2011-07-17 gvolpeCoverity fixed
2011-07-17 hristovFixed EINLUDE
2011-07-17 hristovFixed EINCLUDE
2011-07-17 hristovMoving TTreeStream to STEERBase
2011-07-16 hristovMoving the classes that belong to the following librari...
2011-07-16 gvolpeNumber of sigma pedestal cut increased to 4
2011-07-16 gvolpeCall of reco-param object moved from the class construc...
2011-07-16 kleinbfixing constructor from AliMCParticle
2011-07-16 smaFix of Coverity defects
2011-07-16 allafor pass0
2011-07-15 daineseNew task for mean vertex calibration (Davide)
2011-07-15 mflorisincreasing classimp
2011-07-15 laphecetChange charge slope parameter for St.1 to match simulat...
2011-07-15 mfloris- Removed deprecated method SkipZDCTimeCut (OADB settin...
2011-07-15 hanrattySlimmed down luke's analysis task
2011-07-15 lbarnbySlimmed down luke's analysis task
2011-07-15 agheataAdded OADB loading explicitly in StartAnalysis (M.Floris)
2011-07-15 snellingpatch
2011-07-15 pchristFixing a coverity defect
2011-07-15 pulvirWorkaround to include centrality
2011-07-14 richtermsuppressing warning for missing MC info when running...
2011-07-14 richtermbugfix: correct calculation of padrow
2011-07-14 sgorbunoraw cluster output added to "TPC-hwclusters" chain
2011-07-14 jklein- extend debug output for GTU simulation
2011-07-14 sgorbunooutput of raw clusters (pad/time coordinates) added
2011-07-14 alla removed separate histograms for Calib and physics...
2011-07-14 martinezUpdate the AliHistogramCollection with some bug fixes...
2011-07-14 martinezNew task to monitor the tracker/trigger efficiency...
2011-07-14 martinezAdd histo to study fakes versus Rabs. Add histo and...
2011-07-14 martinezimprove the fitting procedure of the cluster-track...
2011-07-14 kleinbcommon cut definitions via numerical code (M. Verweij)
2011-07-14 daineseUpdate MC pt shape syst
2011-07-14 snellingbig patch
2011-07-14 coppedisMacros to plot QA train output
2011-07-14 richtermadding chains 'TPC-hwclusters' and 'TPC-raw-hwclusters...
2011-07-14 smaUpdate of the HFE package
2011-07-14 daineseFix in pt weighting
2011-07-14 richtermbugfix: typo in variable initialization
2011-07-13 pchristAdding the macro to run the centrality train for the...
2011-07-13 aszostakFix for segfault if methods called in wrong order.
2011-07-13 pulvirRecoded PbPb cut, and updated example macros to configu...
2011-07-13 fronchetfixed tower addressing in bad channel maps
2011-07-13 gconesabcoding violations
2011-07-13 jgrosseoupdated binning for two-track eff control hists
2011-07-13 sgorbunoprotection for wrong mapping added
2011-07-13 kleinbupdated jet response taks (B. Bathen)
2011-07-13 sgorbunobug fix in bit operations
2011-07-13 jgrosseoadding two-track efficiency study
2011-07-13 richtermbugfix: using padrow number of sector instead of global...
2011-07-13 richtermcleanup of previous HLTOUT instance in case FillESD...
2011-07-12 kleinbadd set and getter for neutral energy fraction
2011-07-12 cholmVarious small fixes
2011-07-12 hristovAdditional patch for #83850: Please consider deprecatin...
2011-07-12 kleinbprepare jet response for p+p, fix matching bug (B....
2011-07-12 kleinbremove hidden nested loop
2011-07-12 marianFixed TRD part of make OCDB
2011-07-12 coppedisFixing crash in pp data QA
2011-07-12 kkanaki- bug fix that prevented the canvases from being stored
2011-07-12 fcaNew version of RuleChecker
2011-07-12 morschMemory leak correted.
2011-07-12 morschExplanation: log level for the class set to Info
2011-07-12 cholmUpdates to scripts. Mostly documentation and some...
2011-07-12 cholmUse symbolic flags for phi acceptance
2011-07-12 cholmScript to draw occupancies
2011-07-12 cholmAdded task to copy ESD header information to the AOD...
2011-07-12 lbarnbyLuke's 1st commit of Analysis task
2011-07-12 daineseMove some methods to AliAODPidHF
2011-07-12 prinoFix in impact parameter units
2011-07-12 kleinbincreased classdef
2011-07-12 richtermremoving unused static member variables
2011-07-12 aszostakAdding missing methods to fetch the data blocks creatio...
2011-07-12 daineseNew D0 pp 7 systematics (Andrea)
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 aszostakFixing in/out tags in documentation
2011-07-11 richtermadding more functions to get data type definitions
2011-07-11 richtermremoving unused classes
2011-07-11 hristovChanges for #82873: Module debugging broken (Christian)
2011-07-11 coppedisBug in TDC sum/diff histo filling corrected
2011-07-11 hristovFix for #83850: Please consider deprecating CINTAUTOLINK
2011-07-11 hristovFix for #83843: Misleading message at geometry initiali...
2011-07-11 richtermchanging access to data types of AliHLTTPCDefinition
2011-07-11 richtermremoving obsolete data type definition fgkDDLPackedRawD...
2011-07-11 richtermreplacing input data type
2011-07-11 richtermremoving warning for deprecated data type
2011-07-11 agheataDo not connect to CDB in Terminate phase
2011-07-11 hristovRemoving useless include
2011-07-11 alla read histograms for pass0 OCDB directly from the file
2011-07-11 allacorrect treatment of empty events
2011-07-11 hristovBug fix
2011-07-11 marianTRD changes for the makeOCDB.C
2011-07-11 marianAdding the new filtering mask - https://savannah.cern...
2011-07-11 cholmMake sure that log scale is set, and the full range...
2011-07-11 hristovalimdc-rpm target (Anshul)