2006-06-06 panosModifications in the location of the source files.
2006-06-06 jgrosseominor changes in AliShuttleInterface and AliPreprocessor
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnReader in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnEvent in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnDaughter in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnDaughterCut in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 panosAdding AliRsnAnalysis in the RESONANCES directory
2006-06-06 jgrosseoo) removed files that were moved to STEER
2006-06-06 jgrosseoo) updated test preprocessor (alberto)
2006-06-06 morschMSTU(16) = 2 for all processes.
2006-06-05 morschInitialize fGinit and fGfinal.
2006-06-05 hristovResonance analysis (A.Pulvirenti)
2006-06-05 pavlinovadded method DefineSamplingFraction()
2006-06-05 hristovSmell detection (Jose Lo)
2006-06-05 martinezWhen ITS vertex is absent, extrapolation is done to...
2006-06-04 cvetanSmall addition to the altro raw stream decoder in order...
2006-06-04 hristovPropagateTo with maximal sinus as argument (Marian)
2006-06-04 hristovPossibility to compile with Root v5-11-04/06
2006-06-04 pavlinovminor correction after checking
2006-06-04 pavlinovnew function EtaPhiFromIndex
2006-06-03 nilsenRemoved (correctly) dependance on TGeant3
2006-06-03 nilsenError in last commit. still has TGeant3 depenance.
2006-06-03 nilsenRemoved depenance on TGeant3
2006-06-02 pavlinovALICE numbering scheme
2006-06-02 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-06-02 mtadelNew macro file demonstrating use of TPCLoader.
2006-06-02 mtadelRemoved some comment crap.
2006-06-02 mtadelProper initialization of bounding box for fBoxSet.
2006-06-02 mtadelNew class TPCLoader providing (graphical) interface...
2006-06-02 mtadelAdded method RGValuator::SetEnabled().
2006-06-02 mtadelImplemented dtor for RenderElement removing all instanc...
2006-06-02 mtadelAdded method UndrawRenderElement().
2006-06-02 panosGetting properly the run number and adding a protection...
2006-06-02 panosGetting properly the run number and adding a protection...
2006-06-02 maseraAliITSgeom taken from loader
2006-06-02 maseraAliITSgeom taken from AliITSLoader
2006-06-02 maserawarning added if the method GetITSgeom has to fetch...
2006-06-02 jgrosseoadding TestShuttle program
2006-06-02 hristovSeparate library for CDB (Jan)
2006-06-02 hristovBug fix (Jan)
2006-06-02 cvetanCorrect call to CheckOverlap method of TGeo (R.Grosso)
2006-06-02 jgrosseoo) splitted analysis and correction of dneta
2006-06-02 hristovModification of the trigger fields in the event tag...
2006-06-02 ekmanchanged to new library
2006-06-02 ekmancalled sumw2
2006-06-02 ekmanchanged calculation of n_sigma to vertex (again...).
2006-06-01 maserachanged error evaluation (better pulls at high multipli...
2006-06-01 maseraIterative procedure on Delta Phi in order to find a...
2006-06-01 mtadelClarify text.
2006-06-01 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-06-01 mtadelAdded include dirs needed by MUON visualization.
2006-06-01 mtadelNew files for MUON visualization by Bogdan Vulpescu.
2006-06-01 martinezUsing the DeetElemId (fUserId) from AliTrackReference...
2006-06-01 martinez Adding comments (Christian)
2006-06-01 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-06-01 mtadelAdded preprocessor conditionals to support ROOT > 5...
2006-06-01 jgrosseonew schema for config
2006-05-31 hristovIncluding possibility for vertex fit (A.Dainese)
2006-05-31 hristovPossibility to create ESD par file (Jan)
2006-05-31 hristovUpdated dependences
2006-05-31 hristovAdditional protection
2006-05-31 mtadelMerge from EVE-dev.
2006-05-31 jgrosseoo) new way of calculating the final dndeta
2006-05-31 morschCorrected positions of ring bars and 0-degree web.
2006-05-31 kowal2Bug corrected (missing "continue" statement)
2006-05-31 maseraChanges to be compliant with coding conventions - all...
2006-05-31 hristovAdding PWG3
2006-05-31 martinezAdding definition of Dmax in constants and semantic...
2006-05-31 hristovRemoving AliFluka
2006-05-31 hristovRemoving Flugg
2006-05-31 ekmanfixed the way the event bias selection is done
2006-05-31 morschUse MSTU(16) = 2 for heavy flavor. HF Hadrons point...
2006-05-31 cvetanDelete AliRawEvent before taking the next one. The...
2006-05-31 pcrochetPrint delegated to LocalTrigger and GlobalTrigger
2006-05-30 jgrosseoadding vertex recon eff selector
2006-05-30 hristovUpdated version: ZDC, FMD, PHOS, PMD, START and VZERO...
2006-05-30 cvetanMoving AliTracker from libSTEER to libESD, in order...
2006-05-30 pavlinovlast correction with old numbering scheme
2006-05-30 jgrosseoo) more debug histograms
2006-05-30 jgrosseoo) compiles again :)
2006-05-30 ekmanchanged saving of files
2006-05-30 morschAvoid overlap with EMCAL mother volume.
2006-05-30 morschFix for mother volume length.
2006-05-30 cvetanSome additional mathematical function non included...
2006-05-30 cvetanadding poosibility to store object (M.Ivanov)
2006-05-30 cvetanNew version of TPC cluster finder which is able to...
2006-05-30 morschUse TGeoMCGeometry without imposing G3 rules.
2006-05-30 cvetanNew option to select between the new and the old RCU...
2006-05-30 cvetanOld and new RCU format altro readers are merged in...
2006-05-30 ekmanremoved old ESDtrack cuts class and updated AliESDtrack...
2006-05-30 morschPump z-position changed to avoid overlap with T0(A).
2006-05-30 ekmanfixed small "bug" leading to floating point exception...
2006-05-30 cvetanAdding an option to enable the pedestal subtraction
2006-05-30 cvetanThe equipment Ids are now mapped inside the raw reader...
2006-05-30 cvetanIntroduction of equipment id map. The map is taken...
2006-05-30 cvetan1. Introduction of equipment id map. The map is taken...
2006-05-30 morschYOUT2 corrected.
2006-05-30 ekmanadded merge method and changed to CorrectionMatrix2d...
2006-05-30 ekmanmany small changes...
2006-05-30 allawriting empty Digits too