters inherited from AliVParticle
2007-09-14 belikovChanging the names of mass and PDG code data fields...
2007-09-14 belikovConsistency changes, bug fix, and new conditions on...
2007-09-14 belikovBug fix (B.Hippolyte)
2007-09-14 cholmAdded script for runnings Yves QA stuff
2007-09-14 cholmBug fix for reading raw data - thanks Frederic YERMIA...
2007-09-14 cholmFix to AliFMDInput for new AliESDEvent - thanks Hans
2007-09-14 markusChange calculation of phi to comply with the ALICE...
2007-09-14 morschSwitch off branches by hand.
2007-09-14 kleinbFixed phi calculation to ALICE convention
2007-09-14 richtermadded HOMER library from PubSub package HLT-stable...
2007-09-14 dibariMinors
2007-09-14 dibari- new class AliHMPIDCalib added for pedestal calculation
2007-09-14 richtermcompilation warnings fixed
2007-09-13 ivanaAdding comments (Artur)
2007-09-13 hristovAvoid two copies of the ESD friend track (Yuri)
2007-09-13 maseraBug fix in SDD footer readout (M. Siciliano, F. Prino)
2007-09-13 maseraUpdate in the SSD data packing (E. Fragiacomo)
2007-09-13 dibariNew class (skeleton) for QA Checker
2007-09-13 maserabug fix. Fix taken from rev.
2007-09-13 ivanaUpdate serial number for chamber 5 (Christian)
2007-09-13 maseraSPD calibration file to be used as default for PDC07...
2007-09-13 nick13-sep-2007 NvE Hour angle info included in printout...
2007-09-13 coppedisUpdated calibration object
2007-09-13 coppedisNew reconstruction algorithm
2007-09-13 belikovLittle changes needed for running with new AliESDEvent
2007-09-13 marianReplacing forward declaration with include for TObject
2007-09-13 nick08-sep-2007 NvE New memberfunctions SetEpoch and GetEpo...
2007-09-13 dibariNew class for QA (A. Mastroserio)
2007-09-13 belikovLittle changes needed for running with new AliESDEvent
2007-09-13 belikovLittle changes needed for running with new AliESDEvent
2007-09-13 morsch- Use UnitArray to store track and emcal information.
2007-09-13 dibariNew class AliHMPIDQualAssDataMaker in Base
2007-09-13 dibariNew class for QA (A. Mastroserio)
2007-09-13 martinezFixing a double delete (Laurent)
2007-09-13 martinezAdding new STEERBase library (Laurent)
2007-09-12 pavlinovfixed compilation problem under SuSe Linux
2007-09-12 pavlinovfixed compilation problem ?
2007-09-12 maseraChanges needed to synchronize the macro with the ITS...
2007-09-12 hristovBug fix in TRF parametrization (Alex)
2007-09-12 richtermbugfix(Kenneth): Reset list of cluster candidates after...
2007-09-12 morschSwitch off HF after initialization.
2007-09-12 pavlinovadded pi0 calibration, linearity, shower profile
2007-09-12 maseraImproved usage of the environment variable TOCDB
2007-09-11 pavlinovminor corrections for calibration staff