2001-03-13 morschSome mother volumes slightly modified to remove an...
2001-03-13 barberaSome mother volumes sligthly modified to eliminate...
2001-03-13 hristovAccess to subclasses is public
2001-03-13 hristovNew design of tracking classes (Yu.Belikov)
2001-03-13 hristovFirst commit of ITS tracking version 2 (Yu.Belikov)
2001-03-13 kowal2Corrected bug in the TPC mother volume geometry.
2001-03-13 cblumeUpdate of digitization. Moved digit branch definition...
2001-03-13 hristovDefault arguments set only in the header file
2001-03-13 hristovfabsf replaced by TMath::Abs
2001-03-13 barberaUpdated version of the PPR detailed geometry with symme...
2001-03-13 barberaNew SDD geometry got grom F. Tosello and checked by...
2001-03-12 hristovChanges needed on Sun with CC 5.0
2001-03-12 hristovSTAGE_POOL and STAGE_HOST defined
2001-03-12 schutznew classes for digitization derived from TTask
2001-03-12 schutzHits with detailed information moved to AliPHOSDebugHit
2001-03-12 hristovObsolete lines for reverse eng. removed
2001-03-12 hristovNow reverse Eng. tool uses .i files
2001-03-12 kowal2Corrected C++ bug in the material definitions
2001-03-10 marianaUpdate to have compatibility with last changes in AliRun
2001-03-10 marianaUpdate to have compatibility with last changes in AliRun
2001-03-09 hristovinclude GenTypeDefs.h removed
2001-03-09 morschFix for multiple events per file: inhibit decrease...
2001-03-09 morschUpdate generator configuration with new nmaes for const...
2001-03-09 morschObsolete.
2001-03-09 morschRemove Process_t
2001-03-09 morschRemove GenTypeDefs from HEADERS.
2001-03-09 morschInclude AliDecayer.h instead of GenTypeDefs.h
2001-03-09 morschDecay_t moved to AliDecayer.h
2001-03-09 morschProcess_t and Struc_Func_t moved to AliPythia.h
2001-03-09 morsch- enum constants for paramterisation type (particle...
2001-03-09 morschObsolete now. Type defs have been moved to classes.
2001-03-08 hristovThe second initializer for a default argument removed
2001-03-08 morschMake it work with particle stack of V3.05.
2001-03-08 morschMake it work with new AliDimuonCombinator.
2001-03-08 barberaSome modifications added to take into account drafts...
2001-03-07 barberaSome vector dimensions increased to cope with full...
2001-03-07 morschDont't stream pointer to AliPythia instance.
2001-03-07 barberaA change added in the tracking part to manage delta...
2001-03-07 barberaNew macro to show tracking results for all (good+fake...
2001-03-07 barberaNew macro to show tracking results for fake tracks...
2001-03-07 barberaNew improved version with error calculation
2001-03-06 morschCalculate and pass current background event number.
2001-03-06 pbabaThis is Version-01 of Reconstruction software of PMD...
2001-03-06 schutzbag in shower depth correction fixed
2001-03-06 schutzbag in shower depth correction fixed
2001-03-06 morschAdd Digits2Reco() and FindClusters()
2001-03-05 morschWriting of digit tree moved to macro.
2001-03-05 morschCorrect access to digit and recpoint data.
2001-03-05 morschUse access methods to hit and digit data.
2001-03-05 morschMake macro work with new STEER.
2001-03-05 morschSome correction for MUON and SHIL
2001-03-05 pbaba This is the new geometry at -380cm
2001-03-05 nilsenFixed a reoccuring bug. Array sizes must be declare...
2001-03-05 morschMethod SortTracks(..) imported from AliMUON.
2001-03-05 morschDigitization related methods moved to AliMUONMerger.
2001-03-04 morschNew default version of the Config.C for MUON.
2001-03-04 morschObsolete version removed.
2001-03-04 morschUpdated version using the access methods to hit member...
2001-03-02 barbera modified to taking into account new version tracking v1
2001-03-02 barbera new macro to tag ITS good tracks
2001-03-02 barbera Compatible with new AliRun
2001-03-02 barberamodified to take into account the new AliRun
2001-03-02 barberamap of ITS material distribution v5 for tracking v1
2001-03-02 barberanew class to take into account ITS material distributio...
2001-03-02 barberamodified to take into account new tracking v1
2001-03-02 marianaMake the macro compatible with AliRun
2001-03-01 kowal2Correction due to the accuracy problem
2001-03-01 jbarbosaObsolete.
2001-02-28 barberaTimers added
2001-02-28 barberaNew code from Boris Batyunya to remove the mistake...
2001-02-28 barberaNew code from Boris Batyunya to take into account all...
2001-02-28 jbarbosaMerger initialisation added.
2001-02-28 barberaSetters and getters to set/get the detector and chip...
2001-02-28 marianaMake the macro compatible with the new AliRun
2001-02-28 marianaMake the code compatible with the new AliRun
2001-02-28 marianaMake the macro compatible with the new AliRun
2001-02-28 morschConsider elastic interactions (ks = 1 and ks = 11)...
2001-02-28 kowal2Protection against nonphysical values of the avalanche...
2001-02-28 jbarbosaNew summable digits object.
2001-02-27 barberaFull parameterization of detector and chip thicknesses...
2001-02-27 jbarbosaAdded setters and getters (have to cleanup code).
2001-02-27 jbarbosaRemoved compiler warning.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaMerger macro.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaImplementing merger class.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaTesting TreeS, removing of output.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaDifferent lego parameters.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaImproved handling of galice object...
2001-02-27 jbarbosaDo not create treeD anymore.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaChanged digit retrieval.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaTransition to SDigits.
2001-02-25 hristovMinor correction: loop variable declared only once...
2001-02-24 morschSetGun allows specify completely the particle kinematic...
2001-02-24 fcaMoving to double precision and introducing an additiona...
2001-02-23 buncicAll trees needed for simulation created in RunMC()...
2001-02-23 jbarbosaRemoved verbose output.
2001-02-23 buncicAdded Digits2Reco() method to hook up the reconstructio...
2001-02-23 jbarbosaAdded fits.
2001-02-23 buncicAdded alifs wrapper for CASTOR and alirun modified...
2001-02-23 jbarbosaObsolete.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaNew gain variation diagnostics.