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2001-05-22 buncicRestored proper name for top level AliRoot folder.
2001-05-21 hristovBackslash to continue strings
2001-05-21 hristovConstant casted to avoid the ambiguity
2001-05-21 buncicThis is a script to send alirun command as a batch...
2001-05-21 buncicFixed problem with missing AliConfig while reading...
2001-05-21 hristovLast minute changes (C.Blume)
2001-05-21 morschLost changes from revision 1.13 recovered.
2001-05-21 morschPrintouts in debug mode only.
2001-05-21 morschMinor modifications on the geometry. (Tapan Nayak)
2001-05-21 morschUse fStepBack = 1 only in debug mode.
2001-05-20 morschRecommit of extrap.F until correct replacement by C...
2001-05-20 morsch- Debug output at the beginning of new event and end...
2001-05-18 morschAliMUONTrackReconstructor and FORTRAN code removed.
2001-05-18 morschFortran code and interface to it is obsolete now.
2001-05-18 morschBug in decision on splitting corrected.
2001-05-17 fcaReset pointers to daughters
2001-05-16 alibraryNew files for folders and Stack
2001-05-16 hristovMinor changes (R.Barbera)
2001-05-16 hristovREADME file from R.Barbera
2001-05-16 hristovBug fixed in the StepManager to account for the differe...
2001-05-15 barberaNew version compatible with the current HEAD
2001-05-15 morschUpdate of library for low mass resonances (Yiota Foka)
2001-05-15 coppedisChanges in AddHit method
2001-05-15 barberaThe macros was working only in SSD mode. Now it works...
2001-05-15 barberaNew version including the full 3D vertex finder
2001-05-15 barberaNew versions which work both with v5 and vPPR geometries
2001-05-15 barberaSome differences with ITSDigitsToClusters.C removed
2001-05-15 barberaSome differences with ITSHitsToDigits.C removed
2001-05-14 barberaModified to work with DetToLocal
2001-05-14 schutzmemory leak fixed: setowner to fEMCRecPoint and fCPVRec...
2001-05-14 schutznumber of primariry particles per recpoint increased
2001-05-14 fcaProtecting against division by 0
2001-05-14 morschAliPMDv0 coarse geometry and AliPMDv1 detailed simulati...
2001-05-14 morschObsolete versions removed.
2001-05-14 hristovstdlib.h included (for Alpha)
2001-05-14 barberaVector renamed to avoid re-definition
2001-05-14 vicinanzUpdated ViewTOFplates macro
2001-05-14 hristovDefault arguments declared once
2001-05-14 coppedisA different geometry for the ZDCs
2001-05-14 coppedisAdding functions ZMin and ZMax
2001-05-14 coppedisChange in AddHit suggested by J. Chudoba
2001-05-14 barberaModified to run also under aliroot and not only under...
2001-05-14 barberaSome unuseful printout commented
2001-05-14 barberaVersion 1.11 reput in place to avoid problem with recon...
2001-05-13 barberaUpdated version from B. Batyunya with a fix in the...
2001-05-11 fcaProtect sqrt of negative number
2001-05-11 morschAliDebugVolume added.
2001-05-11 morschAliFRAMEv2 added.
2001-05-11 morschIf run with debug option (from gAlice) geantinos are...
2001-05-11 morschGeom. volume data class. Can be used during lego run...
2001-05-11 morschVersion 2 of space frame is default.
2001-05-11 morschC++ version of spaceframe with specs according to Jan...
2001-05-11 barberaTemporary fix for the SSD digitazion to avoid loss...
2001-05-11 barberaTemporary fix for the SSD digitazion to avoid loss...
2001-05-11 barberaCorrected to make fast point creation working with...
2001-05-11 hristovIndex corrected
2001-05-11 hristovConsistent declarations needed on Alpha
2001-05-11 hristovLegacy lines commented
2001-05-11 hristovFix needed on Sun and Alpha
2001-05-10 barberaA typo corrected
2001-05-10 barberaModified to create rec points also for PPR geometries
2001-05-10 nilsenFixed a small but in ZpitchFromCol so that it is fully...
2001-05-10 schutzoverlapp between PUCP and PTCB corrected
2001-05-10 jbarbosaCorrected some overlaps (thanks I. Hrivnacovna).
2001-05-10 jbarbosaUpdate.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaRemoved hit display, added rec. ring properties.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaChanged drwaing routines.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaAdded mean radius data member.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaChanged call to SetTrack.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaUpdated Config.C.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaUpdated Config.C
2001-05-10 jbarbosaNew call to reconstuction algorithm.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaAltered some histograms.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaCorrected occupancy calculation.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaRepositioned the RICH modules.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaAdded several more functions (memory management mainly).
2001-05-10 jbarbosaTotally reworked version of reconstruction algorithm.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaMoved code into AliRICH.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaIncorporated diagnostics.
2001-05-10 jbarbosaRepositioned the RICH modules.
2001-05-10 barberaUpdated version from B. Batyunya
2001-05-10 schutzadded back the write tree that has mysteriously dispapered
2001-05-10 barberaUpdated version from B. Batyunya and E. Fragiacomo
2001-05-10 nilsenFinished fixing up the default segmentation for the...
2001-05-10 nilsenAdded a preInitilization of some pointers in the standa...
2001-05-10 nilsenBug fix in function SetBinSize.
2001-05-10 nilsenAllowed for HitsToDigits function to work with versions...
2001-05-09 nilsenFinished fixing SetDefaults for the segmentation of...
2001-05-09 nilsenFixed up a typo in the cout of Init(). Now properly...
2001-05-09 nilsenMade the changes nessesary to allow for different segme...
2001-05-09 nilsenSet suchthat fModules is not written to the root file...
2001-05-08 barberaFunction SetLayer implemented. From M. Masera
2001-05-08 barberaNew version with the use of SetLayer for SSD. From...
2001-05-08 barberaNew macro to calculate the occupancy. For the moment...
2001-05-08 hristovNew TPC medium added
2001-05-08 kowal2Geometry update according to the latest technical spec.
2001-05-08 kowal2Updated material specifications
2001-05-08 hristovChanges towards a concept of global Alice track. Back...
2001-05-08 hristovCorrections for tracking in arbitrary magnenetic field...
2001-05-08 hristovLoop variable declared once (HP, Sun)