2001-11-11 hristovNumber of RingsSi1 set to 256
2001-11-11 hristovMinor corrections
2001-11-09 dibariSetters fro models moved to header
2001-11-09 dibariDebug ficility added (previously in AliRICHv3) + minor...
2001-11-09 dibariDebug staff moved to AliRICH
2001-11-09 dibariSingle copies of geom, response and segment added to...
2001-11-09 dibarifDebugLevel based bits facility added
2001-11-09 hristovReestablished correspondence between Makefile and libEV...
2001-11-09 morschObsolete. Use AliGenExtFile with AliGenReaderTreeK...
2001-11-09 morschGeneralization by using AliGenReader object to read...
2001-11-09 morschUpdate for AliGenReader*
2001-11-09 morschRealisation of AliGenReader that reads the kine tree...
2001-11-09 morschRealisation of AliGenReader that reads the old cwn...
2001-11-09 morschBase class with responsibility to read events and parti...
2001-11-08 dibariPrint() override added
2001-11-08 dibarictor with initialising of parmeters added
2001-11-08 dibariinitialising of pad size added to ctor
2001-11-08 dibariPrint() override added
2001-11-08 dibariReinit them
2001-11-08 dibariITS START RICH active by default
2001-11-08 hristovAdditional protection (M.Masera)
2001-11-08 hristovUpdated V2 stream of tracking (Yu.Belikov). The new...
2001-11-08 vicinanzAdded check for ppad[1] range
2001-11-08 cblumeChange to MANY for UCFI/M/O and UAFI/M/O
2001-11-08 allainit fMerger
2001-11-07 dibariInitial import
2001-11-07 dibariInitial import
2001-11-07 dibarictor + Print() added
2001-11-07 allafMerger for Jiri
2001-11-07 barberaProtection added to accept a maximum of 50 digits in...
2001-11-07 hristovMinor correction of the Log part
2001-11-07 hristovMinor corrections needed on Sun (arrays with undefined...
2001-11-07 barberaFillMapFrompList() commented out in SDigitToDigit(...
2001-11-07 vestboAdded 1D histograms.
2001-11-07 kowal2Removed printouts
2001-11-06 dibariAliRICHv3 added
2001-11-06 barberaMaximum number of possible good tracks incrased from...
2001-11-06 dibarisetter&getter for rotation angle
2001-11-06 dibariAliRICHv3 added
2001-11-06 dibariminor correcttion of Taligent rules
2001-11-06 dibariGetX() GetY() GetZ() added
2001-11-06 dibariInitial import
2001-11-06 cblumeAdd macro for simple simualtor
2001-11-06 cblumeAdd detailed geometry and simple simulator
2001-11-06 hristovMinor correction
2001-11-06 morschAdd Boost() method to boost all particles to LHC lab...
2001-11-06 schutzUnused datamembers removed
2001-11-05 morschAvoid overlap of compensation magnet with HALL.
2001-11-05 jchudobaadd const to get methods
2001-11-05 jchudobachange to obey coding rule RN4
2001-11-04 hristovEMCAL added
2001-11-04 hristovNew macros and some changes related to EMCAL (B.Nilsen)
2001-11-04 hristovNew code for EMCAL (B.Nilsen)
2001-11-03 kowal2macro comparing exact and reconstructed clusters
2001-11-03 kowal2new macro handling exact clusters
2001-11-03 kowal2New macros for handling Sdigits and merging
2001-11-03 kowal2Updated algorithms in Hits2SDigits, SDigits2Digits,
2001-11-03 kowal2Addedmethod Append
2001-11-03 kowal2Default event number set to 0
2001-11-03 kowal2Event number added
2001-11-02 hristovDigitizer class created. Code cleaning and bug fixes...
2001-11-02 hristovTell the linker that the executable file should be...
2001-11-02 hristovMisleading printout removed
2001-11-02 jchudobacleanup of the code, add const to Get methods
2001-11-02 jchudobaadd const to Get methods
2001-11-02 jchudobaremove fNdigits data member, it could have wrong value...
2001-11-01 vestboModified AddTracks. Should be backward compatible
2001-11-01 hristovAliTOFv2FHoles.cxx added to the package
2001-10-31 jchudobachange preprocessor constant to C++ constant
2001-10-31 jchudobasome functionality move to AliMUONTransientDigit class
2001-10-31 jchudobaprotect data members, add functions to handle protected...
2001-10-31 morschCorrection in OnionCone.
2001-10-30 barberaSome printout removed. It was annoying when big events...
2001-10-30 morschPlace station 3 into DDIP only if DDIP is present.
2001-10-30 morschfExplicit member data correctly initialized.
2001-10-30 jchudobaSmall correction to prevent crash when hit is at the...
2001-10-27 hristovAdvanced option -Aa disabled
2001-10-26 schutzRemoved a two places a multiplication of constants...
2001-10-26 morschGeometry update.
2001-10-25 vestboLatest update, bugfix i think
2001-10-25 vestboAdded function CompareMC
2001-10-25 vestboBugfix in destructor etc.
2001-10-25 vestboAdded Reset function
2001-10-25 vestboAdded function GetGoodParticles
2001-10-25 vestboChanged path to timm code
2001-10-25 vestboAdded function to extract good particles
2001-10-25 ivanaadded function for drawing histograms one by one; added...
2001-10-25 ivanagraphics driver DAWN changed to DAWNFILE (to get dawn...
2001-10-25 ivanaremoved rules covered by ALICE coding rules
2001-10-25 ivanadefault CLHEP version changed to; removed AG4_N...
2001-10-25 ivanaALICE_VISUALIZE replaced with G4VIS_USE
2001-10-25 ivanaListTreeLong(): added indication for Boolean solids...
2001-10-25 ivanaremoved fIsStandalone attribute
2001-10-25 ivanainitial version - added with redesign of detector const...
2001-10-25 ivanaremoved with redesign of detector construction classes...
2001-10-25 ivanaredesign of detector construction classes (see AliGean...
2001-10-25 ivanadefault verbose level change to 1
2001-10-25 ivanaCreateG4Geometry(): always returns the world
2001-10-25 ivanaadded fWorld attribute and its setter/getter
2001-10-25 ivanarenamed (alice_ -> AliGeant4_)