2013-07-17 fnoferinimproved the macro to extract PID perf (automaticly...
2013-07-17 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-07-17 loizidesupdated to reflect catherine as responsible for calotrack.
2013-07-17 morschPossibility to work with MC data added
2013-07-17 prsnkoAdd possibility to work with ESD; add centrality dependence
2013-07-17 prsnkoAdded possibility to work with MC data
2013-07-16 cholmFixes for coverity
2013-07-16 cholmRemoved final doc from SVN
2013-07-16 cholmrenamed all files for ALICE-INT-2012-040 with correspon...
2013-07-16 cholmUpdate with latest figures from the approved analysis...
2013-07-16 sgorbunocoverity warning fix
2013-07-16 sgorbunocoverity warning fix
2013-07-16 prsnkoRe/de/calibrations for MC productions
2013-07-16 silvestfigures for AN 976
2013-07-16 fnoferinupdate: macro to extract pid results on performance
2013-07-16 miweberCorrect implementation of averaging (nTrigSubBin/nTrigA...
2013-07-16 quarkFixes reported by coverity: 21890 and 21889
2013-07-16 gconesabAdd histogrmas, for triggered events when the trigger...
2013-07-16 cholmRemoved the specific reference to Christian's source
2013-07-16 cholmVarious fixes
2013-07-16 cholmSee comments to revision 63514.
2013-07-16 cholmAdded possiblity to use fall-back queries against the
2013-07-16 cholmNow use gSystem->Exec("gbbox ps -Ax > tmpfile") to...
2013-07-16 cholmAdded new corrections for 900GeV pp, +5kG, nominal...
2013-07-16 cholmAdd -IFORWARD/analysis2 to compiler flags when building...
2013-07-16 kleinbcoverity fix
2013-07-16 ihrivnacFixed memory leak
2013-07-16 fnoferincoverity fix
2013-07-16 gconesabcoverity
2013-07-16 gconesabcorrect check of upper limit in index array
2013-07-16 mvlZero pointer check after cast (Coverity)
2013-07-15 fbelliniFix for coverity
2013-07-15 fnoferinBetter tuning of the PIDperf task, minor bug fixed
2013-07-15 janielskRemove non functional setter for event selection.
2013-07-15 prsnkoPHOS tagging added
2013-07-15 prsnkoCode for tagging analysis
2013-07-15 lgraczykmodification of proton femtoscopy HBT macros
2013-07-15 cholmFixes for Coverity issues: 21876, 21795, 21786, 21782...
2013-07-15 fnoferinAdd flag to define collision system
2013-07-15 hansenaSmall fixes to disp. vtx. selection and correct path...
2013-07-15 ssakaiadded pile up protection
2013-07-15 kleinbadd cut on ITS refit
2013-07-15 prsnkoCalibration for LHC13xxx updated to remove suspisious...
2013-07-14 dgangadhChange Normalization back to default
2013-07-14 gconesabadd histograms with split energy vs number of overlaps...
2013-07-14 gconesabadd methods to get the MC particle daughter kinematics...
2013-07-13 mvlUpdates from Chris
2013-07-13 gconesabcheck if 2 selected cells in NLM1 case coindice with...
2013-07-12 ddobrigkAdded DCA V0 to primary vertex information to MC task...
2013-07-12 ddobrigkAdded DCA of V0 to Primary Vertex For Quality control...
2013-07-12 gconesabAliAnaInsideClusterInvariantMass: Add methods to invest...
2013-07-12 gconesabAliCaloTrackReader: Reorder methods, add AOD cell remap...
2013-07-12 fbelliniadded average multi vs. run number trending plot
2013-07-12 fnoferinwarning fix
2013-07-12 fnoferinadd a library for pid code
2013-07-12 fnoferinadd pid dir with some task to run PID performance
2013-07-12 hristovBrute force fix for PWG-LF/Forward QA
2013-07-12 hristov#101964: crash at the end of reconstruction of ppbench
2013-07-12 mbombara Adding more arguments for AddTask (MC, ChCh, online...
2013-07-12 mbombaraFixing coverity bugs, first check with online finder
2013-07-12 abercuciupdate installed supermodules for 2013
2013-07-11 janielskAdded setter for trigger in AddTaskMacro + standard...
2013-07-11 miwebernew task for PID ratio fluctuations from FastGen MC...
2013-07-11 mvlNew task to check bad towers (Marta)
2013-07-11 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-11 mvlDiJet analysis updates (Marta)
2013-07-11 cbaumannfix markus task
2013-07-11 zconesafix BR uncertainty (G. Luparello)
2013-07-11 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2013-07-10 zconesaFix on D+ PID systematics (R.Russo)
2013-07-10 gconesabnew improved non linearity correction flag kBeamTestCor...
2013-07-10 gconesabcosmetics
2013-07-10 majanikadded if statement in counting multiplicity method...
2013-07-09 quarkAdded support to display the HLT ESD Tree. See the...
2013-07-09 morschParameterization at 8 TeV done by Ara and Vardanush
2013-07-09 gconesabinitialize properly and in seconds the time cuts to...
2013-07-09 dgangadhComment out more FVP sections. Change normalization...
2013-07-09 akisielNew train macros for kaons
2013-07-09 gconesabchanging a last Maks into Mask
2013-07-09 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-07-08 mvlAdd setters for trigger pt bins (Rongrong)
2013-07-08 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-08 mvlextend pt range for histos (Marta)
2013-07-08 lgraczyknew train macros for the proton HBT analysis
2013-07-08 lgraczykmodification to proton HBT train wagon
2013-07-08 gconesabincrease classdef - Marta
2013-07-08 kleinbAvoid use of fastjet typedef/enum for setter of algorithm
2013-07-08 lgraczykproton femtoscopy train macros and AOD reader update
2013-07-08 mvlAdd flag to select hybrids with ITS reffit (Leticia)
2013-07-08 quarkRe-added the 3D view
2013-07-08 miweberremove FillParent from Terminate (Christoph Mayer ...
2013-07-08 miweberreplaced THnSparse with AliTHn
2013-07-08 bdoeniguMinor bugfix for histogram filling
2013-07-08 kharlovCompilation warning fixed
2013-07-08 kharlovCoverity fix (Boris Polishchuk)
2013-07-08 mkrzewiccoverity fixes (removed dead code)
2013-07-08 gconesabdo not stream the number of centrality bins - Marta
2013-07-08 jotwinowcoverity fix
2013-07-08 jotwinowcoverity fix
2013-07-08 quarkFix coverity warnings complaints