2001-01-25 morschDefault constructor added.
2001-01-25 morschPass size of fNdch and fNrawch to CINT.
2001-01-25 ivanaCLHEP version changed to
2001-01-25 morschAdd a "real" default constructor.
2001-01-25 ivanaadd const to GetName()
2001-01-25 ivanaswitched on detes changed back to ALL (from RICH commit...
2001-01-25 ivanatrackInfoAllocator renamed to gAliTrackInfoAllocator...
2001-01-25 ivanafor loop variable declaration corrected (required by HP)
2001-01-25 ivanaonly comments added
2001-01-25 hristovUpgrade to Geant4 version 3.0 (I.Hrivnacova)
2001-01-24 jbarbosaAdded fDeadZone and corresponding getter.
2001-01-24 jbarbosaRedefinition of sectors and pad coordinates/real coordi...
2001-01-24 jbarbosaRemoved fDeadZone data member.
2001-01-24 jbarbosaMore readable.
2001-01-24 jbarbosaEnhanced BuildGeometry. Now the photocathodes are drawn.
2001-01-24 hristovMinor corrections
2001-01-24 ivanaInitial version
2001-01-24 ivanaupdated description of files and commands
2001-01-24 ivanaset PHOT process uncommented
2001-01-24 ivanaremoved FillDigitsHistogram() function (no hits have...
2001-01-23 barberaOption B for pixels implemented and set as default
2001-01-23 hristovInitialisation of some pointers
2001-01-23 ivanafFiles attribute, methods SetConfigName(), SetG3CallsNa...
2001-01-23 ivanamajor change of AliFiles class described
2001-01-23 ivanafixed date (in header) replaced with java script
2001-01-23 ivanaadded CLHEP path to SHLIBVAR
2001-01-23 ivanaadded const AliFiles& argument to Configure(); updated...
2001-01-23 ivanaadded const AliFiles& argument to Configure()
2001-01-23 ivanafConfigCmd attribute (command: setConfig) added
2001-01-23 ivana/aliRun/setConfig command added
2001-01-23 ivanafFiles attribute, methods SetConfigName(), SetG3CallsNa...
2001-01-23 ivanaadded const AliFiles& argument to Configure()
2001-01-23 ivanaPPR added to the detectors candidates list
2001-01-23 ivanaupdated for AliFiles changes; new method SwitchDetOnPPR...
2001-01-23 ivananew method SwitchDetOnPPR() added
2001-01-23 ivanamajor modification of the whole class (see doc/history...
2001-01-23 ivanaadded PPR versions to teh detector switches; in CheckDe...
2001-01-23 ivanaadded fPPRVersion attribute and its getter/setter
2001-01-23 ivanaSetMaxStep() corrected (UserLimits associated with...
2001-01-23 ivanaupdate to Geant4 v 3.0: G4ionIonisation changed to...
2001-01-23 ivanalayout changes only
2001-01-23 ivananew method SetUserLimits() added
2001-01-23 morschGenerator to read beam halo file from Protvino group.
2001-01-23 morschAdd method SetParticleCode and enum type Code_t to...
2001-01-22 jbarbosaRemoving magic numbers
2001-01-22 jbarbosaSeveral tune-ups
2001-01-22 jbarbosaDummy padplane dimensions
2001-01-22 jbarbosaAdded member data and getters for padplane dimensions
2001-01-22 jbarbosaAdded parametrised definiton sectors
2001-01-22 jbarbosaadded dead zone size to data members
2001-01-22 jbarbosaAdded deadzone size to data members
2001-01-22 jbarbosaCorrected invertes arguments in pad size setter
2001-01-22 jbarbosaSmall patch
2001-01-20 morschPut air in connecting tubes and flanges of vacuum pump.
2001-01-20 morschIncrease mother volume for bellows.
2001-01-18 eganglerBug correction in StepManager :
2001-01-18 morschTake pi from TMath.
2001-01-18 barberaITS geometry using test Euclid files
2001-01-18 barberaModified to use vtest geometry
2001-01-17 hristovMacro named
2001-01-17 hristovUnused variable removed
2001-01-17 hristovchPrev initialised
2001-01-17 hristovMacros named
2001-01-17 hristovDestructors corrected to avoid memory leaks
2001-01-17 morschIn the AliMagFDM tree call-by-reference functions...
2001-01-17 morschIncreased an accuracy of steps in radius and azimuthal...
2001-01-17 barberaSome corrections suggested by Peter Hristov added
2001-01-17 jbarbosaNew call to RICHHelp
2001-01-17 jbarbosaNew version of help (still very insuficient)
2001-01-17 hristovdPPTot initialised to zero
2001-01-17 hristovMacro named
2001-01-17 jbarbosaObsolete
2001-01-17 jbarbosaUpdated destructor (thanks to P. Hristov)
2001-01-17 kowal2Corrected error
2001-01-17 kowal2Digitization of the full TPC by default
2001-01-17 hristovMacros named
2001-01-17 hristovMacro named
2001-01-17 hristovCorrections to destructors
2001-01-17 hristovBetter protection against FPE
2001-01-17 hristovCorrections to destructors
2001-01-17 barberaSome media parameters modified
2001-01-17 barberaSome media parameters modified
2001-01-16 fcaNew ITS detailed geometry to be used for the PPR
2001-01-16 hristovInitialisation of ZDC hits
2001-01-15 barberaAdded modules of the new ITS detailed geometry to be...
2001-01-15 barberaSome comments added
2001-01-13 kowal2Sun compiler correction
2001-01-12 hristovMacro analHits.C added
2001-01-12 morschFront absorber analysis routine. (Geant3 dependent !)
2001-01-12 morschStore absorber composition information in fMLayers...
2001-01-12 morschStore absorber composition information in fMLayers...
2001-01-12 morschAccess function to material id and absorber composition...
2001-01-12 schutzpolish
2001-01-12 morschCorrect order of phi and z.
2001-01-11 hristovCONTAINERS, THijing, TGeant4 added to the path for...
2001-01-11 schutzTMinuit reset introduced, bags in ::UnfoldAll fixed
2001-01-11 schutzBag in ::Compare() fixed
2001-01-10 hristovSmall fix to keep the old version 1 running (I.Hrivnacova)
2001-01-10 kowal2Maximal number of good tracks increased to 20000.
2001-01-10 kowal2Changes to obey the coding rules.