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2007-12-11 ivanaThe changes to perform the trigger chamber efficiency...
2007-12-11 allaRun0_9999999_v0_s1.root
2007-12-11 belikovNumerical protection
2007-12-11 haavardRemove cut on minimum number of temperature fits
2007-12-11 marianDisable "online" calculation of pedestal during cluster...
2007-12-11 ivanaAdding a data member fIsApplicable and its getter to...
2007-12-11 belikovNumerical protection
2007-12-11 acollaWrong FXS DB port setting - corrected!
2007-12-11 marianMake infinite run range (Marian)
2007-12-11 marianAdding example macro of pedestal calibration visualizat...
2007-12-11 haavardDAs updated, including documentation lines
2007-12-11 acollaAdded marking SHUTTLE=DONE for invalid runs
2007-12-11 hristovFix for numerical precision
2007-12-11 hristovMinor fix in the documentation (Ivana)
2007-12-11 richtermbugfix in component output and code cleanup (Sergey)
2007-12-10 marianbug fix in costructor (Marian)
2007-12-10 marianAdding default constructor (Marian)
2007-12-10 richtermadded TPCGlobalMerger to configurations
2007-12-10 acollaSome log added to the listen mode
2007-12-10 belikovNumerical fix (A. Rossi)
2007-12-10 alibraryIntroducing TGeoMatrix where needed
2007-12-10 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2007-12-10 cvetanCorrected documentation fields
2007-12-10 ivanaDo not give an error for run types, when we should...
2007-12-10 alibraryAdding flags for gfortran in Linux
2007-12-10 alibraryMachine portable mem watcher
2007-12-10 cvetanPossibility to create trigger configuration from a...
2007-12-10 ivanaRegenerated files with introducing the AliMpRegionalTri...
2007-12-10 ivanaAdding singleton static data member and access function
2007-12-10 ivana- Using new AliMpRegionalTrigger class
2007-12-10 ivanaAdding functions LoadMpSegmentation2(), LoadDDLStore2()
2007-12-10 ivana- Use new AliMpSlatMotifMap::Instance() function to...
2007-12-10 ivana- Use new AliMpSlatMotifMap::Instance() function to...
2007-12-10 ivanaChanged ingroup to mptrigger (was management)
2007-12-10 ivana- Adding method ReadData() (was in AliMpDDLStore)
2007-12-10 ivanaUpdated for changes in the AliMpSt345Reader class
2007-12-10 ivanaAdding AliMpRegionalTrigger class
2007-12-10 ivanaUsing new AliMpRegionalTrigger class
2007-12-10 ivanaNew class which defines the properties of regional...
2007-12-10 alibraryOne fabs was left...
2007-12-10 richtermuse TMath::Abs instead of fabs
2007-12-10 belikovCleaninig up the usage of QA and introducing the global QA
2007-12-10 richtermcompletely re-worked TPC CA tracking code (Sergey/Ivan)
2007-12-10 richtermreintroduced TPC CA tracker component
2007-12-10 belikovA new class for global Quality Assurance
2007-12-10 dibariIn case of no geometry (InstanceNoGeo) the AliCluster3D...
2007-12-10 belikovPossibility to fill histograms with track residuals
2007-12-09 schutzAdded the QA object
2007-12-09 haavardUpdated validity period for default Temperature entry
2007-12-08 marianAdding simple to visulaize capability og the gain calib...
2007-12-08 hristovAdding libPHOSrec to instantiate some static objects
2007-12-08 marianChanged validity period (Marian)
2007-12-08 marianModified vesion of macro to create "random" calibration...
2007-12-08 marianChanging validiyty period (Marian)
2007-12-08 marianChange the validity range of the ideal calibration...
2007-12-08 marianCluster Param (Marian)
2007-12-08 marianUpdate class version (Marian)
2007-12-08 marianExammple macro to create AliTPCClusterParam
2007-12-08 marianAdding AliTPCClusterParam to the calibration database...
2007-12-08 marianBug fix for html documentation (Marian)
2007-12-08 marianUpdated documentation (Marian)
2007-12-08 hristovUpdated misalignment macros (Raffaele)
2007-12-08 schutzChanged the directory structure of QA reference data...
2007-12-07 acollain AliShuttleTrigger:
2007-12-07 acollaAdded in shuttle_schema:
2007-12-07 hristovExtend ALIC to accommodate ZDC in the pos. side
2007-12-07 hristovNew class that is used by SPD-MOOD to retrieve informat...
2007-12-07 hristovFix of parsing bug related to the reading of the calib...
2007-12-07 cvetanAdditional protection (Francesco)
2007-12-07 jklaybug fixes for writing raw data from simulation
2007-12-07 cvetanFixed SDD raw-data simulation and decoding. The problem...
2007-12-07 cvetanProtection in case of no SSD data is found. Some better...
2007-12-07 hristovFit only when enough data is available (Sylwester)
2007-12-07 marianChange for the HTML documentation (Lars)
2007-12-07 maserachanges need to solve I/O problems
2007-12-07 maseranew QA macros for SPD (D. Elia - M. Nicassio)
2007-12-07 marianUse new gain calibration in reconstruction
2007-12-07 hristovFixed indexes
2007-12-07 ivanaCorrected assignment operator:
2007-12-07 ivanaPass runNumber in CreateDCSAliasMap to be able to get...
2007-12-07 allawriting AmpLEd correction by preprocessor
2007-12-07 hristovBug fix
2007-12-07 hristovTList replaced by TObjArray as QA data container. Intro...
2007-12-07 richtermadd ConnectionStatus and ConnectionError to virtual...
2007-12-07 richtermadded AliHLTPreprocessor
2007-12-07 hristovTemporary fix to provide the default reco parameters...
2007-12-07 richtermcorrect file filters for the doc generation
2007-12-07 hristovUpdated QA (Sylwester)
2007-12-07 allabug fixed by Alberto
2007-12-07 dibariStatus word changed according to P. Martinengo.
2007-12-07 ivanaModifications to reflect latest changes in MUONTRGda
2007-12-07 ivanaImproving error handling and replacing printf by AliError
2007-12-07 dibariAtmospheric pressure added as reference.
2007-12-07 gustavoExample macros for execution and configuration of the...
2007-12-07 cvetanNew version of the PMD DA avoiding the creation of...
2007-12-07 hristovCoding conventions, protection against division by...
2007-12-07 gustavomove to macros directory
2007-12-07 gustavoKeep more MC information in ntuples
2007-12-07 cvetanDA parameters are read from in external test files
2007-12-07 hristovCall SetActiveSectors after the next event is loaded