2014-11-17 dstoccoChange W50511 common block in pythia-6.4.25
2014-11-17 sjenaUpdate in pr task:sjena
2014-11-17 sjenaBug fix in pr eff-cont class: sjena
2014-11-16 sjenaUpdate PR task:sjena
2014-11-16 shahoianRepeat fix for correct calculation of Z step for Propag...
2014-11-15 lcunqueicalculate jet shapes for the true jet in kSubDeriv...
2014-11-15 ddobrigkTuning Strangeness vs multiplicity main task for pass4...
2014-11-15 cblumeIntroduce missing L4S4 chamber in sector 17
2014-11-15 lcunqueiChanged task flags and running options
2014-11-15 ssakaiupdated macro
2014-11-15 morschnot virtual anymore to avoid problems with root I/O
2014-11-14 saiolaRead scale factor functions from a root file
2014-11-14 rgrossoNew DCS simulation start time
2014-11-14 lcunqueiSave constituent subtracted track and cluster branches...
2014-11-14 fkrizekMultiple trigger with 5 and 10 percent parton eloss
2014-11-14 rbertens add data driven method to evaluate trigger efficiencie...
2014-11-14 haavardUpdated TPC preprocessor to include gas composition...
2014-11-14 morschAliPythiaBase() added to constructor
2014-11-14 morschdummy method added to avoid protection of the constructor
2014-11-14 mcosentiremoving "decay partner clusters" from the isolation...
2014-11-14 mcosentifixing a debug printout
2014-11-14 zconesachange objects streaming
2014-11-14 bhess- Added parameter for MC pT_hard cut (forgot to commit...
2014-11-14 haavardMerge branch 'master_gascomp'
2014-11-14 haavardChanges to add Gas composition entries into the OCDB
2014-11-14 haavardChanges to add Gas composition entries into the OCDB
2014-11-14 zconesaFix on the preselection cuts and additional debug info...
2014-11-14 rgrossoAdd forgotten removal of file.
2014-11-14 sjenanew add task for DptDpt corr PbPb: Prabhat
2014-11-14 sjenaUpdate in DPhi class: Prabhat and Debojit
2014-11-13 mverweijbug fix fast simulation
2014-11-13 mverweijupdates for toy grid maker
2014-11-13 morschrail updates
2014-11-13 cholmxMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-11-13 lcunqueiAdded event printout
2014-11-13 rbertens cleanup
2014-11-13 rbertens remove redundant code, finalize code for ep weighting
2014-11-13 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-13 cholmExplicit merging in rings
2014-11-13 cholmSome more exports
2014-11-13 cholmAlso generate download script
2014-11-13 cholmFix
2014-11-13 cholmDocumentation and scale to entries in MCTrack drawer
2014-11-13 cholmOverride base class scaling function to also smoothen...
2014-11-13 cholmNothing really
2014-11-13 cholmNew selector to analyse tree from AliFMDMCTrackELoss
2014-11-13 cholmNEw script to re-fit MC track elosses
2014-11-13 cholmNew scale function
2014-11-13 cholmProtect against double counting of MC track references
2014-11-13 cholmExport some headers
2014-11-13 ssakaichanged output dir name
2014-11-13 morschversion increased
2014-11-13 hristovRingHistos has to be public if we use Root6
2014-11-13 morschtune p0 default value
2014-11-13 morschupdates to TRD rails
2014-11-13 morschcall to constructor of purely virtual baseclass removed
2014-11-13 eserradiFix the generation status code for d
2014-11-13 eserradiAfterburner to generate light nuclei
2014-11-13 eserradiFix const char* conversion
2014-11-13 eserradiSave particle generation status code
2014-11-13 allaallow to reconstruct events with diffrent TRM BC ID...
2014-11-13 maszymanmore bins in proton 3D correlation function
2014-11-13 fbock fixed bug introduced in GammaConvCalo yesterday for MC
2014-11-13 lmilanoq vector from loop on stack
2014-11-13 shahoianOptionally dimensions-specific precision can be asked...
2014-11-13 shahoianfix to suppres compilation warning (member initialization)
2014-11-13 shahoianFix for correct calculation of Z step for propagation...
2014-11-12 zconesaAdd systematic uncertainty values for Raa vs pt in...
2014-11-12 morschntotal in common block
2014-11-12 shahoianEnsure vacuum inside the beam pipe for upgrade (Mario)
2014-11-12 shahoianinitial version/subversion should be set to -1 to load...
2014-11-12 morschcorrect event rejection and initialisation
2014-11-12 cbianchiAdd histograms imppar and massB
2014-11-12 morschfPythia persistent
2014-11-12 rgrossoCorrecting the comments changed in the previous commit
2014-11-12 morschsetters added
2014-11-12 rgrossoAdd possibility to set specific (sub)version
2014-11-12 ssakaia small modification of HFE Cal QA task
2014-11-12 fbock- changed matching cut for EMCAL in PbPb in Addtask...
2014-11-12 jbookadd proper autocorrelation correction for nanoAODs...
2014-11-12 mbrozFix of CINT1 lumi histogram
2014-11-12 tschusteAdd possibility to use AliMuonTrackCuts. Improve event...
2014-11-12 fbock- fully excluded overlapping clusters from other header...
2014-11-12 rbertens change default input filenames to correspond to defaul...
2014-11-12 cmayerupdated STARTLIGHT to r191 (starlight.hepforge.org...
2014-11-12 ssakaiadd some HFE EMCal QA histograms
2014-11-12 jniedzieOnline data source moved to config.
2014-11-12 allaMerge branch 'master_patch'
2014-11-12 allanew geometryy from WT
2014-11-12 allaadditional protection
2014-11-12 jmazeradded more efficiency parameters
2014-11-11 lramonaFixing a typo in histogram definition
2014-11-11 miweberAdding Sphericity/Spherocity cuts for femtoscopy analys...
2014-11-11 fbockmodified addtasks for calos
2014-11-11 zconesaDebugging functionalities + protection for the trigger...
2014-11-11 zconesaFix for the efficiencies on K0s+P case (C.Zampolli)
2014-11-11 miweberPythia8 Documentation: changed the k range from 0.5...
2014-11-11 miweberAdding k Factor as parameter for Pythia 8 lego train...
2014-11-11 allabug fix in reconstruction of simulated data
2014-11-11 mchojnacUpdate analysis macro