2012-10-14 fbelliniMoved old macros for lego_train into lego_train/old...
2012-10-14 fbelliniUpdated cut classes and macro for Sigma* analysis ...
2012-10-14 fbelliniRemoval of absolute value for PDG of true pairs - bug fix
2012-10-13 morsch- Tuning muon cuts parameters for the pass2 of LHC11c...
2012-10-13 gconesabsimplify arguments
2012-10-13 gconesabadd a print to check the selected linearity
2012-10-13 gconesabcorrect some axis labels
2012-10-13 mbombaraMarek: added AliAnalysisTaskV0ChCorrelations
2012-10-13 mbombaraMarek: first commit test of V0Ch correlations task
2012-10-12 morschUpdates
2012-10-12 prinoMethods to get the decay length and pointing angle...
2012-10-12 snellingtest task to replace phi and K* analysis
2012-10-12 rpreghennew directory for (anti)deuteron coalescence analysis...
2012-10-12 miwebercorrect efficiency/acceptance histograms (centrality...
2012-10-12 agheataDisabled input caching in PROOF mode.
2012-10-11 zampolliFix.
2012-10-11 loizidesupdate
2012-10-11 hristovDo not accept any event if the selection is wrong ...
2012-10-11 cbaumannchange Config name
2012-10-11 jbook- output per trigger classes
2012-10-11 cbaumannbugfix
2012-10-11 cbaumannmerge in changes from GSI repository
2012-10-11 zconesaAdding SPI8 trigger to the OADB and VEvent
2012-10-11 hqvigstaminor consistancy corrections.
2012-10-11 ssakaiupdated
2012-10-11 akisielFix warnings
2012-10-11 zampolliUpdating fit range to deal with possible high backgroun...
2012-10-11 kleinbrequire its refit for all hybrid tracks
2012-10-11 kleinbITSRefit needed for 2011 hybrid tracks
2012-10-11 kleinbadd setters
2012-10-10 hqvigstamoved FillMerge macro to macro/LEGO dir.
2012-10-10 hqvigstaadded macro for copying LEGO run files from grid
2012-10-10 kleinbadding requirement on tzero or vzero if needed
2012-10-10 jbook- add V0 qvector variables
2012-10-10 gconesabadd in isolation task histograms dependent on NLM
2012-10-10 cbaumannchange variables for AOD analysis
2012-10-10 cbaumannadd switch to macros
2012-10-10 gvolpeSetting of run number for the CDB manager deleted ...
2012-10-10 belikovRe-drawing the data points on top of previously drawn...
2012-10-10 cbaumannfill variables for AODs
2012-10-10 abercuciremove spurious printf
2012-10-10 abercucifix error in saving pt, eta, phi
2012-10-10 belikovA few changes neeeded for the calculations of new effic...
2012-10-10 cbaumannAdd CrossedRows over Findable Cut
2012-10-10 fbelliniAdded DCA variables to AliRsnValueDaughter (mvala)
2012-10-09 agheataFrom Mihaela: Latest QAtrain_duo.C version used in...
2012-10-09 shahoianUpdated macros for new geometry
2012-10-09 prinoadded pointer protection after dynamic casts to fix...
2012-10-09 hqvigstaFixed macro TString input argument default value, it...
2012-10-09 gconesabAdd histograms checking the particle content in cone...
2012-10-09 gconesabAdd histograms checking the cluster energy after split
2012-10-09 prinoFix
2012-10-09 gconesabapply to splitted clusters non linearity correction
2012-10-09 mcosentimaking the container name parameterized
2012-10-09 mcosenticoverity fix
2012-10-09 gconesabminor coding violations
2012-10-09 gconesabcoverity, coding
2012-10-08 marianAdding the README file - calibration componets for...
2012-10-08 prinoCoverity
2012-10-08 prinoCoverity
2012-10-08 wiechulao update files
2012-10-08 cvetanAdd task macro for QA with trigger selection
2012-10-08 mcosenticoverity fix
2012-10-08 zconesaFixes + ameliorations
2012-10-08 zconesaPossibility to retrieve the sigma and peak uncertainties
2012-10-08 hqvigstaUpdates to PHOSPi0Flow QA macros
2012-10-08 wiechulao remove constraint of local analysis
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect energy cut to fill histograms
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect filling of energy and time cluster variable
2012-10-08 cbaumannadd ITS Cut
2012-10-08 cbaumannmacro update
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2012-10-08 gconesabadd histograms to check pile up
2012-10-08 gconesabadd pile-up event counter based on SPD
2012-10-08 mcosenticompleting the change
2012-10-08 zconesaFixes on the multiple fits stability
2012-10-08 snellingsmall bugfix for a possible floating point exception...
2012-10-08 ssakaiupdated
2012-10-08 jklein- improve protection against data in impossible padrows...
2012-10-08 loizidesupdates
2012-10-08 rbailhacNext lego train
2012-10-08 mcosentiincluding option to select files to be analysed
2012-10-08 jthaederThe first version of the HLT pre-seeding for TPC tracking
2012-10-08 maseraUpdated to work with the RecPoint Container
2012-10-08 gconesabmove pile up check to separte method
2012-10-08 rbailhacUpdate
2012-10-08 prinoSet values in fIsSelectedCuts and fIsSelectedPID member...
2012-10-08 hristovPatch needed by HLT (Sergei)
2012-10-08 allaT0 trigger based event selection implemented
2012-10-08 maseraAdded pixel support + bug fix for the holes position...
2012-10-08 gconesaballow parameterization of pile-up rejection via spd...
2012-10-08 jthaeder Fixes a small problem with finding clusters close...
2012-10-08 jthaederUpdates from David Rohr to add checks for fakes and...
2012-10-08 zconesaFix bining
2012-10-08 zconesaFix D0 mass filling
2012-10-08 zconesaSet properly the limits for projections
2012-10-07 morschComments added
2012-10-07 gconesabAdd histogram NLM vs fraction E gen /reco, other fixes
2012-10-07 gconesab minor fixes for previous commit
2012-10-05 gconesabcorrect compilation warning