2014-04-16 mkrzewicimprove index.html file to include runs list
2014-04-16 mvlUpdates from Filip
2014-04-16 mkrzewicadditional protection for MC anchor parsing
2014-04-16 mkrzewicproperly parse the anchor year of the MC production...
2014-04-16 mkrzewicpossibility to use local ocdb storage for TOF qa
2014-04-16 azimmermbugfix AOD Output AddTask macro
2014-04-16 cbianchifix init missing p array
2014-04-16 fbock- added 2D histogram for correlation between nch &...
2014-04-16 jklein- allow for sliding window in jet trigger evaluation
2014-04-16 fbelliniAdded protection against failed fit, for automatic...
2014-04-16 pgonzaleNew histograms to check MultiplicityVsPhotons and new...
2014-04-16 mkrzewicadd docs on settable ocdbStorage + modify T0 script...
2014-04-16 mkrzewiccleanup logs
2014-04-15 aurasMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-04-15 aurasMemory leak fixed in MFT/AliMFTAnalysisTools.cxx
2014-04-15 cnattraschanging binning
2014-04-15 shahoianAdded methods for seting and rotation of parameters...
2014-04-15 hristovGeometry for MFT (Brigitte)
2014-04-15 rbertens addtask changes from naghmeh
2014-04-15 rbertens symmetric rms error
2014-04-15 maszymanpreventing (commenting out) the division of the TH3D...
2014-04-15 jklein- fix for z position in on-line track fit
2014-04-15 mbrozUpdate of cut variation function
2014-04-15 fbock- addtask changed for PbPb
2014-04-15 mvlFix integer bin numbering
2014-04-15 jklein- add methods for task configuration - coverity fixes...
2014-04-15 bhess- Changed estimation of eta systematics - Fixed bug...
2014-04-15 lmilanoDphi as pseudo pt for tracklets + matching cut on muons
2014-04-15 akalweitupdates of anti-alpha task.
2014-04-15 miweberadding macro for Pythia8 On-the-Fly MC production ...
2014-04-14 cvetanAdding print if the channel is alive
2014-04-14 mvlFix for Coverity message about const simple type functi...
2014-04-14 aurasMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-04-14 aurasMemory leak fixed
2014-04-14 sjenaUpdate: AddTask for LRC
2014-04-14 maszymanfilling the Qout Qside Qlong histogram with Qinv weights
2014-04-14 mcosentiincluding cut for aod hybrid tracks and hybrid option...
2014-04-14 zconesaChanging some printouts
2014-04-14 zconesaCoverity fixes: protection and memory leak fix
2014-04-14 mbrozAdding part for cut variation
2014-04-14 azimmermbugfix AddTask macro
2014-04-14 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-04-14 rbertens RMS treatment of systematics
2014-04-14 rbertens updated plots (suggestions from oliver) added qa for...
2014-04-14 rbertens new addtask macros from naghmeh
2014-04-14 morsch- finish implementation of direct gammas in the EM...
2014-04-14 jbookMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-04-14 jbookupdate nano prod (looser for 10h)
2014-04-14 maszymanadded macros for Kaon Femto train in pPb MC
2014-04-14 bdoeniguMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-04-14 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - changes in AddTask for systematic...
2014-04-14 mchojnaccorrect a typo
2014-04-14 fprinoFix for coverity defect
2014-04-14 mvlFix coverity warning with const simple type argument...
2014-04-14 zampolliUpdating configuration for ACORDE and TRD.
2014-04-14 zampolliUpdating info for TRD (file for test setup was forgotte...
2014-04-14 zampolliUpdating info for ACORDE and TRD
2014-04-14 fbelliniModified axis ranges (Massimo)
2014-04-14 mflorisMacros improvements
2014-04-14 mflorisAliParticleYield Metadata fixes
2014-04-14 mflorisImproved printing in AliParticleYield and added new...
2014-04-14 mflorisImproved searching helpers in AliParticleYield
2014-04-14 mflorisFixed bug in AliParticleYield constructors
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded macros for ratios and yields
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded type for averaged values
2014-04-14 mflorisFixes to particle find methods
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded machinery to find and manipulate particles\n...
2014-04-14 lmilanoeta selection fixed
2014-04-14 prsnkoAdded pi0-hadron correlations
2014-04-14 prsnkoAdded Ecore; added check of TOF calculation
2014-04-14 prsnkoCoreEnergy calculation added
2014-04-13 saiolafix histogram labels and binning; add delta scale facto...
2014-04-13 cholmRename for annoying HFS+ - sigh.
2014-04-13 cholmDeleted
2014-04-13 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-04-13 cholmRenamed RunQA.sh to RunQAOld.sh because MacOSX apparent...
2014-04-13 mvlFrom Xianguo: Add more histos for secondaries
2014-04-12 aurasCovariance matrix for muon global tracks
2014-04-12 hristovUpdates from Antonio
2014-04-12 azimmermTesting the patch
2014-04-11 rgrossoCorrect bug in AliCDBLocal::QueryValidFiles
2014-04-11 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-04-11 fbock- fixed handling of added signals for LHC14a1b&c (...
2014-04-11 maszymanupdated macro for Kaon femto analysis
2014-04-11 fbock- commented couts
2014-04-11 fbock- fix
2014-04-11 fbock- fixed handling of added signals for LHC14a1b&c (...
2014-04-11 maszymanupdated macro for Kaon femto analysis
2014-04-11 morschprotection added
2014-04-11 fbock- commented couts
2014-04-11 fbock- addtask revisited
2014-04-11 fbock- fix
2014-04-11 fbock- commented couts
2014-04-11 cholm- addtask revisited
2014-04-11 cholm- fix
2014-04-11 cholm- changes for the reweighting part
2014-04-11 jbookaddtask update
2014-04-11 shahoianadded pythia MB as generator=3
2014-04-11 cholmreduce isolated photon fiducial area
2014-04-11 cholmwagon for photon isolation spectra analysis with CaloTr...