2014-11-22 zampolliMerge branch 'MyDevBranch'
2014-11-22 zampolliAdding useful print out in case of issues
2014-11-22 mkrzewicfix running with QAresults_barrel.root
2014-11-22 lcunqueiPythia Event Weight changes
2014-11-22 lcunqueiPythia Event Weight modifications
2014-11-22 mverweijbug fix
2014-11-21 mchojnacbug fix in merging
2014-11-21 shahoianmacro to run generation only with choice of generators...
2014-11-21 belikovFixing a hidden overlap in the IB model 22 (Mario)
2014-11-21 rbertens fix for streamer and reading of external file
2014-11-21 mfaselCreate wrapper for JSON macro that calls traditional...
2014-11-21 mfaselChanges relative to restructuring of the JSON core
2014-11-21 mfaselRefactoring of the package
2014-11-21 mfaselAdd the first macro that uses the JSON configuration...
2014-11-21 mfaselAdd header and implementation file for the new class
2014-11-21 mfaselAdd class for intersection of a user and a default...
2014-11-21 mfaselBug fixes in the JSON Parser + add print functions...
2014-11-21 mfasel- Derive value types from TObject so that they can...
2014-11-21 mfaselInclude EMCAL JSON classes in compilation
2014-11-21 mfaselCreating classes handling the configurations for the...
2014-11-21 mvlAdd JT task from Tomas Snellman
2014-11-21 maszymanmake binning more coarse
2014-11-21 allaT0RawReader : read 1 or 2 TRMs
2014-11-21 allatext loookup table
2014-11-21 allaset LookUp table
2014-11-21 allaset LookUp table
2014-11-21 allaLookUp table for run2 with 2 TRMS
2014-11-21 alla removed overlapls with MFT support
2014-11-21 mkrzewicbetter log validation
2014-11-21 mverweijuse leading track unsubtracted jet for data only
2014-11-21 dstoccoSet ill-formed small numbers to 0
2014-11-20 tbreitnefix AliHLTGlobalEsdConverterComponent
2014-11-20 mverweijAdd correlation with EP
2014-11-20 mivanovATO-91 Update in TPC-QA trending: MIPattach now part...
2014-11-20 mbrozITS PID
2014-11-20 fbock-fixed small bug for new flow task in default constructor
2014-11-20 jmartinbFixing bug in AliAnalysisMuMuNch related to MC
2014-11-20 ssakaiadded time information
2014-11-20 miwebergenerate random seeds based on time (Emilia Leogrande...
2014-11-20 tbreitneactivating fast SDD cluster finder in HLT
2014-11-20 haavardCorrect configuration entries in the TPC OCDB
2014-11-20 ekryshenUpdated macros for physics selection QA
2014-11-19 gconesabAdd few control histograms - Adam Matyja
2014-11-19 rbertens use PID contour database file (naghmeh)
2014-11-19 fbockMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-19 fbockadded libraries to AddTask in order to include flow...
2014-11-19 mkrzewicprettier logs
2014-11-19 haavardCorrect bug in gas composition map processing
2014-11-19 mverweijhjet mass ana update + bug fix
2014-11-19 mbrozTask for Phi with ITSsa tracks
2014-11-19 lleardinmodified trainconfig GammaConv PbPb 124 to 131
2014-11-19 fbockMerge branch 'AndreaV2Changes'
2014-11-19 fbockMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-19 fbockaddapted linker files with new dependencies for PhotonFlow
2014-11-19 fbockadded task for Photon Flow via Skalarproduct by Andrea...
2014-11-19 lmilanoAdd event rejection in Filter task as well to avoid...
2014-11-19 tbreitneremoving custom streamer of AliHLTCTPData
2014-11-19 jniedzieMinor changes.
2014-11-19 jniedzienew option for tests in alifakedisplay
2014-11-19 rbertens fix minor inconsistency in book histogram functions
2014-11-19 rbertens add pt leading axis to dijet matching histos
2014-11-19 jmartinbAliAnalysisMuMu helper classes update
2014-11-19 fbockfixed streamer issues
2014-11-18 mverweijfetch correct max track pt for constituent subtracted...
2014-11-18 mverweijadd h-jet jet mass analysis class
2014-11-18 zampolliMerge branch 'MyDevBranch'
2014-11-18 zampolliFlag added to allow to switch off the new feature of...
2014-11-18 jmartinbAliAnalysisMuMu classes update
2014-11-18 rbertens patch for mistake in bitwise comparison for trigger...
2014-11-18 mfaselLoop only over MC true tracks in case of MC information
2014-11-18 sjenaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-18 sjenabug fixing in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 fbockchanged Addtask_PbPb for Lucia
2014-11-18 sjenafixing memory leak in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 lramonaAdded a row deleted by mistake
2014-11-18 lramonaRe-commit deleted class to avoid compilation errors
2014-11-18 lramonaFixing compilation error
2014-11-18 lramonaChange in the CMakelibPWGLFspectra.pkg to take into...
2014-11-18 lramonaRemoved some classed (Same code in JCORRAN packet under...
2014-11-18 fkrizekTrigger Associated with tracks 15<pT<100
2014-11-18 mverweijcalc match fraction from unsubtracted jet
2014-11-18 mverweijadd cut to reject tracks close to TPC sector edge
2014-11-18 sjenabug fix in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 morschstatic method to set the xmldoc path added
2014-11-18 lcunqueiMultiple high pT trigger study
2014-11-18 sjenaUpdate in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-18 cholmScript to extract ROOT file from ZIP archive in case...
2014-11-18 cholmWrite some scripts
2014-11-18 cholmAdded monitoring
2014-11-18 jbookfix path to config and output file name for Michaels...
2014-11-18 zampolliRemoving left-over "return".
2014-11-18 zampolliRemoving leftover return
2014-11-18 jmazermissed part for Semi-good runs
2014-11-17 jmazerupdated efficiency function..
2014-11-17 mchojnacAdding cut on pythia process type
2014-11-17 wiechulao simple macro to draw TPC PID splines
2014-11-17 dstoccoDo not ask for physics selection in MC QA trending
2014-11-17 allaadded AliFITv2 - extended geometry
2014-11-17 allaexteneded geometry