2008-11-05 morschCoding rule violations fixed.
2008-11-05 belikovRemoving from the constructor the unnecessary calculati...
2008-11-05 belikovRemoving the unnecessary cut, and setting explicitly...
2008-11-05 fcaUse root types
2008-11-04 marianUpdated version of the Time 0 calibration data
2008-11-04 marianRemoved the Pad Time 0 calibration
2008-11-04 marianAdding Gamma4 time response function (Marian)
2008-11-04 dsilvermfrom rachid: bad end of buffer delimitor - corrected
2008-11-04 schutzadded -f option
2008-11-04 laphecetRe-connect QA expert histograms
2008-11-04 cvetanAliMDC RPM is now available also on x86_64 and ia64
2008-11-04 belikovAliESDv0 and AliESDcascade are now inherited from AliVP...
2008-11-04 morschDebug message removed.
2008-11-04 marianThe Time 0 correction moved from the TRF calculation...
2008-11-04 marianSet the ExB correction according to the B field from ESD
2008-11-04 marianUsage of 2D histograms of residuals (Marian)
2008-11-04 marianUsing ULong64_t for trigger mask (Marain)
2008-11-04 marianAdding function to get GRPObject (Marian)
2008-11-04 akisielAdding dummy PWG2 common module files
2008-11-04 akisielRemove class duplicated from ANALYSIS
2008-11-04 morschObsolete files removed.
2008-11-04 mtadelRemove attic directory blacklisted-classes/.
2008-11-04 rvernetAdded support for MC in AOD (AliAODMCParticle).
2008-11-04 akisielRemoving duplicate files
2008-11-04 akisielRemoving duplicate files
2008-11-04 vulpescuUpdated for the latest TriggerGUI
2008-11-04 vulpescuMain changes:
2008-11-04 kharlovRemove AliPHOSRecoParamEmc.h and AliPHOSRecoParamCpv.h
2008-11-04 vulpescuDeleted guimap files for TriggerGUI
2008-11-04 kharlovRemove obsolete classes
2008-11-04 vulpescuCorrect infinity run number
2008-11-04 abercuciadd plotting functions for this task (Markus)
2008-11-03 zampolliConst declaration removed
2008-11-03 zampolliConst declaration removed.
2008-11-03 snellingadded explanation of config options
2008-11-03 hdalsgaaNew class to create energy distributions - forgot the...
2008-11-03 hdalsgaaNew class to create energy distributions
2008-11-03 marianUsing constant TMap
2008-11-03 morschMinBias with direct gamma (kPyMbwithDirectPhoton) intro...
2008-11-02 fcaFixing shadowed variable
2008-11-01 hristovUsing TPC parameters from OCDB (Yuri)
2008-10-31 mtadelMerge rev 29644 from EVE-root-trunk branch.
2008-10-31 abercucifixed enumeration problems (Markus)
2008-10-31 dibariminor
2008-10-31 cvetanBug fix affecting the rcu trailer size variable
2008-10-31 dibariImprovement of the HTA algorithm. A better estimate...
2008-10-31 pchristUpdates of the macro that dispays the results (efficien...
2008-10-31 snellingdifferent default dataset
2008-10-31 snellingupdate to work on caf for all methods and working for...
2008-10-31 morschStatus codes consistent with Pytia.
2008-10-30 maseraAdded method GetMaximumChipIndex (E. Fragiacomo)
2008-10-30 maseraMethod AliITSRawStream::GetJitter is defined const...
2008-10-30 cblumeDecoding of TRAP info
2008-10-30 abercucimove macro TESTBIT to TSTBIT
2008-10-30 abercuciget also kink info from ESD (Markus)
2008-10-30 cvetanAdding HMPID clusters to the spec-point array stored...
2008-10-30 abercuciinsert protection against missing pointer
2008-10-30 richtermbugfix: correcting memory leak, buffer for uncompressed...
2008-10-30 abercuciintroduced a bootstrapping function to recover derived...
2008-10-30 richtermthe final cut: PHOS compilation warnings (Oystein)
2008-10-30 abercuciupdate data base for the new AliTRDrecoParam
2008-10-30 abercuciupdates for cosmic reconstruction (Markus)
2008-10-30 abercucifix crash due to missing track ref
2008-10-30 abercucifixes for the new standards/interface
2008-10-29 aszostakForcing AliHLTSystem to allocate a minimum of 1 MBytes...
2008-10-29 hristovCorrect treatment of slashes
2008-10-29 hristovImproved Bethe-Bloch formula (Yuri)
2008-10-29 hristovRemove verbose output
2008-10-29 maseraA printf statement has been commented out
2008-10-29 cvetanAdding binary and library paths as targets in order...
2008-10-29 pchristAdding the hybrid TPC approach in the QA
2008-10-29 abercucipropagate modifications from time container to the...
2008-10-29 abercuci- fix cluster ownership problems in time bin container
2008-10-29 cvetanLink against AMORE static libs and libxml2 (needed...
2008-10-28 cvetanNew method fos accessing raw-event object directly...
2008-10-28 ivanaUpdating documentation on Trigger DA
2008-10-28 abercucifix small compilation problems
2008-10-28 ivanaIn AliMUONLocalTriggerBoard:
2008-10-28 cvetanAdding method to get the orietation of the sensitive...
2008-10-28 abercuciless verbous
2008-10-28 abercucimove to trd_tracks.C
2008-10-28 abercuciintegration of TRD QA plugins into the TRD visualization
2008-10-28 abercucicontinue Visualization-QA integration with the check...
2008-10-28 fcaFinishing off with warnings
2008-10-28 fcaLast warnings... fed up to wait
2008-10-28 fcaOne more typo
2008-10-28 fcaTypo corrected
2008-10-28 hdalsgaaloading the analysis library for smooth loading of...
2008-10-28 hdalsgaaAdded the sharing correction and fixed bugs and warnings
2008-10-28 fcaEffc++ warnings
2008-10-28 coppedisBug in geometry corrected
2008-10-28 belikovAdding to AliVTrack a new GetXYZ(...) function returnin...
2008-10-28 hristovFollow the naming convention (CMake)
2008-10-28 morschAdd number of forward muons to the event tag (Roberta...
2008-10-28 amastrosGetTrackPoint modified for the HMPID track point in...
2008-10-28 hristovNew library PHOSUtils and releated changes (Dmitri)
2008-10-27 hristovUsing compilation options -O -g
2008-10-27 hristovBug fix (Andrea)
2008-10-27 hristovDo not compile pythia6115
2008-10-27 hristovRemoving the global LINK_FLAGS; we will use it separate...