2010-03-17 daineseNew task for D* pt-dep analysis (A. Grelli)
2010-03-17 richtermcoding conventions
2010-03-17 daineseCompilation warnings (Fiorella)
2010-03-17 richtermmaking const what wants to be const
2010-03-17 richtermadjusting function names
2010-03-17 bhippolyNew addTask with selection options (B.Hippolyte)
2010-03-17 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-03-17 schutzfix https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?64481
2010-03-17 zampolliUpdate SPD PIT Conditions - Savannah bug #63729 (A...
2010-03-17 zampolliUpdating test files.
2010-03-17 morschOption for patching of the omega dalitz decay.
2010-03-17 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-17 slindalresolved cluster handling for PHOS
2010-03-17 zampolliStoring the timestamp of the second measurement in...
2010-03-17 coppedisConfusing print changed
2010-03-17 hdalsgaafixing a warning
2010-03-17 maseraSavannah bug #63729, SPD Dead Map and PIT Conditions...
2010-03-17 richtermreverting r39713 due to problems it caused with some...
2010-03-17 richtermmaking const what wants to be const
2010-03-17 mtadelMove sub-classes AliEveHOMERSourceMapByDet and
2010-03-17 fcaCoding conventions
2010-03-17 decaroHV.and.LV status maps: off data collection. TOF channel...
2010-03-17 cblumeCorrect compiler warnings
2010-03-17 richtermmoving some files for the pendolino module around in...
2010-03-16 zampolliIncluding "-y" option in find for OCDB queries. Includi...
2010-03-16 morschomega mass is invariant mass of parent.
2010-03-16 gconesabcorrect warning
2010-03-16 belikovCast to AliMCParticle
2010-03-16 allawarning fixed
2010-03-16 rvernetfix warning
2010-03-16 kowal2Updated CM material and added OFC and OCV segmentation.
2010-03-16 hristovFixed warnings
2010-03-16 morschWarnings fixed.
2010-03-16 akisielFix warnings
2010-03-16 abercuciswitching for HLT.
2010-03-16 basantaPreprocessor modified not to send the correct gain...
2010-03-16 pchristFixing conventions (Andrey Ivanov)
2010-03-16 abercucinew design for performance plots of the resolution...
2010-03-16 abercuci- fixes for bug 63765 - see for details the post
2010-03-16 daineseRemove class AliPtMothFromPtDaugh, which introduced...
2010-03-16 akisielFix coding convention violations 2
2010-03-16 akisielFix coding convention violations
2010-03-16 hristovChanges for #64259 Request for including the new class...
2010-03-16 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-16 morschMethod to set the friend file name added.
2010-03-16 odjuvsla- something went wrong with previous commit...
2010-03-16 odjuvsla- adding module to the internal calo cluster struct
2010-03-16 aszostakAdding AliHLTMUONTrack object to store ROOTified intern...
2010-03-16 aszostakMinor fixes to documentation and printed messages.
2010-03-15 daineseCoding conventions
2010-03-15 odjuvsla- small changes to macro
2010-03-15 odjuvsla- fixing bug in resizing of array/buffer in clusterizer
2010-03-15 odjuvsla- adding cell info to ESDs
2010-03-15 odjuvsla- small change
2010-03-15 allareconstruction vertex using calculated calble and elect...
2010-03-15 cblumeIn the clusterizer and rawData the creation of the...
2010-03-15 morschFriend reading can be switched off.
2010-03-15 dsilvermbug fixes
2010-03-15 morschvoid SetBin0CallbackViaPointer( Bin0Callback_t cb)
2010-03-15 gconesabremove assignment operator, not needed and could caus...
2010-03-15 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-15 kkanaki- corrected casting of the block iterator from TObjArra...
2010-03-15 kkanaki- removed TObjArray for the storing of clusters
2010-03-15 morschUpdates (M. Gheata)
2010-03-15 gconesabcorrect copy and = constructor call to data member...
2010-03-15 kleinbUse new profiling tools in local mode, set proper name...
2010-03-15 kleinbproper includes and forward declarations for tstring
2010-03-15 kleinbFixed some memory leaks, deletes before returning from...
2010-03-15 daineseNew class to extract pt distribution of given particle...
2010-03-15 morschFix for:
2010-03-15 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-15 jotwinowcompiler dependent bug fix
2010-03-15 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-03-15 slindalFixing rule violations: commented out everything
2010-03-15 gconesabcoding violations corrected
2010-03-15 jotwinowrevert changes
2010-03-15 agheataFrom Mihaela: added PartCorr QA wagon (Gustavo) and...
2010-03-15 aszostakImproving handling of error state.
2010-03-15 jotwinowdNdPt analysis update for preliminary spectra
2010-03-15 kkanaki- fixed ownership of arrays
2010-03-15 allabug in support structure fixed
2010-03-15 richtermcorrecting library load error: function implementation...
2010-03-15 slindalBugfixes enabling buffer navigation
2010-03-15 richtermadding first sketch of a DCS publisher component for...
2010-03-15 richtermadding base class for a DIM server. The implemented...
2010-03-15 slindalFrom Indra: Bug fix to display the reconstructed hits...
2010-03-15 kleinbfixed aod mc assignment and use of jet header (B. Bathen)
2010-03-15 aszostakAdding optimisations to the global trigger.
2010-03-15 aszostakFixing warning.
2010-03-15 aszostakBug fix for potencial memory leak.
2010-03-15 aszostakFixing memory leaks.
2010-03-14 dsilvermskip unused TGraph + add access to TF1
2010-03-14 dsilvermuse new raw fitters in QA
2010-03-14 richtermupdating histogram names (Theo)
2010-03-14 richtermincluding just added files into build
2010-03-14 richtermadding module agent for HLTqadm library. The agent...
2010-03-14 richtermmoving the current implementation of the HLT QA data...
2010-03-14 richtermadding base class for HLT detector QA plugins
2010-03-14 richtermextending interface of the ModuleAgent
2010-03-14 richtermextending LoadInstance, can be used without library...