2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: scale indent level, suppress too high indent
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: fixed regexp erasing lines containing dashes
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: support both ClassImp() and ClassDef()
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: some classes use Origin: instead of Author:
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: in member comment, array size can be var
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/testMC converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/stressTest/testSparse converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/macros/scripts converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/macros/data2011 converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/macros/clusterMacros converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/macros root converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/fastSimul
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/DA
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: more commands to the helper script
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: do not look too much for class desc
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/CalibMacros
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: all TPC/Cal converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: all TPC/Base converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: all TPC root converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: all TPC/Attic converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: better conversion handler script
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: do not double-add \cond CLASSIMP .. \endcond
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: make Doxygen ignore the confusing ClassImp()
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: support prepending comments
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: no trailing empty spaces in comments
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: do not comment vardecl inside functions
2015-02-10 morschprotection for division by zero
2015-02-10 haavardAdd processing of STANDALONE runs in TPC preprocessor
2015-02-10 ddobrigkBad Chunk Checker train macros copied over to install
2015-02-10 hristovYou cannot pass TString to something expecting const...
2015-02-10 jniedzieSetting flag added to FindZeroMQ
2015-02-10 jniedzieFixes in online reconstruction, Event Display and Stora...
2015-02-09 shahoianfix: check if there are tracks before calling GetTrack
2015-02-09 shahoianinstall testITSU testITSUv1 dirs.
2015-02-09 cblumeAdd threshold on cluster charge
2015-02-06 mflorisChanged paths from ALICE_ROOT to ALICE_PHYSICS
2015-02-06 zampolliUpdate amanda server for TOF
2015-02-05 mivanovALIROOT-5773, ATO-120 - initialize all elements of...
2015-02-04 morschCopy decaytable into install directory
2015-02-04 morschcopy decay table to installation directory
2015-02-04 mbrozPedestal DA. RawStream moved to base to avoid circular...
2015-02-04 mbrozSides were exchanged
2015-02-04 malturanadd configure command to all builds
2015-02-04 malturancorrect project name
2015-02-04 malturanAdd files needed for experimental, continueus and night...
2015-02-04 hristovInstallation of additional header
2015-02-04 hristovALIROOT-5792 data/galice.cuts modified for ZDC
2015-02-04 ecalvoviUpdate in z-distance of scintillators to 3.3 mm
2015-02-03 dberzanoMerge branch 'feature-ALIROOT-5800'
2015-02-03 dberzanoPAR: additional linking opts on OS X
2015-02-03 dberzanoPAR: fixed wrong echo on OS X
2015-02-03 dberzanoPAR: fixed wrong CPU count on OS X
2015-02-03 coppedisFixing a bug in one hit entry
2015-02-03 coppedisFixing a bug
2015-02-03 hristovCorrect use of ROOT_INCLUDE_DIR
2015-02-03 coppedisMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2015-02-03 coppedisUpdating possible TDI configuration
2015-02-03 rgrossoUse ALICE_ROOT, now it is the installation directory
2015-02-03 dberzanoCMake: install ITS/UPGRADE/misc
2015-02-03 anoliveiTime scale fix for EMCAL fitters
2015-02-03 anoliveiL1 Phase for FastFit
2015-02-03 shahoianresults of prev. event reco were not reset in chain...
2015-02-02 mbrozMethod to set uniform gain and some small corrections
2015-02-02 dberzanoCMake: actual fix for compat with CMake v2.8.11
2015-02-02 dberzanoCMake: fixed compat problem with CMake v2.8.11
2015-02-02 rgrossoClearer fatal message.
2015-02-02 ppillotprevent running if CDB snapshot setting failed
2015-02-02 ecalvovitest printf for version check
2015-02-02 ecalvoviUpdate to AD geometry:
2015-02-02 mivanovALIROOT-5780 - Changes to test raw data readout QA...
2015-02-02 mkrzewicc++11 fix
2015-02-02 coppedisFixing wrong TDI screen positioning
2015-02-02 dberzanoCMake: DEBUG has -O0, print C++ flags when cmaking
2015-02-02 dberzanoCMake: export ROOT's C++ flags, libc++ and C++11
2015-02-02 shahoianfix for ITS SA nuclie PID (F.Prino,B.Hess,F.Noferini...
2015-02-02 morsch- change of ZDCC mothervolume to make space for AD...
2015-02-02 belikovThe last missing parts of the OB geometry from Mario...
2015-02-02 agrigoraCMake: Install Find modules used also by AliPhysics
2015-02-02 dberzanoZDC: install light data files (fixes ALIROOT-5789)
2015-02-01 prsnkoDescription of Module 4 (geometry 2015) added
2015-01-31 mbrozQA histograms for ESDs and DigitsR
2015-01-31 morschBug correction
2015-01-31 cblumeAdd index i to GetCalDCSFEEObj()
2015-01-31 mbrozQA histogram for SDigits
2015-01-31 mbrozMore QA histograms for hits and digits
2015-01-31 morschOptimized cuts for beam pipe
2015-01-31 cblumeAdd index i to GetCalDCSFEEObj()
2015-01-31 Chiaradding protection against not existing TDI configuration
2015-01-31 coppedisFixing missing ;
2015-01-31 coppedisGeometry for run3 implemented with updated TDI
2015-01-30 mbrozProduction of raw data from simulated digits
2015-01-30 mbrozFilling BB flags in digit with trigger simulator
2015-01-30 shahoianconnect ESDADfriend to AliESDfriend, mark AD as trigger...
2015-01-30 rgrossoAdd chromatograph's DP aliases for TRD in simulation
2015-01-30 rgrossoLet the aliases for test be the same as for production
2015-01-30 rgrossoLet GetAll be aware of specific version
2015-01-30 gconesabfile not needed for par file creation
2015-01-30 mpuccioCode cleanup and bug fix Fixed valgrind warning concern...
2015-01-30 rgrossoAdd some TRD aliases.
2015-01-30 gconesabremove old PAR creation directories