2013-02-04 morschbug 100197
2013-02-04 loizidesembedding (salvatore)
2013-02-04 loizidespreparations for embedding (salvatore)
2013-02-04 loizideschanges for EP studies (Salvatore)
2013-02-04 zconesaTwo modifications: 1) Add CEMC7WUHEE trigger (request...
2013-02-04 shahoianParam ID added
2013-02-03 akalweitAdding ZDC background removal for pA production run...
2013-02-02 deliaMinor fix to AddTask macro
2013-02-02 pchristaAdding protections for the track by track corrections
2013-02-02 scomparSelect the parameters based on the pass name rather...
2013-02-02 scomparSelect the parameters based on the pass name rather...
2013-02-02 miweberAdding safety check for missing matrix in GetTrackByTra...
2013-02-02 scomparFix bug in trigger class determination when running...
2013-02-02 gconesab2013 geo
2013-02-02 loizidestypo
2013-02-02 loizidesfixes from Ruediger for Lego train
2013-02-01 loizidesemcal ppb ana
2013-02-01 mkrzewicupdate to a version used in production
2013-02-01 shahoianAdded param list class for upgrade sim/rec options
2013-02-01 coppedisQaing also the corrected ZN TDC values
2013-02-01 pchristaAdding the impact param option for MC studies (Alis)
2013-02-01 agheataRemoved obsolete SetRootVersionForProof
2013-01-31 gconesabfill histo when requested
2013-01-31 morschUpdates
2013-01-31 miwebercorrect normalization for correlation functions (divide...
2013-01-31 agheataFiltering macro for MC including task for ITS upgrade
2013-01-31 jbook- improve V0 cuts implementation
2013-01-31 fprinoApply bit selection in CF task (Zaida)
2013-01-31 shahoianMC Labels were used to count number of tracks for array...
2013-01-31 rbailhacMacros
2013-01-31 dgangadhAdd AddTask for K0s analysis
2013-01-31 pchristaAdding the track-by-track correction for both the trigg...
2013-01-31 rbailhacUpdate class
2013-01-31 gconesabfix
2013-01-31 miweberUpdate DHC task: running on AODs (Tim Schuster <Tim...
2013-01-31 jbook- user task update (michael)
2013-01-31 dgangadhremoved TPC pad-row pair cut
2013-01-31 dgangadhK0s Analysis compile changes
2013-01-31 zconesaUpdate (R.Romita)
2013-01-31 akisielReaction Plane analysis updates
2013-01-31 akisielAdd new configuration macros
2013-01-31 miweberUpdate macro for Muon-Hadron correlation efficiency...
2013-01-31 gconesabset manually the pass number if requested - Constantin
2013-01-30 loizidesset pass if needed by hand
2013-01-30 loizidesUpdates from Megan for pPb
2013-01-30 loizidesUpdates from Salvatore for Embedding
2013-01-30 fprinoSetter and getter for centrality estimator (Chiara...
2013-01-30 fprinoFix compilation warnings
2013-01-30 daineseaConfig to filter AOD for Lc with PID in the filtering
2013-01-30 zconesaAdding flags to enable/disable the Selection Bits ...
2013-01-30 zconesaAdding flags to enable/disable the Selection Bits
2013-01-30 morsch- prevent accessing a null pointer in case the calo...
2013-01-30 mivanovAdding functionality to create a status bars (P.Reichelt)
2013-01-30 zconesaFix for D0 filtering (A.Dainese)
2013-01-30 gconesabCorrect setting of axis title for some histograms
2013-01-30 gconesabReset lists when event is rejected
2013-01-30 jbook-add new cut class to pkg and linkdef
2013-01-30 ssakaiupdated
2013-01-30 rbailhacMacro to run on the grid
2013-01-30 agheataAdded possibility to monitor performance in simulation...
2013-01-30 rbailhacFix + update of flow tasks
2013-01-30 jgrosseofix for PID on AODs
2013-01-30 morschThis is the consequent udpate for the 'sister class...
2013-01-30 cvetanIntroduction of centrality selection for MC, hijing...
2013-01-30 aurasUpdated AliMuonForwardTrack
2013-01-29 ddobrigkModifications to the cascade code: better customizabili...
2013-01-29 janielskPostData bugfix.
2013-01-29 ddobrigkChanges for configurability in pA executions: better...
2013-01-29 agheataFrom Jens: Allow for custom header replicator in AOD
2013-01-29 deliaMinor fixes to run on trains
2013-01-29 cvetanFixed compilation if 32b SLC5.
2013-01-29 jbook- updates on the filter (fiorella)
2013-01-29 jbook- add new and update user tasks
2013-01-29 prsnkoadded maps for LHC12c,d
2013-01-29 atoianew oadb with true values in simulation
2013-01-29 fprinoUpdated binning for some histos (Renu)
2013-01-29 morsch- use mass/z for Light Nuclei in all TPC response functions
2013-01-29 mkrzewicincrease the default max merge statistic to 20M, add...
2013-01-28 fprinoAdded D* case in mass spectra fit macro (Alessandro)
2013-01-28 shahoianRefitInward implemented
2013-01-28 shahoianfTRDsignal is added to AliAODPid class (copied from...
2013-01-28 morschUpdates Leticia
2013-01-28 jbook- fix init of trackfilter
2013-01-28 mbombaraAdding another argument (output container name) to...
2013-01-28 ddobrigkQuick coverity fix
2013-01-28 miweberchanges in Muon-Hadron correlation efficiency code...
2013-01-28 ddobrigkAdded y shift to the histograms. Needed for the acquisi...
2013-01-28 jbook- updates on reduced events (Ionut)
2013-01-28 loizidesupdate from Ruediger.
2013-01-28 deliaMoved Zvtx-histo position + possibility to run on the...
2013-01-28 ssakaiupdated
2013-01-28 cblumeFix for the crash in cpass0 merging+OCDB production...
2013-01-28 morsch- add functions to retrieve detector PID status
2013-01-28 fbelliniUpdated macros for Sigma* analysis + debug option enabl...
2013-01-28 coppedisUpdating task for p-A
2013-01-28 cbaumannAdd Theo's task for p+Pb
2013-01-28 miweberAdding possibility to change the analysis type manually...
2013-01-28 janielskSlight change in the output container.
2013-01-28 jbook- forgot var cuts update
2013-01-28 jbook- add V0 cut class