2010-07-12 daineseDplus task used AliAODPidHF via AliRDHFCutsDplustoKpipi...
2010-07-12 gconesabcorrect setting of names of refference arrays in AliAna...
2010-07-12 gconesabcorrect warnings mainly due to bad printing format
2010-07-12 cvetanCompilation warnings fixed.
2010-07-12 jotwinowsmall changes
2010-07-12 jotwinowwarning removal
2010-07-12 daineseWarning corrected
2010-07-12 morschWarnings corrected.
2010-07-12 cvetanCompilation warning fixed.
2010-07-12 agheataFixed 0x%lx warning
2010-07-12 kleinbfixed warning
2010-07-12 cholmWhoops
2010-07-12 coppedisAdding a energy calib object for ZPs
2010-07-12 cholmAllow for debugging flag
2010-07-12 cholmMake sure all arrays are initialized properly in the...
2010-07-12 cholmMinor thing :-)
2010-07-12 jgrosseofixing two warnings
2010-07-12 cholmBug in the WriteToFile member functions meant that...
2010-07-12 cholmFixed wrong mapping from sectors to board. It was
2010-07-12 cholmAdd comments and fix warnings
2010-07-12 cholmAdd comments and fix warnings
2010-07-12 richtermgeneral code audit, added documentation about AliESDtra...
2010-07-12 hristovRemoving badly placed code (copy/paste error)
2010-07-12 hristovFix for copy/paste error
2010-07-12 morschUpdates (Eulogio Serradilla <eulogio.serradilla@ciemat...
2010-07-12 polichehWriting to the production OCDB switched off; only refer...
2010-07-12 daineseBug fix (Alessandro)
2010-07-12 kleinbSwitch off ROOT error messages if desired, added differ...
2010-07-11 cblumeUse constant char array instead of TString (Theo)
2010-07-11 pchristMajor restructuring of the AliCFContainer steps + intro...
2010-07-10 pchristFixing some warning and memory leaks (Michal)
2010-07-10 kaamodtAdded new cuts, fixed bug in backround calculation.
2010-07-10 mflorisSmall bugfixes to AliPhysicsSelection (Constantin)...
2010-07-09 morschUpdates for pile-up vertex (F. Prino)
2010-07-09 morschUpdates for pile-up vertex (F. Prino)
2010-07-09 daineseAdded list of good runs (from RCT) for LHC10b and LHC10c
2010-07-09 daineseAdded list of good runs (from RCT) for LHC10b and LHC10c
2010-07-09 daineseUpdated macro (Renu)
2010-07-09 mflorisUpdates in DrawRatios
2010-07-09 daineseMove LoadLibraries.C to macros/
2010-07-09 daineseMove LoadLibraries.C to macros/
2010-07-09 daineseAdded method Misalign() to smear impact parameters...
2010-07-09 daineseAdded data member of type AliAODPidHF (Francesco)
2010-07-09 daineseUpdates in pid class for external configurability ...
2010-07-09 dainesenew format to select counters to be printed out or...
2010-07-09 jotwinowadded SelectCollisionCandidates J. Otwinowski
2010-07-09 jotwinowmodifications by Simone Schuchmann
2010-07-09 jotwinowmodifications by Simone Schuchmann
2010-07-09 cvetanLast bunch of tiny changes in the online rec.C.
2010-07-09 slindalBugfix, make sure m2 of invariant mass pair is positive
2010-07-09 cvetanAdding the CTP time (mis)alignment from the OCDB into...
2010-07-09 morschPile-up vertices added to AODEvent. (F. Prino)
2010-07-09 mflorisnow combining 3 detectors
2010-07-09 coppedisAdding dummy object for HighMult specie
2010-07-09 morschAdd flag to control exclusion of modules in SDD QA...
2010-07-09 mflorisFixing coding conventions.
2010-07-09 cvetanAdding CTP time-align object in OCDB.
2010-07-09 slindal-Fixed bug preventing all clusters from being added...
2010-07-09 mflorisAliLatexTable: fixing a few issues (was not compiling...
2010-07-09 coppedisAdding QA ref object for Calib specie
2010-07-09 gconesabchange the default emcal geometry name to the firstyear...
2010-07-09 coppedisTDC added to monitor ZDC timing via DQM
2010-07-08 coppedisQA ref object for Cosmic specie
2010-07-08 allacalculating number of calibration evetns according...
2010-07-08 gconesabrevert some local changes related to code not yet committed
2010-07-08 gconesabInitialize in maker the reader and calorimeter utils...
2010-07-08 dperrinoTypo fixed
2010-07-08 ivanaIn vmctest/production:
2010-07-08 andronicCode updates with bugfixes; new PID class; filtered...
2010-07-08 marianRemoved hardwired path
2010-07-08 mflorisCode to combine and fit ID spectra (pi/K/p).
2010-07-08 marianCreation of the calibration summary files on Alien
2010-07-08 marianSpeedup of visualization.
2010-07-08 marian -- possibility to dump information in step manager
2010-07-08 mrodriguFixing coding conventions
2010-07-08 morschCall SetCrossingAngle. (G. Luparello)
2010-07-08 coppedisAdded QA ref object for ZDC LowMult
2010-07-08 kleinbUpdates on Event Selection, do not take into account...
2010-07-08 cvetanAdding C0SCO-D-NOPF-FAST.
2010-07-08 agheataTemporarily removed the check if the provided dataset...
2010-07-08 ivanaIn Config.C:
2010-07-08 cvetanUpdate format - the misalignment field is now not per...
2010-07-08 kleinbadding cosmics selection (Marta)
2010-07-08 kleinbUpdating track cuts and removing functionality that...
2010-07-08 kleinbadding cosmics selection (Marta)
2010-07-08 jotwinowfix warnings
2010-07-08 abercucifix typo
2010-07-08 kleinbfixed warnings
2010-07-08 jotwinowsmall changes in TPCITS
2010-07-08 kleinbLimit print outs
2010-07-08 kowal2Compiler warnings removed
2010-07-08 dibariLinear gradient inside radiators. Height in the radiato...
2010-07-08 abercucichange track quality cuts : DCA and N TPC clusters...
2010-07-08 abercucifixes for TRD digits visualization
2010-07-07 kleinbEasier access to Slection info added
2010-07-07 gconesabmove pointer initiazization from the wrong place
2010-07-07 gconesabMove initialization of common analysis services pointer...
2010-07-07 maseraAdded details to SDD and SPD geometry(M. Sitta). Cleanu...
2010-07-07 morschCoding violations corrected.
2010-07-07 belikovUpdate of the ITS PID response (F.Prino, M.Chojnacki...