2006-08-16 morschMore EffC++ warnings corrected.
2006-08-15 cblumeAnd some more effc++
2006-08-15 cblumeTodays batch of effc++ changes
2006-08-15 hristovRemoving DISPLAY
2006-08-15 hristovRemoving ALIFAST
2006-08-15 hristovMakefile
2006-08-15 morschEffC++ warnings corrected.
2006-08-15 morschEffC++ warnings corrected.
2006-08-15 jgrosseoeffc++ changes
2006-08-15 morschEffC++ warnings corrected.
2006-08-15 jgrosseoeffc++ corrections (alberto)
2006-08-15 cblumeTake switched off super modules into account
2006-08-15 panosModifications in the QueryTags method: AliEventTag...
2006-08-15 panosAdding the AliTagCreator::MergeTags(TGridResult *result...
2006-08-15 hristovReducing the SHUTTLE output
2006-08-15 hristovRemoving meaningless const
2006-08-14 cvetanImportant bugfix. Missing reset of the equipment header...
2006-08-14 cvetanDo not create an equipment object in case of SOR/EOR...
2006-08-14 cvetanProper initialization of all the data members
2006-08-14 cblumeAdd missing inline function Set()
2006-08-14 hristovEffective C++ changes (Andrei)
2006-08-12 cblumeAnother round of effc++ changes
2006-08-12 cheynismacro to create calibration data in CDB
2006-08-11 cblumeNext round of effc++ changes
2006-08-11 cblumeMake destructor public
2006-08-11 cvetanUpdate of the PHOS code needed in order to read and...
2006-08-10 cblumeFirst round of effc++ changes
2006-08-10 decaroTOF raw data format: updated version
2006-08-10 cvetanBugfix in the LUTs. Actually due to a bug in the RCU...
2006-08-10 richtermadded code documentation for BASE, SampleLib, TPCLib...
2006-08-10 richtermcorrected README
2006-08-10 cblumeMove macros to subdirectory
2006-08-10 cblumeRemove the sensitive chamber selection in hits and...
2006-08-10 cblumeRemove obsolete macros
2006-08-10 cblumeRemove obsolete distributions
2006-08-09 marianMask updated for new name convention (Marian)
2006-08-09 jgrosseofinalized particle composition study macros
2006-08-09 jgrosseoadded function that writes a lookedup chain back to...
2006-08-09 marianExponential fit of Q as function of Z (Marian)
2006-08-09 cvetanNew target is added. It can be used to produce a static...
2006-08-09 cblumeRemove the Pos objects
2006-08-09 cblumeUpdate PID distributions
2006-08-09 pcrochetOptimizing buspatch structure writing (Christian)
2006-08-09 morschInclude files added.
2006-08-09 pcrochetUsing informations from AliMUONTriggerCrateStore for...
2006-08-09 pcrochetImplementation of disable word for empty and not-notifi...
2006-08-08 cvetanUpdated AliPHOSRawStream now uses the correct ALTOR...
2006-08-08 cblumeGet correct MCM numbering in GetMCMStatus
2006-08-08 cblumeInclude pad/mcm status query, move to AliLog
2006-08-08 cblumeUpdate macro
2006-08-08 hristovChanges required by the updated CDB classes (Alberto)
2006-08-08 alibraryFixes for the head of root, effc++
2006-08-08 jgrosseoUpdate to shuttle classes (Alberto)
2006-08-08 hristovAdditional protection
2006-08-08 cblumeMove to AliInfo
2006-08-08 belikovNumerically stable formula in GetXYZAt(...)
2006-08-08 morschincludes added
2006-08-08 cvetanSeveral fixes related to the generation of DATE and...
2006-08-08 pcrochetGenerates realistic DDL sharing and buspatch number...
2006-08-08 pcrochetGenerates realistic DDL sharing and buspatch number...
2006-08-08 pcrochetImplementation of buspatch iterator per DDL and right...
2006-08-08 pcrochetImplementation of realistic DDL sharing (Christian)
2006-08-08 hristovRemoving compilation warning
2006-08-08 hristovCorrected GetCalibData. The default storage element...
2006-08-08 hristovCorrect initialization of static data members
2006-08-08 hristovRemoving obsolete include
2006-08-07 marianProtection against negative covariance in curvature...
2006-08-07 cvetanAdding PHOS ALTRO mapping. To be used inside AliPHOSRaw...
2006-08-07 cblumeUpdate of PID config file bt Silvia
2006-08-07 hristovCalibration data (Brigitte)
2006-08-07 cblumeRemove AliTRDmatrix
2006-08-07 cblumeAdd getter for time bin max histograms
2006-08-07 cblumeFix bugs in PID assignment
2006-08-07 hristovRemoving obsolete code which affected the event numberi...
2006-08-07 panosUpdate of the macro that creates the tag files: all...
2006-08-07 morschVolume AFaWPlateAI corrected.
2006-08-07 morschLHAPDF/AliRoot code initial commit.
2006-08-07 morschObsolete pdfs replaced/removed.
2006-08-07 morschObsolete structure functions replaced.
2006-08-07 morschLHAPDF 5.2.2 data files.
2006-08-07 morschLHAPDF 5.2.2 source code.
2006-08-07 hristovThe default storage is activated only with an explicit...
2006-08-07 hristovInitialization of some data members (Alberto)
2006-08-04 mtadelMerge from HEAD to EVE-dev.
2006-08-04 morschMoved from EVGEN.
2006-08-04 morschMoved to PDF
2006-08-04 morschMoved to PDF.
2006-08-04 panosRemoved unneeded files
2006-08-04 panosi) Removed the TFileInfo.h which was there since the...
2006-08-04 panosi) Modified the ReadGridCollection(TGridResult *result...
2006-08-04 panosChanged setters from SetXXX(Int_t n) to SetXXX() which...
2006-08-04 panosMinor modifications along with moving from const char...
2006-08-04 panosi)Added the fAlirootVersion, fRootVesrion and fGeant3Ve...
2006-08-04 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-08-04 mtadelAdded global TPCLoader* tpc_loader.
2006-08-04 mtadelMoved point-count variable declaration within the track...
2006-08-04 mtadelCommented-out info print statements.
2006-08-04 morschAnother correction for YOUT2.
2006-08-04 morschFront absorber geometry as built.
2006-08-04 morschSmall correction in comments.