2012-09-28 prinoCode for computing MC efficiency for Lc->K0s+proton...
2012-09-28 prinoLc->K0sp cut object updates
2012-09-28 prinoUpdated AddTask for Lc->pKpi (Rossella)
2012-09-28 prinoUpdates in Lc->K0sproton data analysis task (Annalisa)
2012-09-28 morschUpdates
2012-09-27 prinoModified histo limits + addition of 3-d histos (Sadhana)
2012-09-27 prinoMethods to get the signal yield integrated over full...
2012-09-27 morschUpdate
2012-09-27 morschUpdate Jens
2012-09-27 morschnew class Salvatore
2012-09-27 cholmMore fixes for compatibility with CAF.
2012-09-27 zconesaUpdate (Rossella)
2012-09-27 zconesaUpdate (Rossella)
2012-09-27 prsnkoBug in poisition corrected
2012-09-27 morschUpdate
2012-09-27 morschUpdates
2012-09-27 hqvigstaUpdate to QA macros
2012-09-27 jbook- update user task
2012-09-27 wiechulao use AliPIDResponse (Markus Fasel)
2012-09-26 prsnkoParameterization for LHC11h corrected
2012-09-26 rbailhacSmall typo
2012-09-26 miweberadding option to correct only for acceptance (to retrie...
2012-09-26 zampolliUpdating: Mean Vertex status return (D. Caffarri).
2012-09-26 jbook- add new TRD pid
2012-09-26 jklein- propagate track in-time flag to AliESDTrdTrack
2012-09-26 cholmVarious fixes to not free output memory
2012-09-25 hristov#97725: change in AliPIDResponse.cxx
2012-09-25 hristovTypo (Jochen)
2012-09-25 jgrosseofixing bug selecting charge
2012-09-25 hristovAdditional information whether a track was found in...
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 morschUpdate
2012-09-25 rbailhacUpdate
2012-09-25 morschprintf removed
2012-09-25 morsch1) Centrality dependent thresholds parameters
2012-09-25 miwebercorrect also single distributions N+ and N-
2012-09-25 cholmSmall fix
2012-09-25 cholmfixes for running jobs on CAF, and possibility to have...
2012-09-25 cholmRemove extra V0 check in pA
2012-09-25 cholmFixes for running this code in PROOF - all output objec...
2012-09-25 cholmAdded debug option
2012-09-25 cholmFix up a warning about casts
2012-09-25 cholmMinor fix
2012-09-25 cholmMinor things for testing
2012-09-25 cholmScript to download data from the grid
2012-09-25 cholmNew corrections for pA
2012-09-25 cholmWorker classes for TrainSetup - in progress
2012-09-25 cholmFix script output
2012-09-25 cholmFirst shot at module definitions
2012-09-25 cholmAdded some notes
2012-09-25 kleinbupdates from Leticia
2012-09-25 prinoUpdated macros for D-electron correlation analysis...
2012-09-24 prinoConsistent handling of THnSparse dimensions for differe...
2012-09-24 kharlovBug in filling the histogram hSingleCPV_cenX is fixed
2012-09-24 zconesaUpdates
2012-09-24 zconesaUpdates
2012-09-24 rbailhacMC AOD
2012-09-24 rbailhacMC AOD
2012-09-24 ssakaiupdated
2012-09-24 ssakaimodify TPC cut parameter
2012-09-24 morschMaterial of muon filter ist Cast Iron
2012-09-24 cholmNew emperical correction based on nominal vtx using...
2012-09-24 abercucifix compilation
2012-09-24 abercucifix compilation
2012-09-24 miweber1) bug fix in AddAliEbyEHigherMomentsTaskCentrality...
2012-09-23 freidt- removed old double-gap analysis task by Xian-Guo Lu
2012-09-23 miwebernew correction method with convoluted single particle...
2012-09-22 pchristUpdated QA plots (Alis)
2012-09-22 miweberupdated efficiency files
2012-09-21 pcrochet1) Adding class AliAnalysisMuonUtility which contains...
2012-09-21 pcrochet1) Adding class AliAnalysisMuonUtility which contains...
2012-09-21 shahoianScript shell to merge from the command line (like with...
2012-09-21 agheataFrom Matthias: Added protection in debug printout
2012-09-20 kleinbfixed typo
2012-09-20 cblumeFix out of bounds error
2012-09-20 zconesaUpdate AddTask (Rossella)
2012-09-20 gconesab protection againts 0 energy - Salvatore
2012-09-20 gconesab protections agains 0 energy - Salvatore
2012-09-20 ddobrigkLinked to AOD V0 task in LinkDef.h and pkg file.
2012-09-20 ddobrigkAdded AddTask Macro for AOD version of V0 grid analysis...
2012-09-20 akisielAdd Proton Lambda analysis
2012-09-20 morschUpdate
2012-09-20 hqvigstaMade vertex z cut dynamic.
2012-09-20 kleinbadd trigger bins to track QA
2012-09-20 loizidesupdate from megan
2012-09-20 kleinbcorrecting all inclusive trigger for jetpt qa
2012-09-20 daineseAdded plot for eff vs et and phi
2012-09-20 loizidesconf tender
2012-09-20 kleinbtake tpc refit in again (M.Verweij)
2012-09-20 mflorisAdded mean pt
2012-09-20 jgrosseonew fitting, iaa calculation, star comparison (Monika)
2012-09-20 cblumeAdd haff chamber status to simulation part (Julian)
2012-09-20 jgrosseominor changes
2012-09-20 prinoUpdates in D-hadron correlation code (Sandro)
2012-09-20 wiechulao no PID caching by default for the moment