2011-09-07 kleinbflag jets with too high p_T track
2011-09-07 allamemory leak fixed
2011-09-07 gconesabForgot to assign method IsPHOSPhoton to class
2011-09-06 loizidesTask to provide spd vertex constrained tracks
2011-09-06 hristovChanges for #86407 commit in STEER and port to Release...
2011-09-06 hristovFix for #86401 port to Release code for Pass0
2011-09-06 morsch Robert Grajcarek <grajcarek@physi.uni-heidelberg.de>
2011-09-06 morschExtension for AOD
2011-09-06 hristovFixed memory leaks for #86360: High memory consumption...
2011-09-06 gconesabAdd track matching cut for PHOS (Dana)
2011-09-06 loizidestiming cut on fast ors
2011-09-06 loizidestake min e cut into account
2011-09-06 gconesabIn case of track matching, extrapolate only from inner...
2011-09-06 shahoianFix in HaveCommonParent routine, updated version of...
2011-09-06 allafix bug #86380: Simulation with RAW OCDB fails in T0
2011-09-06 cnattrasRunning EMCal Tender supply before EMCal analysis
2011-09-06 wiechulao add missing TOF histograms
2011-09-06 loizidesadded psel
2011-09-06 prinoMinor updates in two SDD macros
2011-09-06 loizidesadd par file for user tasks
2011-09-06 cvetanThe cleaning is enabled also for MC data, but includes...
2011-09-06 laphecetAdding a reminder for coders
2011-09-06 laphecetBe sure to load mapping when needed
2011-09-05 daineseAdded protections for empty histograms (Davide)
2011-09-05 cnattrasFixing print statements about data set configuration
2011-09-05 cnattrasConfiguring AliAnalysisEmEtMonteCarlo and AliAnalysisEm...
2011-09-05 cnattrasConfiguring AliAnalysisEmEtMonteCarlo and AliAnalysisEm...
2011-09-05 cnattrasMemory clean up
2011-09-05 allafor new CPass0 bug #84135
2011-09-05 loizidesMore getters (S.Aiola)
2011-09-05 gconesabAdd MC histograms to study particle type vs n cells...
2011-09-05 gconesabAdd more correlation histograms to study exotic cluster...
2011-09-04 sgorbunoprotection for negative SigmaY2 values
2011-09-04 richtermmoving calculation of sigmas to decoder class, bugfix...
2011-09-04 loizidesmove my tasks to user code
2011-09-04 loizidesCosmetics: one \n too much
2011-09-04 gconesabIn case of AOD analysis where cell time is not availabl...
2011-09-04 gconesabAdd function that returns cell absID with maximum energ...
2011-09-04 morschGetCollisionCandidates added
2011-09-04 morschCorrection for physical secondaries.
2011-09-04 richtermbugfix: memory leak corrected (Stefan Kirsch)
2011-09-04 richtermchanging data type of compressed cluster data block
2011-09-04 richtermadding HLTOUT handlers for compressed cluster data...
2011-09-04 richtermminor bugfix: pointer protection for printout
2011-09-04 richtermbugfix: mc labels for padrow-sorted cluster data block...
2011-09-03 fronchetchanged geometry initialization
2011-09-03 fronchetcoverity fix
2011-09-03 gconesabCoverity: Uninitialized data member in default ctor...
2011-09-03 jthaedercoverity fix
2011-09-02 hdalsgaasmall fix for last commit
2011-09-02 hdalsgaaMaking 3 strip sharing optional
2011-09-02 agheataChange to raw OCDB in case not yet set
2011-09-02 loizidesmake IsInitialized to be able to check beforehand if...
2011-09-02 jthaeder- bug fixes (increase classdef)
2011-09-02 gconesabSeveral corrections from Constantin, some cosmetics
2011-09-02 martinezAutomatically switch from Int_t to Long_t during counti...
2011-09-02 martinezMacro for task MuMu (Laurent)
2011-09-02 abercucireduce verbosity. Replace AliError by AliDebug
2011-09-02 cblumeModification for reduced number of timebins
2011-09-02 snellingwierd coverty fixes
2011-09-01 fronchetchanged emcal cuts for low pt tracks and out of accepta...
2011-09-01 loizidesStarting point for emcal related analysis tasks
2011-09-01 sgorbunonew default configuration
2011-09-01 maseraSmall fix: corrct units in a histogram (Ruben)
2011-09-01 pulvirMonitor: coverity fix (added a missing "break")
2011-09-01 loizidesfix for primary particles. Why this cut was there in...
2011-09-01 loizidesCleanup
2011-09-01 loizidesSimplifications from S.Aiola
2011-09-01 loizidesSimplifications from S.Ailo
2011-09-01 lbarnbyFitting macro suite now has options for anti-Lambda...
2011-08-31 prinoFix in inrementing a count of AliCounterCollection
2011-08-31 sgorbunoHWCF emulator update according to the new hardware...
2011-08-31 laphecetUpgrade to draw evolution of the number of live channels
2011-08-31 hristovReverting rev. 51375,51372,51371 since they break the...
2011-08-31 agheataRemoved duplicated TFile::Cp from CheckMergedFiles
2011-08-31 pulvirBugfix in event mixing, addition of some features in...
2011-08-31 agheataRemoved duplicated TFile::Cp from WriteAnalysisFile
2011-08-31 fcaFixing header list
2011-08-31 haavardCorrected UInt_t <-> Int_t conversion
2011-08-31 agheataminor fixes
2011-08-31 sgorbunoPeakfinder unit added to compilation
2011-08-31 sgorbunodeconvolution and timebin window algorithms are changed...
2011-08-31 loizidescoverty fixes
2011-08-30 loizidesfix
2011-08-30 loizidesCleanup
2011-08-30 loizidesfixes
2011-08-30 loizidescoding conventions
2011-08-30 loizidescoding conventions
2011-08-30 hristov#86069: Fix to prevent crash when missing logger in...
2011-08-30 hristov#86058: Fixes for RAW.
2011-08-30 hristov#86057: Fixes for build of MONITOR code
2011-08-30 hristovFix for #86056: Fixes for CMake discovery in DATE and DA
2011-08-30 snellingoption to linearize V0 response
2011-08-30 hristovFix for #85947: Segfault when reading ESD friends from...
2011-08-30 gconesabremove extra line already in use
2011-08-30 gconesabSet the size of the NxN cluster from rec param
2011-08-30 gconesabset the parameters for NxN stored in reco param for...
2011-08-29 loizidesSet NxN settings in Params.
2011-08-29 prinoUpdated syst. uncertainty calculation for method 2
2011-08-29 loizidesadded fixed window clusterizer