2012-02-13 rgrossonew list of recipients for HLT related issues
2012-02-13 laphecetRemove uneeded line
2012-02-13 laphecetAttempt n+1 to pacify Coverity
2012-02-13 belikovAdding anti-Lambda and anti-Xi
2012-02-13 belikovAdding anti-Lambda and anti-Xi
2012-02-13 cvetanPossibility to run over AOD/ESD.
2012-02-13 slindalfixing rule violations
2012-02-13 jgrosseoadding setter to restrivt eta region of trigger particle
2012-02-13 hansenaUpdating FMDEventInspector to get trigger strings from...
2012-02-13 prinoTemporary modification to disable the 3 prong LS swicth...
2012-02-13 richtermmoving esdLayout object from HLT/ConfigHLT to HLT/Calib...
2012-02-13 richtermbugfix: '-nextevent' command in configuration file...
2012-02-13 richtermenable deflater statistics if histogram file available
2012-02-13 richtermsmall update of the processing example
2012-02-13 richtermmoving histograming functionality to deflater base...
2012-02-12 gconesabcorrect filling of histogram N maxima vs N MC labels...
2012-02-12 gconesabCalculate distance to bad channel in any case
2012-02-12 gconesabPossibility of fidutial cut on the trigger particle...
2012-02-12 gconesabCut on distance of cluster to bad channel added
2012-02-12 gconesabFill histograms related to the neutral meson decay...
2012-02-12 gconesabcosmetics
2012-02-12 gconesabIn case no maxima found because 2 high energy cells...
2012-02-12 pchristCoverity fix for the PID
2012-02-11 snellingwarnings fix
2012-02-11 hristovBug fix (Alberica)
2012-02-10 pchristFirst version of the pid code for the balance function...
2012-02-10 gconesabadd filling of MC histograms forgot in previous commit
2012-02-10 gconesabmove the calculation of the invariant mass and the...
2012-02-10 gconesabCorrect the calculation of cluster local maxima and...
2012-02-10 morschTPC: update of the PID splines for LHC11h pass2
2012-02-10 snellingAOD handeling, added mass to the flowtracks, new task...
2012-02-10 belikovThe number of bins is now the same as in the equivalent...
2012-02-10 kleinbfixing typo
2012-02-10 gconesabFixes to have in 2012 geometry configuration the last...
2012-02-10 prinoUpdate D* candidate cuts
2012-02-10 kharlovPHOS trigger QA is added (B.Polishchuk)
2012-02-10 gconesabadd include to AliLog
2012-02-10 loizidesfix
2012-02-10 morschUpdated MFT geometry
2012-02-10 loizidesRemove printout
2012-02-10 loizidesproof of principle
2012-02-10 loizidesfix
2012-02-10 loizidessetters
2012-02-10 loizidesswitches for clust-to-track and vice versa. Tracks...
2012-02-09 prinonew plots (ChiaraB)
2012-02-09 loizidesfirst supposedly working version
2012-02-09 loizidescosmetics
2012-02-09 loizidescoverty fixes
2012-02-09 loizideshave jet task and wrapper
2012-02-09 loizideshave jet task and wrapper
2012-02-09 loizidesuse vinterface
2012-02-09 iselioujfrom Natasha Sharma: added pid cut for He-3
2012-02-09 rpreghenadded dN/dy -> dN/deta conversion functions
2012-02-09 cvetanProvide the VZERO cumulants, either ring by ring or...
2012-02-09 kleinbadding EMC JEt trigger
2012-02-09 loizidestrack clus matching task
2012-02-09 loizidestrack clust distance
2012-02-09 cvetanPossibility to filter the raw-data events according...
2012-02-09 morschPossibility to patch the omega dalitz decay in AliDecay...
2012-02-09 morschAssignment operator
2012-02-09 cvetanMoving the 4th momenta fourier flatenning in the loop...
2012-02-09 prinoFix typo
2012-02-09 iselioujAdded method to get the Bayesian PID response
2012-02-08 prinoUpdate for using new PWG/FLOW path + usage of xml file...
2012-02-08 fbelliniUpdated macro to use centrality patch and PWG2->PWGLF
2012-02-08 prinoCode cleanup
2012-02-08 fbelliniFixed binning (A. Knospe)
2012-02-08 fbelliniUpdated lego_train macros and PWG2 -> PWGLF (M.Vala)
2012-02-08 kleinbmore flags added
2012-02-08 polichehBugfix: PHOS clusters in the simulation/reconstruction...
2012-02-08 esickingfix for fake tracks
2012-02-08 decaroCoverity fixes
2012-02-08 mvalaAdded EventPlane cut for mixing
2012-02-08 gconesabadd new histogram with mass vs long axis for 4 energy...
2012-02-08 atoiaadded runlist to be submitted with AddRunsPbPb.C
2012-02-08 atoiaadded runlist to be submitted with AddRunsPbPb.C
2012-02-08 atoiaadded runlist to be submitted with AddRunsPbPb.C
2012-02-08 gconesabnew histogram with mass vs long axis
2012-02-08 cholmRestored Makefile needed for PAR creation. Apparently...
2012-02-08 fbelliniAdded patch for centrality in AOD049
2012-02-08 atoiaupdate histo bins
2012-02-08 richtermadding helper method for getting full block descriptor...
2012-02-08 cholmFixed references from PWG2 -> PWGLF - very efficiently...
2012-02-08 cholmSync from old structure
2012-02-08 esickingchanges in bins for multi-dim histogram used in correct...
2012-02-08 morschCoding rule violations corrected
2012-02-08 morschCoding rulr violations corrected,
2012-02-08 morschCoding rule violations corrected
2012-02-07 atoiainitial commit
2012-02-07 loizidesadded compat and track matcher task
2012-02-07 daineseSwitching off the TOF Dz cut in AliESDtrackCuts (cannot...
2012-02-07 rbailhacCoverity
2012-02-07 kleinbclean up old and unused tasks, necessary corrections...
2012-02-07 loizidescosmetics
2012-02-07 loizidesbegin of emcal jet object
2012-02-07 kleinbpostdata after list creation
2012-02-07 atoiaupdate readme
2012-02-07 jthaederadded readme file with short description (Alberica)
2012-02-07 jthaederadded dir for code development (Taku and Alberica)
2012-02-07 gconesaboption to plot cluster contents in histograms, new...