2001-01-10 kowal2Changes to obey the coding rules.
2001-01-10 kowal2Clear method modified to fix the problem with reading...
2001-01-10 kowal2Corrections to load points from the noncompressed hits.
2001-01-08 gossetModifications used for addendum to Dimuon TDR (JP Cusso...
2001-01-05 barberaNew ITS detailed geometry to be used for the PPR. Only...
2001-01-01 hristovLocal definition of digits removed
2000-12-22 fcaNew PMD is version 0
2000-12-22 fcaAdding hits to hit list
2000-12-22 hristovUpdated START code from Alla
2000-12-22 alibraryCorrection
2000-12-22 alibraryIntroduce dummy commons
2000-12-22 alibraryCorrection for HP
2000-12-22 schutzDigitization - Calibration corrected
2000-12-22 ivanaadded THijing, CONTAINERS categories
2000-12-22 hristovNew FMD code from Alla + code cleaning
2000-12-22 barberaModified to be compatible with GeneralTest.C
2000-12-22 barberaMacro needed by GeneralTest.C
2000-12-22 barberaMacro to do tracking in TPC and ITS
2000-12-21 morschUse AliMUONv0 for MUON for the moment.
2000-12-21 morschError in argument list of AddRawCluster corrected.
2000-12-21 morschDummy destructor.
2000-12-21 morschConstructor contains default set-up for segmentation.
2000-12-21 morschClean-up of coding rule violations.
2000-12-21 morschClean-up of coding rule violations.
2000-12-21 morschClean-up of coding rule violations,
2000-12-21 ivananumber of primary particles changed to 500
2000-12-21 ivanaput back switchOff RICH; removed forceAllSensitive...
2000-12-21 ivanaadded THijing, CONTAINERS categories
2000-12-21 ivanatag Release-3-04 commented
2000-12-21 ivanaupdated excluded detectors: to CASTOR, ZDC
2000-12-21 ivanaremoved switchOff RICH
2000-12-21 ivanaupdated for TG4PhysicsManager change
2000-12-21 ivanaupdated to AliMC changes - Gsckov() renamed to SetCeren...
2000-12-21 ivanaRndm() removed (not needed anymore)
2000-12-21 ivanaStepProcesses() implemented; Rndm() removed (not needed...
2000-12-21 ivanaadded Transportation to fProcessMap; GetMCProcess(...
2000-12-21 ivanaGetMCProcess(): argument changed from G4String (name...
2000-12-21 ivanacorrected warning text only
2000-12-21 ivanaupdated to AliMC changes - Gsckov() renamed to SetCeren...
2000-12-21 morschRN3 violations corrected
2000-12-21 morschLast updates on the right version (1.44).
2000-12-21 alibraryAdding includes for Cint file
2000-12-21 morschAdding particles to the PDG database delegated to AliPDG.
2000-12-21 morschAliPDG class, first commit.
2000-12-21 morschCoding convention clean-up (RS3)
2000-12-21 morschUse Al for coil and cable material. The materials used...
2000-12-21 morschCoding convention clean-up
2000-12-21 fcaCorrecting coding convention violations
2000-12-21 schutza quick update to correct a few coding conventions...
2000-12-21 barberaBreak segmentation cured
2000-12-20 barberaA double initialization of a variable in .h and .cxx...
2000-12-20 jbarbosaRemoved dependencies on TGeant3 (thanks to F. Carminati...
2000-12-20 cblumeModifications for the HP-compiler
2000-12-20 eganglerAdded charge correlation between cathods.
2000-12-20 ivanaupdated for AliTrackingAction change
2000-12-20 ivanaremoved unneeded include
2000-12-20 ivanaInitial version
2000-12-20 ivanaa new class TG4GeometryServices commented
2000-12-20 ivananew subcategory interfaces commented
2000-12-20 ivanaadded subcategory interfaces to CATLIST
2000-12-20 ivanaSaveParticle: setting of production process to TParticl...
2000-12-20 ivanaremoved processName argument from SaveParticle()
2000-12-20 ivanaTG4GeometryManager usage replaced with TG4GeometryServices
2000-12-20 ivanachanged default fForceAllLVSensitive value to true...
2000-12-20 ivanaadded geometry browser classes (TG4Editor, TG4GUI,...
2000-12-20 ivanaadded geometry browser classes (TG4Editor, TG4GUI,...
2000-12-20 ivanaupdated to AliMC changes - added VolId2Mate() method
2000-12-20 ivanaupdated to AliMC changes - added StepProcesses() method...
2000-12-20 ivanaupdated to AliMC changes - added VolId2Mate(), StepProc...
2000-12-20 ivanaupdated to AliMC changes - added StepProcesses() method...
2000-12-20 ivanaupdated to AliMC changes - added StepProcesses() method...
2000-12-20 ivanaInitial version
2000-12-20 ivanaset of methods moved to a new class TG4GeometryServices...
2000-12-20 alibrarydlsym not supported on HP, reverting to gcomad
2000-12-20 schutzdefault thresholds are changed to faster reconstruction
2000-12-20 kowal2Improvements in algorithms to make the code faster
2000-12-20 fcaSupport for Cerenkov and process list in Virtual MC
2000-12-20 gossetSegmentation in Station 2 as in TDR addendum:
2000-12-20 kowal2Changes suggested by Alessandra and Paolo to avoid...
2000-12-19 barberaSome other objects correctly initialized
2000-12-19 schutzReconstruction part now handle all geometry options
2000-12-19 barberaSome correction introduced to avoid some errors which...
2000-12-19 barberaSome initialization changed
2000-12-19 alibraryUsing dlsym to retrieve address of commons
2000-12-18 jbarbosaFull event Config.C for RICH studies.
2000-12-18 jbarbosaRICH specific Config.C
2000-12-18 jbarbosaCleaned up PadHits object.
2000-12-18 jbarbosaTook two lines out of output.
2000-12-18 barberaSome initialiation added
2000-12-18 barberanew version compatible with the TPC track parameterization
2000-12-18 barberaThis file must not be on the server
2000-12-18 alibraryHP compatibility fix
2000-12-18 barberanew version of the ITS tracking to take into account...
2000-12-18 alibraryQuick fix to avoid crash in display waiting for new...
2000-12-18 alibraryNew call frequence histograms per module and volume
2000-12-18 morschPossibility to set field map by passing pointer to...
2000-12-18 ivanaupdated the version of START to 1
2000-12-18 ivanaZDC switched off (used not yet supported division of...
2000-12-18 ivanaadded calls to AliRun::Pre/PostTrack
2000-12-18 ivanaadded missing class G4TrackStack forward declaration