2008-06-11 basantamemory leakage solved, writes pedestal ascii file to...
2008-06-11 richtermbugfix: configurations of subsequent agents have been...
2008-06-11 morschOverlap corrected. (M. Kowalski)
2008-06-11 richtermremoving duplicate assignments
2008-06-11 cblumeOne more small overlap fix
2008-06-10 cblumeFix some overlaps
2008-06-10 belikovWhenever it is available, using the primary vertex...
2008-06-10 zampolliDeleting pointers in touching of the alien file created...
2008-06-10 schutzchanged QA setting
2008-06-10 decaroOverlaps suppression: FCA1/FRO1<->FCA1/FRO2, FWZ4_1...
2008-06-10 hristovProof-enabled version of the TPC comparison (Andrei...
2008-06-10 cvetanMemory leak
2008-06-10 basantaA new method DrawPMDModule is added
2008-06-10 morschOnFlyStatus added (B. Hyppolyte)
2008-06-10 snellingjust one histrogram for now
2008-06-10 abercuci--This line, and th se below, will be ignored--
2008-06-10 cblumeIntroduce an enumerator for PID methods
2008-06-10 morschProtection for connected event in destructor.
2008-06-10 morschSome small overlaps corrected.
2008-06-10 mtadelFrom Basanta: I have modified the AliPMDRawStream file...
2008-06-10 morschExtrusion of Q13T corrected.
2008-06-10 snellingcleanup
2008-06-10 schutzintroduce option to run QA for selected detectors and...
2008-06-10 dibariQA local OCDB
2008-06-10 dibariQA local OCDB
2008-06-10 basantaTwo end words are added at the end of DDL file in Simul...
2008-06-10 laphecetRemoving dollar from the comment string used for metada...
2008-06-10 richtermadded new components by Kelly and Gaute
2008-06-10 richtermbugfix AltroChannelSelector: handling of empty events
2008-06-10 richtermbugfixes run period week 22 (Kelly and Kenneth)
2008-06-10 belikovWhenever it is available, using the primary vertex...
2008-06-10 schutztypo
2008-06-10 schutzchange ACORDE version to v1
2008-06-10 morschOverlaps >10 mu corrected.
2008-06-09 gconesabStreaming problems in CAF solved
2008-06-09 morschOverlaps > 10muc corrected.
2008-06-09 hdalsgaaFixed a bug in the ReadFromFile function as well as...
2008-06-09 maseraChanges in SPD and SSD geometry to remove some (~50...
2008-06-09 aszostakCorrecting assertion logic.
2008-06-09 cblumeUse noise information in cluster finder
2008-06-09 cblumeUse noise information in cluster finder
2008-06-09 morschSamll overlaps corrected.
2008-06-09 haavardFirst version of TPCQAda (to make sure QA files can...
2008-06-09 haavardUpdate run types (PEDESTAL, PHYSICS)
2008-06-09 cvetanDecoding of the sampling time and L1 phase.
2008-06-09 marianAdditional protection -
2008-06-09 ivanaMaking SetAlign option working aagain:
2008-06-09 aszostakFilling out AliHLTMUONDigitPublisherComponent code...
2008-06-09 dibariCluster array for all chambers needed by Yuri Belikov
2008-06-09 morschTiny (< 0.1 mm) overlaps corrected.
2008-06-09 abercuciintroducing some getter functions
2008-06-09 morschAnother protection.
2008-06-09 jgrosseomoving file
2008-06-09 jgrosseoattempt to move file to other directory
2008-06-09 morschProtection against 0x0 output handler.
2008-06-09 morschSmall overlaps corrected.
2008-06-09 morschIndex of vertex corrected.
2008-06-09 jgrosseoadding printing of raw timestamp value
2008-06-09 morschDummy method for interface added (has been deleted...
2008-06-07 snellingcleanup
2008-06-07 snellingFirst setup for passing histogram lists
2008-06-07 snellingInherit from TOject for persistency
2008-06-07 snellingcleanup and inherit from TOBject
2008-06-07 hdalsgaaRemoved a cout statement
2008-06-06 bhippolyRetire ESD only task
2008-06-06 morschNew version (Ernesto)
2008-06-06 rvernetStreamable data members required for PROOF.
2008-06-06 schutzRewind the rawreader after the event loop
2008-06-06 hristovCorrected missing clones of
2008-06-06 schutzOption to select detector and QA task duringreconstruction
2008-06-06 cvetanBug fixes related to the fact that the CTP payload...
2008-06-06 cvetanFinally we have the new RCU trailer decoding code....
2008-06-06 bhippolyInheritancy from TaskSE and AOD input added
2008-06-06 morschDCA information filled ( Philippe Pillot)
2008-06-06 morschDCA information added (Philippe Pillot)
2008-06-06 philleBug fix
2008-06-06 dsilvermsilvermy@ornl.gov - added general ProcessEvent(rawReade...
2008-06-06 morschMark kink daughter as secondary.
2008-06-06 bhippolyRename before further modifications
2008-06-06 maseraClean-up of response classes in order reduce momory...
2008-06-06 philleAdded new class too build system
2008-06-06 philleRefactoring: Removing man in the middle classes
2008-06-06 morschGetNumberOfVerices()
2008-06-06 morschGetNumberOfV0s added.
2008-06-06 cvetanStarting from root v5-19-04 we need also pthread library.
2008-06-06 ivanaMoving AliMUONTriggerDisplay from trigger to calib...
2008-06-06 coppedisObsolete Config file deleted
2008-06-06 coppedisObsolete class AliZDCMerger deleted
2008-06-06 coppedisObsolete class AliZDCMergedHit deleted
2008-06-06 coppedisObsolete class AliZDCMergedHit deleted
2008-06-06 hristovAdding XMLParser (Windows/Cygwin)
2008-06-05 snellingtest macro for cumulant proof test
2008-06-05 hdalsgaafixed a bug in the fitting of spectra
2008-06-05 hdalsgaafixed a bug in the fitting of spectra
2008-06-05 coppedisObsolete calibration object
2008-06-05 ivanaFixes in St1 geometry:
2008-06-05 morschPrimary vertex with correct type.
2008-06-05 hristovAdditional protection
2008-06-05 coppedisFirst version of DA for LASER runs
2008-06-05 cvetanAlways recompile the macros