2012-12-05 richtermspeedup of cluster decoding by ~60%: more efficient...
2012-12-05 shahoianreco update
2012-12-05 laphecetDisabling a few iMon aliases which currently cause...
2012-12-05 gvolpeminors
2012-12-05 rgrossoAliases which currently encounter an issue in AMANDA...
2012-12-05 mcosentifixing but in filling cells eta and phi when running...
2012-12-05 gconesabupdate in analysis and clusterization sections by Micha...
2012-12-05 gvolpeDependence of AliHMPIDCluster objects on geometry.root...
2012-12-05 morschbug #99267
2012-12-05 hristovCommon base class for TRD tracks in ESD and AOD (Jochen)
2012-12-05 gconesabput back time cut before putting the cell in digits...
2012-12-05 gconesabput back the trick for the cluster time calibration...
2012-12-05 prsnkoRecalibrations for LHC12a,b,c,d pass1 added
2012-12-05 pcrochetPlot the sum of mu+ and mu- distributions as well ...
2012-12-05 pcrochetChange default pattern to include all triggers of inter...
2012-12-05 pcrochetIf default parameters are allowed and runNumber is...
2012-12-04 gconesabtrack matching update using ITS by Marcel
2012-12-04 gconesabadd histograms depending on the track type, mainly...
2012-12-04 fprinoPossibility to set the number of TPC clusters from...
2012-12-04 loizidesupdate from megan
2012-12-04 mcosentichanging back the number of output containers
2012-12-04 hqvigstachanged centrality binning to be trigger specific
2012-12-04 rbailhacFurther small updates
2012-12-04 gvolpeProtections for null pointers added
2012-12-03 gconesabremove dependency on AliESDtrackCuts
2012-12-03 morschPossibility to load splines for the p-Pb MC productions
2012-12-03 gconesabonline QA documentation - Michael
2012-12-03 belikovPossibility to run over David's trees on Proof
2012-12-03 gconesabdo not apply time calibration in MC analysis
2012-12-03 jkleinHLT TRD on-line track matching and trigger (Felix Retti...
2012-12-03 gconesabInclude ITS tracks matching when TPC not available...
2012-12-03 gconesabtrack matching section completed, Ronrong
2012-12-03 gconesabadd posibility to accept ESD events depending on time...
2012-12-03 hristovNew parameterization of the dE/dx in the ITS standalone...
2012-12-03 rbailhacBug fix
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20238 - DeadCode - Qvec distribution was...
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20214
2012-12-03 mivanovModifie the cut on the number of tracks per event
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20210
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20211
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20212
2012-12-03 kleinbfixed Warnings
2012-12-03 abercucifix seg fault in summary picture makeing
2012-12-01 jgrosseoupdated macros
2012-12-01 miwebercoverity fix
2012-12-01 cblumeSmall update by Raphaelle
2012-12-01 miweberCorrecting the event mixing correction for 1D balance...
2012-11-30 pcrochetAdd trends for OCDB scalers and additional minor fixes...
2012-11-30 mflorisCoverity fix
2012-11-30 hristovMatching with a TPC track for clean-up (Jochen)
2012-11-30 rbailhacAdd classes
2012-11-30 rbailhacUpdate of hfe code
2012-11-30 loizidesfix warning (thanks Laurent)
2012-11-30 fprinoMinor modifications to output of D meson v2 macro
2012-11-30 fprinoModify name for one of the containers of D+ CF task
2012-11-30 lmilanoCoverity fix
2012-11-29 fprinoAdd Id
2012-11-29 fprinoImplementation of event mixing (Hege)
2012-11-29 xsanchezchanging limits in resolution
2012-11-29 cbaumannAdd Analysis task used for pp Preliminary
2012-11-29 snellingextra classes for on the fly
2012-11-29 snellingaddition to on the fly
2012-11-29 fbelliniMinor change to histo range
2012-11-29 jbook- Fix problem with event mixing (TRef annoing stuff...
2012-11-29 kleinbseparate declarations and implementation of function
2012-11-29 ddobrigkChanges for decay length debugging.
2012-11-29 ssakaiupdated
2012-11-29 cbaumannswitch off KF
2012-11-29 abercucivarious extensions
2012-11-29 miweberUpdate on LRC (Christoph Mayer <Christoph.Mayer@cern...
2012-11-29 antonioladded access and parsing of UserInfo using AliProdInfo
2012-11-29 agheataFrom Pietro: Added AliInputEventHandler::GetUserInfo...
2012-11-29 agheataAdded versioning metadata to AOD.
2012-11-29 fbelliniFix typo in AddRsnDaughterCuts*NSigma + changed binning...
2012-11-29 prsnkoAdd separate time calibration for PHOS low gain channel
2012-11-29 prsnkoAdd separate time calibration for PHOS low gain channel
2012-11-28 xsanchezMCResPhi for future reference
2012-11-28 pcrochet1) Fix small bugs for ESD case 2) Now allow combination...
2012-11-28 pcrochetChanged the IntegratedLuminosity signature to allow...
2012-11-28 pcrochet1) Some changes to compute and plot background and...
2012-11-28 miweber1) correcting the normalization for per-trigger-yield...
2012-11-28 dgangadhfix for AddTaskChaoticity function calls
2012-11-28 dgangadhfix for AddTaskChaoticity function calls
2012-11-28 gconesabselect tracks with TOF having bit kTOFout only, no...
2012-11-28 mivanovForgotten commit - size of marker as an optional argument
2012-11-28 laphecetadding histograms to check pedestal data OffLine
2012-11-28 mivanovAdding the marker size as additional parameters
2012-11-27 xsanchezAdd phi resolution in MC
2012-11-27 shahoianreco update
2012-11-27 miweberFix from comparison (Constantin Loizides, Tim Schuster)
2012-11-27 hristovAdding ITS/UPGRADE libraries, libEveDet.so depend on...
2012-11-27 shahoianmacros for ITS upgrade visualization
2012-11-27 gconesabadd histograms for tracks with BC=0
2012-11-27 hristovVisualization of TPC with HLT compression (Mihai)
2012-11-27 hristovPossibility to compile the macro (Mihai)
2012-11-26 shahoianNew class for track validation conditions
2012-11-26 mcosentiredefining the way the tree gets saved
2012-11-26 sgorbunoBug fix: savannah 99025
2012-11-26 shahoianFix in hits pattern update
2012-11-26 quarkSolve some crashesin AliEVE. fEcan is managed by ROOT