2011-03-30 allacoverity fixed
2011-03-30 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-03-30 snellingcoverty fixes
2011-03-30 kleinbupdates to FF task (Oliver) Minor bug fixes and reduced...
2011-03-30 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-03-30 richtermremoving unnecessary NULL pointer checks according...
2011-03-29 maseraCoding conventions (G. Bruno)
2011-03-29 marianmacro to make the basic calibration trend graphs
2011-03-29 marianAdding READMEs
2011-03-29 daineseUpdate (Fabio)
2011-03-29 daineseCoverity (Giacomo)
2011-03-29 marianObsolete macro removed
2011-03-29 marianRemoving obsolete scripts
2011-03-29 kleinbadd task macro for high p_T QA (Marta)
2011-03-29 marianUsing TH1 instead TH1F in the fast gaus fits
2011-03-29 mariancoding violations
2011-03-29 mariancoding violations
2011-03-29 philleWarnings
2011-03-29 jotwinowfix coding rule violations
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: removal of dead code, and some cosmetics
2011-03-29 philleCleanup: removal of dead code, and unecessary comments
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: Removal of dead code, making
2011-03-29 philleBug fix: The fitting algorithm variable was not initial...
2011-03-29 daineseBug fix in setting of MC vertex (cov matrix was not...
2011-03-29 philleCosmetics && removal of dead code
2011-03-29 philleCosmetics
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: Code triplication various class memeber...
2011-03-29 philleAdded new class needed for refactoring of the
2011-03-29 philleAdded protection if the OCDB is allready initialized
2011-03-29 cholmNew NSD selection for MC, and some small fixes
2011-03-29 cterrevoCoverity fixes
2011-03-29 cholmAdded PbPb and some missing pp A,B,C,E triggers
2011-03-29 daineseCoverity
2011-03-29 hristovRemove code violations, improve average fit (Alberica)
2011-03-29 kkanaki- follow the changes in the drawTHnSparse.C for overlay...
2011-03-29 daineseMethods for vertex recalc made public
2011-03-29 agheataFix for Coverity #10278
2011-03-29 agheataFix for Coverity 10411
2011-03-29 agheataCoverity 10415 fixed
2011-03-29 agheataLeak detected by Coverity fixed
2011-03-29 agheataLeak detected by Coverity fixed
2011-03-29 daineseCoding rules (Chiara)
2011-03-29 allacoveriry waring fixed
2011-03-29 agheataFix for Coverity 14218
2011-03-29 agheataSupport for AliPIDResponse handling (A.Pulvirenti)
2011-03-29 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-28 daineseFix in procedure for vertex recalculation
2011-03-28 prinoUpdated macro to plot SDD injector performance vs....
2011-03-28 martinezMacro for QA Monitoring (Cynthia)
2011-03-28 martinezMacro for QA Monitoring (Cynthia)
2011-03-28 gconesabcorrect wrong variable name
2011-03-28 maseraMacro to plot results from pwg1-QA SPD task (A. Mastros...
2011-03-28 gconesabadapt TFF geometry frame to more than 4 SM
2011-03-28 kleinbpreps for using the reactions plane
2011-03-28 kharlovCoverity fix
2011-03-28 aszostakFix for the problem during PbPb run of Nov 2010 (Indra)
2011-03-28 amastroscoverity fixes + bug fixes
2011-03-28 coppedisProblem in pedestal subtraction in pp avoided
2011-03-28 snellingupdated psi_n
2011-03-28 daineseReduced from 4 to 3 the min clusters per track for...
2011-03-28 kkanaki- added centrality information and the vertex Z coordin...
2011-03-28 prinoNew setters (Ruben)
2011-03-28 cholmFixes
2011-03-28 coppedisBug fixed + correction in DQM plots
2011-03-28 daineseUpdate (Francesco, Gian Michele)
2011-03-28 kleinbadding plots vs. mult in background subtraction, fixed...
2011-03-28 agheataSmall fix in view of reconstruction without SDD (A...
2011-03-28 gconesabcoverity 2
2011-03-28 decaroFixed unmatched parenthesis
2011-03-28 cholmRemove bad #endif
2011-03-28 cholmDoxygen fixes
2011-03-28 prinoUpdated calculation of efficiencies to account for...
2011-03-28 cvetanTypos corrected.
2011-03-28 abercuciremove offending code from bug 78827
2011-03-28 mrodriguWarnings fixed
2011-03-27 kleinbUpdates for train running of Fragmentation Function...
2011-03-27 kleinbUpdates for Train running (Alexandre)
2011-03-27 gconesab EMCAL clusterizer: pas the MC label to the intermediat...
2011-03-27 prinoBug fix
2011-03-27 hristovAdditional include directory
2011-03-27 gconesabremove print, correct lines alignment
2011-03-27 kleinb suppress warnings on histogram booking and SetOwner
2011-03-27 philleCoverity
2011-03-26 marianbug fix - intorduced with coverity changes
2011-03-26 marianAdding include to include path
2011-03-26 morschparent index -1
2011-03-26 marianAdding EMCAL
2011-03-26 marianF. coverity
2011-03-26 marianAdding functionality for sparse drawing
2011-03-26 philleCoverity fixes
2011-03-26 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-26 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2011-03-26 snellingadded some QA to flow track cuts and event cuts, trackI...
2011-03-26 esickingCovarity fixes
2011-03-26 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-26 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-26 pchristFixing shadowing
2011-03-25 gconesabaccess to centrality in analysis, Renzhuo
2011-03-25 gconesabcoverity+coding violations, Rachid
2011-03-25 gconesabcoverity+coding violations, Rachid