2007-07-26 cblumeSplit DAQ DA into two tasks
2007-07-26 cblumeRename AliTRDCalPIDLQ
2007-07-26 cblumeRemove AliTRDCalPIDLQ
2007-07-26 cblumeFix compiler warnings and coding violations
2007-07-26 cvetanExplicit initialization fothe default TVirtualFitter...
2007-07-26 cblumeChange of PID calculation by Alexandru
2007-07-26 cvetanACORDE added to the list of the detectors which makes...
2007-07-26 acollaACORDE added to the list of detectors.
2007-07-26 philleAll files removed because aliroot will not compile...
2007-07-26 philleEffective C++ & documentation, bug fix in Online display
2007-07-25 mploskoneff C++
2007-07-25 mploskonnaming, eff C++
2007-07-25 ivanaFix in GetHitPattern(): copy track param first in a...
2007-07-25 ivanaFixing memory leak
2007-07-25 ivanaLoading mapping moved in CreateDCSAliasMap();
2007-07-25 ivanaIn Initialise(): added loading mapping from CDB
2007-07-25 belikovIntroducing a new CorrectForMeanMaterial function with...
2007-07-25 morsch3.4 Tm compensator field at z = 1075 m added.
2007-07-25 cvetanTrigger descriptor modified in order to be compatible...
2007-07-25 panosCommenting out the tag creation for AODs for now. It...
2007-07-25 cvetanMoving non-implemented constructor into private
2007-07-25 cvetanReplacing fabs with TMath
2007-07-25 ivana- Adding loading mapping from CDB (now required)
2007-07-25 marianClasses for fitteing and retrieving Temperature Maps
2007-07-24 richtermtemporary fix to handle circular dependency in STEER...
2007-07-24 polichehUsage of RecoParam objects instead of hardcoded paramet...
2007-07-24 polichehUsage of RecoParam objects instead of hardcoded paramet...
2007-07-24 markusAdding AliAODTracklets (SPD tracklets) to the standard...
2007-07-24 cblumeFix compiler error
2007-07-24 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-07-24 mtadelLink also against libTreeViewer.
2007-07-24 jgrosseoAdding field for number of fired chips in SPD layer...
2007-07-24 cblumeNew probability distributions
2007-07-24 cblumeRename AliTRDCalPIDLQRef
2007-07-24 cblumeRename AliTRDCalPIDLQRef
2007-07-24 cblumeRemove classes
2007-07-24 richtermlocal/global coordinate fix (Gaute)
2007-07-24 gustavoChange return 0 to return 1, 0 flag everything is fine...
2007-07-24 markusCorrect vertex flags for AOD muon tracks.
2007-07-24 morschAliStack included for kKeepBit
2007-07-24 morschAliStack included for kKeepBit.
2007-07-24 morschenum moved from AliRun to AliStack
2007-07-24 morschReduced external dependences of AliStack.
2007-07-23 morschAliStack dependences minimized.
2007-07-23 richtermcomponents return -ENOSPC if output buffer too small...
2007-07-23 richtermdebug build off by default, started filtering of class...
2007-07-23 richtermuse predefined origins in definitions
2007-07-23 richtermminor correction after ESD changes by Peter
2007-07-23 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-07-23 mtadelLoad ITS/TPC clusters instead of hits.
2007-07-23 mtadelNew optional argument: Bool_t use_track_refs=kTRUE.
2007-07-23 mtadelAdded function SortPathMarks().
2007-07-23 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-07-23 mtadelSet limit on number of steps in track extrapolation.
2007-07-23 mtadelWhitespace.
2007-07-23 rsilvaAdded comments.
2007-07-23 cvetanUpdated HMPID DA. It uses now recently introduced AilHM...
2007-07-23 morschNew ion numbering convention according to
2007-07-23 cvetanMinor fixes following the discussion with Paolo
2007-07-23 jgrosseomodifying pt spectrum by using random generator instead...
2007-07-21 maseraUse of the option "MANY" greatly reduced (L.Gaudichet)
2007-07-20 hristovCorrected default value for the time window
2007-07-20 cvetanFirst version of the raw-data decoding class
2007-07-20 hristovContinue the initizatiion if no users cut are required
2007-07-20 panosChanged packages in the jdl - new packman packages
2007-07-20 panosMinor changes based on v4-04-Rev-14
2007-07-20 panosMinor changes in thh macro
2007-07-20 panosMinor changes in the local case based on the v4-04...
2007-07-20 panosAdding the new par files - based on v4-04-Rev-14
2007-07-20 richtermTPC cluster finder speeded up, can process unsorted...
2007-07-20 ivanaIn NtupleTrigger(): added loading mappig from CDB ...
2007-07-20 richtermformatting and effC++
2007-07-19 ivanaUncommented MUONTriggerEfficiencyPt, migrated to data...
2007-07-19 ivanaRemoving unused variable
2007-07-19 philleRemoving this file that was added to CVS by accident
2007-07-19 maseraCorrections for coding convenions violations
2007-07-19 morschForce reading of map after streaming.
2007-07-19 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-07-19 mtadelFrom Bertrand: improve setup of single-window mode...
2007-07-19 cvetanRealistic raw-data simulation and reading. Waiting...
2007-07-19 panosDeleting the small tag files in case they are merged...
2007-07-19 bnandidummy pedestal file
2007-07-19 philleBug fix, mapping in RawAnalyze was wrong after starting...
2007-07-19 alla LookUp table with this Hash
2007-07-19 allacorrect Hash in TMap, reading channel names
2007-07-19 allareading timedelay for 0 channel before cycle
2007-07-19 jgrosseoadded study for bayesian uncertainty
2007-07-19 bnandipedestal info added
2007-07-18 cblumeNew PID macros by Alexandru
2007-07-18 polichehRaw Sdigits energy converted to GeV.
2007-07-18 polichehRaw digits energy converted to GeV.
2007-07-18 polichehGev2ADC() added.
2007-07-18 morschCorrect initialisation of origin in case no smearing...
2007-07-18 cvetanFirst version of the TPC pedestal online detector algor...
2007-07-18 panosi) Adding the function to convert the binary to UInt_t...
2007-07-18 marianAliTPCCalibSignal replaced by AliTPCCalibPulser
2007-07-18 ivanaApplying the trigger chamber response to the cluster...
2007-07-18 marianAliTPCcalibPulser added (repalcing AliTPCCalibSignal)
2007-07-18 hristovNew ESD structure (Andrea)
2007-07-18 marianAliTPCCalibSignal renamed to AliTPCCalibPulser