2007-03-25 mtadelStore latest version of ideal geometry.
2007-03-25 mtadelSupport recursive import of daugter points and track...
2007-03-25 mtadelImprove handling of multi-level track containers for...
2007-03-25 nickNvE Typo corrected in yesterday's mods of AliTimstamp.
2007-03-25 nick17-mar-2007 NvE AliTimestamp extended to allow local...
2007-03-24 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-24 mtadelUse new form of method UseNodeTrans() (was SetUseNodeTr...
2007-03-24 mtadelRemoved unneeded widget association.
2007-03-24 mtadelUse transparency/transf-matrix service from RenderEleme...
2007-03-24 mtadelAdded method SetGeoHMatrix(), initializing TGeoHMatrix...
2007-03-24 mtadelAdd virtual interface allowing sub-classes to request...
2007-03-23 maseraSDD calibration aware local reconstruction. Absolute...
2007-03-23 maseraBug fix: x and z local coordinates filled also with...
2007-03-23 markusCompatibility changes due to recent changes in the...
2007-03-23 markusTransition from chi2 to chi2/NDF.
2007-03-23 polichehCheck for dead channels and dead channels map filling...
2007-03-23 markusITS cluster map extended to hold muon hits as well.
2007-03-23 markusPeriod number added.
2007-03-23 markusEasy extraction of muon tracks provided.
2007-03-23 markusPID functionality revised. Code clean-up.
2007-03-23 markusPeriod number added. Filling of bunch crossing number...
2007-03-23 markusPeriod number added.
2007-03-23 snellingImproved version, kinetree included
2007-03-23 maseraSpeed improvements of 3D e Z SPD vertexers. Protection...
2007-03-23 marianAdd AliTPCSensorTemp object (Marian)
2007-03-23 cblumeForgot to remove print statement
2007-03-23 cblumeKeep previous definition of rows for reconstruction
2007-03-23 cvetanBug fix affecting the size of the raw-data stored in...
2007-03-23 arcelliCorrect setting of fRange in PID
2007-03-23 arcelliTOF Reconstruction Parameters from CDB
2007-03-23 arcelliCDB Entry for TOF Reconstruction Parameters
2007-03-23 belikovUsing the new constructor of AliVertexerTracks (Andrea)
2007-03-23 arcelliCDB Entry for TOF Reconstruction Parameters
2007-03-23 hristovUsing AliDebug (Massimo)
2007-03-23 hristovData members and methods to work with the mean beam...
2007-03-23 hristovBeam position from CDB (Massimo)
2007-03-23 polichehEMC bad channels map class added.
2007-03-23 polichehEMC bad channels map introduced.
2007-03-23 hristovNew functions (Marian)
2007-03-23 dibariBug solved (suggested by A.Morsch)
2007-03-22 arcelliinclude AliTOFRecoParam
2007-03-22 arcelliTOF reconstruction now getting parameters from AliTOFRe...
2007-03-22 arcellimods related to AliTOFRecoParam
2007-03-22 arcellisome cleanup
2007-03-22 arcelliClass for handling parameters in the TOF reconstruction
2007-03-22 mtadelFix typo in var-name.
2007-03-22 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-22 mtadelFill ITSModuleStepper with a mix of modules from SPD...
2007-03-22 mtadelConfigure module offsets in the Reve::GridStepper.
2007-03-22 mtadelMake LoadQuads virtual; add missing getters; in initial...
2007-03-22 mtadelAdd info for expected detector-type occupancy and defau...
2007-03-22 mtadelRegister new classes for ITS scaled digits.
2007-03-22 mtadelNew files for visualization of ITS scaled digits.
2007-03-22 mtadelAdd getter for fValueIsColor.
2007-03-22 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-22 mtadelWhite-space.
2007-03-22 mtadelAlign position, rotation and scale widgets.
2007-03-22 mtadelAdd ctors/setters from float/double arrays.
2007-03-22 mtadelFix typo, swap of R/Z.
2007-03-22 mtadelSetup check-box pictures when inserting in a list-tree.
2007-03-22 mtadelDisable ROOT's auto-update of TGListTree's checkboxes.
2007-03-22 mtadelNew classes TGeoShapeExtract and Reve::GeoShapeRnrEl.
2007-03-22 mtadelNew files: class TGeoShapeExtract that allows import...
2007-03-22 jgrosseoadding proof directory for analysisrl
2007-03-22 hristovDictionaries for the new DCS classes
2007-03-22 hristovFirst version of the SHUTTLE preprocessor (Haavard...
2007-03-22 hristovExporting header files for DCS sensors
2007-03-22 hristovCommon class for DCS sensors (Haavard, Marian)
2007-03-22 hristovCleanup method, persisten data members (Haavard)
2007-03-22 kharlovDP:absId calculation fixed
2007-03-22 ivanaRemoved a text, acidentally glissed in the previous...
2007-03-22 ivanaIn MakeTrefRef(): Set the sign to inverse bending momen...
2007-03-22 morschaQeAll correctly initialized
2007-03-22 cblumeAdd a comment behind ClassDef
2007-03-22 cblumeCompiler warnings
2007-03-21 allacorrect path to data
2007-03-21 cblumeComplier warnings
2007-03-21 cblumeReplace AliTRDCalibra
2007-03-21 cblumeReplace AliTRDCalibra
2007-03-21 cblumeUpdate of preprocessor by Raphaelle
2007-03-21 cblumeReplace AliTRDCalibra
2007-03-21 cblumeNew internal coordinates in digitizer and consistent...
2007-03-21 belikovA macro to create a nominal beam position object in...
2007-03-21 ivanaKeep the ordering of bus patches as defined
2007-03-21 marianAliFatal in case of missing calibration entries (Marian)
2007-03-21 ivanaAdded argument writeEnvelopes;
2007-03-21 ivanaIn WriteSVMaps() - added argument writeEnvelopes;
2007-03-21 ivana- Remove pre-compilation option
2007-03-21 allamemory leak eliminated
2007-03-20 hristovLoading the geometry (Andrea)
2007-03-20 panosModifying the GetChainFromCollection function based...
2007-03-20 ivanaIn Process(), ProcessFile(): in case of failure return...
2007-03-20 markusCode cleanup.
2007-03-20 markusBug fix and code cleanup.
2007-03-20 ivanaUpdating the makeped part (Laurent)
2007-03-20 ivanaMoving Validator to base in order to be able to use...
2007-03-20 ivana- Replacing CalibParam2F by CalibParamNF.
2007-03-20 ivanaChanging CalibParam2F to CalibParamNF and let the Log...
2007-03-20 ivanaBug fix in Exec() : returning 0 in case of failure
2007-03-20 ivanaAdding very first trial version of gain subprocessor