2014-10-09 morschCT10 data added
2014-10-08 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-08 morschevent listing removed
2014-10-08 morschbug fixes
2014-10-08 mverweijprevent 2012 from picking up wrong geo name if default...
2014-10-08 ddobrigkanother fix for addtask
2014-10-08 rbertens added dijet matching (geometric and (sub)leading jet...
2014-10-08 rbertens event plane weighting (duplicate code but should be...
2014-10-08 lramonaModified Terminate() method (Sami)
2014-10-08 miweberFix merge macro:
2014-10-08 lmilanoupdate AliJHistManager to allow multiple instances...
2014-10-08 ddobrigkAddTask tuning: more modularity
2014-10-08 shahoianreset transient cluster usage info in the beginning...
2014-10-08 dgangadhFix float to double conversion for certain compilers
2014-10-08 jniedziePart of fix for Event Display quitting.
2014-10-08 mverweijonly use EMCAL+DCAL for run numbers larger 199161
2014-10-08 mfasel- Fix for the patch energy introduced in commit 05a42e4...
2014-10-08 miweberChange in Two-Track Cuts:
2014-10-07 aurasMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-07 aurasUpdated MFT geometry and cluster information
2014-10-07 shahoianbugfix in calculation of tracklet <theta> for resolutio...
2014-10-07 polichehAdded possibility to set on/off cut on off-vertex photons.
2014-10-07 arossiBug fix (correction to last commit) (Sandro)
2014-10-07 morschcommon block structures corrected
2014-10-07 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-07 morschevent printing removed
2014-10-07 morschEvent printing removed
2014-10-07 cbianchichange method name
2014-10-07 lramonaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-07 lramonaChange histogram binning for MC (Domenico C.)
2014-10-07 rbertens bugfix (dead code)
2014-10-07 morschALIROOT-5647 first version of spline and eta correction...
2014-10-07 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-07 bhess- PIDResponse: Loading of special TPC response (splines...
2014-10-07 belikovNo need to re-provide the geometrical information to...
2014-10-07 rbertens additional histograms for event plane, trigger qa...
2014-10-07 prsnkoTrack selection bit corrected; vertex z-bin bug fixed
2014-10-07 ssakaiupdated Eta Correction map of TPC
2014-10-07 fbockchanges by Annika Passfeld
2014-10-07 wiechulaATO-80
2014-10-07 cbianchimore options in AddTasks and fastjet3
2014-10-07 lramonaFix coverity warning (22549) + Change histogram binning
2014-10-07 fprinoAdd the libraries needed to run the HF QA task
2014-10-07 belikovSetting a dummy number of contributors for the MC prima...
2014-10-07 loizidesCleanup. Logically should be the same as before. Some...
2014-10-07 maszymanupdated macros for kaon femto train
2014-10-07 mverweijadd Dcal dijet performance task (Rosi)
2014-10-07 arossiModifications needed for a more flexible definition...
2014-10-07 cbianchiremove FindObject from UserExec
2014-10-07 mvlSet EMCAL+DCAL geometry for 2015
2014-10-07 shahoianModifications for Bayesian PID from F.Noferini: https...
2014-10-07 gconesabadapt alignment ideal OCDB generation macro and OCDB...
2014-10-06 lmilanofunctionality for the card and task for MC scanning
2014-10-06 mkrzewiccomments on some sed magic
2014-10-06 mcosentiparameterizing the container with lambda02 cut
2014-10-06 zconesaUpdating classes to be able to use the common AliCFVert...
2014-10-06 maszymanadded macros for MC analysis of ProtonLambda femtoscopy
2014-10-06 maszymandelete of macros for proton lambda MC analysis
2014-10-06 maszymanadded macros for MC analysis of ProtonLambda femtoscopy
2014-10-06 shahoianFix to allow new initialization of AliReconstruction...
2014-10-06 ekryshenAdded V0A23 (V0 rings 2-3), V0C01 (V0 rings 0-1) and...
2014-10-06 belikovCalculating the vertex efficiency also as a function...
2014-10-06 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-06 morschdebug statement in call to event listing added
2014-10-06 ddobrigkAddTask adjustment again
2014-10-06 ddobrigkAddTask adjustment
2014-10-05 dgangadhInclude extra FSI bin for pp and pPb
2014-10-05 dgangadhInclude variable FSI bins for pp and pPb
2014-10-05 lmilanoMC closure test
2014-10-04 ddobrigkIdentifiedHighPt task for train usage
2014-10-04 sjenaMinor fix pr task: sjena
2014-10-04 dgangadhProvide setters for Normalization points
2014-10-04 lmilanoswitch to generated q-vector
2014-10-03 fprinoCode cleanup in D+ task
2014-10-03 fprinoCode cleanup
2014-10-03 mverweijremove cout
2014-10-03 mfaselAdd LHC13b2_efix MC samples
2014-10-03 aohlsonAdding qinv hists to FemtoESE task
2014-10-03 fprinoOption for Bayesian PID for Ds + code cleanup
2014-10-03 lmilanodefault TPC priors
2014-10-03 lramonaImproved event selection
2014-10-03 dgangadhFix for TabulatePair run
2014-10-02 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-02 lmilanoupsate from Alice
2014-10-02 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-02 belikovSeparating well and badly reconstructed pileup vertices...
2014-10-02 fprinoFix for a case of TPC-TOF combination in Bayesian PID
2014-10-02 lramonaModified Xt Addtask (Remi)
2014-10-02 mbrozTrigger inputs for AOD MC
2014-10-02 mbrozCharge correlation histogram
2014-10-02 rbertens automatically adjust axes range to chosen detector...
2014-10-02 rbertens add correlation histograms leading jet axis, pt, event...
2014-10-02 cholmConfigurable when to add internally
2014-10-02 lramonaAdded an event type flag
2014-10-02 maszymanupdated macros for Kaon Femto analysis
2014-10-02 ssakaiupdated for e-h analysis
2014-10-01 obuschcoverity fixes
2014-10-01 fbockMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-01 fbockMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-01 lmilanomerging fix