2008-12-08 cvetanCorrect negation operand
2008-12-08 pchristProper usage of include (Andrei)
2008-12-08 morsch- New standard cuts.
2008-12-08 richtermremoving obsolete HLT version of AliD0Trigger
2008-12-08 belikovThe GEANT parameterization of the Bethe-Bloch formula...
2008-12-08 hristovTempleted version of AliExternalTrackParam::Set (Matthias)
2008-12-08 belikovBug fix (M. Ivanov).
2008-12-08 marianAdding functions to set the resolution ranges and
2008-12-08 cblumeIntroduce two object for SOR and EOR
2008-12-08 morschJet analysis via deterministic annealing.
2008-12-06 marianCommit new class - for external track comparison
2008-12-05 mtadelFrom Boris - revival of AliEveCascade classes.
2008-12-05 snellingadded a band for montecarlo results
2008-12-05 prinoADC scale for SDD in simulation calibrated on real...
2008-12-05 abercucinew task "TRD alignment". Responsible persons A.Bercuci...
2008-12-05 abercucifix AliCluster bit map corruption
2008-12-05 snellingMacro to plot and compare integrated and differentail...
2008-12-05 hdalsgaaBug fix
2008-12-05 abercucinew AliRieman fitter
2008-12-05 abercucie AliRieman for Rieman fits (temporary)
2008-12-05 abercucimore stable tracklet fit procedure
2008-12-05 snellingFor Q cumulant fix naming conventions. For generating...
2008-12-05 morschObsolete.
2008-12-05 abercucimodified tracklet residual plot
2008-12-05 hdalsgaaAnalysis now deriving from AliAnalysisTaskSE. The subta...
2008-12-05 hdalsgaaUpdates and bug fixes to the background correction
2008-12-04 morschAnti-particles had to be added too.
2008-12-04 pchristMinor changes - acceptance cut
2008-12-04 abercucimodify the used interface
2008-12-04 aszostakAdding unit testing code for the AliHLTTriggerDomain...
2008-12-04 morschMass corrected.
2008-12-04 cblumeFix by Hermes that resets -1 and adds additional checks
2008-12-04 morschSome extra particles used by HERWIG added.
2008-12-04 belikovFixing the coding conventions (B. Hippolyte).
2008-12-04 pchristi) Calculate the reconstruction efficiency for primarie...
2008-12-04 laphecetAdding a protection when reading capacitances : it...
2008-12-04 cblumeIntroduce IsHole for holes in front of PHOS
2008-12-04 abercuciremove warnings
2008-12-04 abercuciremove warning by histogram recreation
2008-12-04 ivanaAdding debug messages in ctors, dtors in QA classes
2008-12-04 ivanaIn AliMUONReconstructor:
2008-12-04 cvetanIntroduction of TRD clusters, tracklets and tracks...
2008-12-04 cvetanFix that should go with the last commit in EVE
2008-12-04 morschSmall leak corrected (TString)
2008-12-04 abercuciupdate the reference position/covariance for stand...
2008-12-04 abercucifix typo
2008-12-04 abercuciadded track covariance matrix (yz plane) to the tracklet
2008-12-04 hristovAdditional protection (Alexander)
2008-12-04 hristovBetter names (Domenico)
2008-12-04 cvetanAdding ESD friend in case of online reconstruction
2008-12-04 prinoITS tracker uses the information about SPD and SDD...
2008-12-04 prinoImplemented the calculation of the fraction of bad...
2008-12-04 abercuciupdate for the new Rezidual plots
2008-12-04 hristovUpdated list of libraries to be loaded
2008-12-03 maseraNo ITS smearing (R. Grosso)
2008-12-03 abercucipropagate pad status to the clusters - corrected (Markus)
2008-12-03 morschDebug printout removed.
2008-12-03 abercucicorrect clusters attached to tracklets for tilting...
2008-12-03 fcareverting wrong fix
2008-12-03 abercucinew plot functions for tracklet residuals (Eva)
2008-12-03 snellingadded the possibility to disable PID
2008-12-03 abercucinew plot <PH> = f(x_drift).
2008-12-03 abercucifixes for t0 calibration
2008-12-03 ivanaCoding violation corrections
2008-12-03 morschUncomment 2 important lines.
2008-12-03 morschReturn kTRUE even if some files are missing. User has...
2008-12-03 richtermexplicite type conversion for AliExternalTrackParam...
2008-12-03 agheataAnalysis manager now reacting on failure of input/outpu...
2008-12-03 daineseAdded option for local or grid analysis (Renu)
2008-12-03 cvetanFixes in case no raw data is available during online...
2008-12-03 belikovReducing the size of the step in material (M. Ivanov)
2008-12-03 rgrossoRemoving declaration of constructor with report identif...
2008-12-03 rvernetAdded possibility to cut on absolute PDG.
2008-12-03 snellingadded bool to turn off pid selection
2008-12-03 morschCorrected back.
2008-12-03 cblumeMove to gRandom
2008-12-03 marianAdding debug streamer
2008-12-03 morschCorrection.
2008-12-03 morschThere is a memory problem. Maybe only curing the symptoms.
2008-12-03 morschCall to LHAPDF initialisation via pdfset_herwig
2008-12-03 morschHandle HERWIG case correctly.
2008-12-02 abercuciupdates in the cluster error parameterization task
2008-12-02 marian1. The z shift of the TPC tracks identified
2008-12-02 snellingextra histogram for sigma^2
2008-12-02 cblumeResidual and full misalignment w/o overlaps
2008-12-02 abercuciremove digits conversion from the reconstruction until...
2008-12-02 belikovThe ALEPH parameterization of the Bethe-Bloch formula...
2008-12-02 bhippolyMakes new rules checker happier (part 2) from Antonin...
2008-12-02 snellingUsing common results histograms
2008-12-02 belikovCopying the TPCpid status bit (M. Krzewicki)
2008-12-02 cblumeAdditional setters and getters
2008-12-02 morsch"Memory leak" corrected calling constructor for fHeader.
2008-12-02 snellingUing common results histograms
2008-12-02 gconesabCorrected analysis configuration and execution files...
2008-12-02 gconesabdirectory split in PartCorrBase and PartCorrDep
2008-12-02 hristovUpdated list of libraries for PWG4 (Gustavo)
2008-12-02 cvetanCoding conventions (Mikolaj)
2008-12-02 gconesabPartCorr split in 2 Base and Dep; coding violations...
2008-12-02 bhippolyMakes new rules checker happier (part 1)
2008-12-01 abercuciadd post processing for cluster error parameterization...