2010-03-27 morschBrute force initialisation of V(,) array at the beginni...
2010-03-27 pchristAdding the pt dependent dca cut
2010-03-27 pchristFixing warning and adding new functionality (Andrey)
2010-03-27 zampolliTypos fixed.
2010-03-27 kleinb fixing memory leak, add delete before return
2010-03-26 kleinbIncrease ClassDef
2010-03-26 andronicfixed one warning
2010-03-26 morschRecover correctly the collision geometry.
2010-03-26 prinoNew macro to create RecoParam object for 2010 data...
2010-03-26 zampolliChanging TTL.
2010-03-26 zampolliTypo fixed.
2010-03-26 kleinbfixed coding violations
2010-03-26 coppedisMacro added
2010-03-26 kleinbDo not overwrite pointer to folder, delete before creat...
2010-03-26 laphecetFollowing backward incompatible changes in AliSimulatio...
2010-03-26 abercuci- plot no clusters/track as function of PID
2010-03-26 kleinbAdding fragmentation function task, compiled locally
2010-03-26 morschWe have implemented, in AliGenMuonlib.cxx, the possibil...
2010-03-26 hristovBug fix
2010-03-26 agheataFrom D.Stocco: changed data member types to explicit...
2010-03-26 richtermupdate of HLT TRD reconstruction macro (Theo)
2010-03-25 richtermActivating some parts of the code which have been comme...
2010-03-25 decaroUpdated code to read LV.and.HV status maps during a...
2010-03-25 decaroCoding convention violations: fixed
2010-03-25 daineseCoding rules
2010-03-25 jotwinowincrease class number
2010-03-25 jotwinowadditional functionality
2010-03-25 aszostakFixing bug in generated trigger logic code for checking...
2010-03-25 cblumeThe changes are:
2010-03-25 gconesabUpdates from Renzhuo to enter the mini train
2010-03-25 morschUpdated
2010-03-25 zampolliTypos fixed.
2010-03-25 morschUpdates.
2010-03-25 zampolliChanging structure of the directory:
2010-03-25 maseraFixing coding conventions violations
2010-03-25 kkanaki- commented out the line sim.SetMakeTrigger(""); ,...
2010-03-25 aszostakFixing bugs.
2010-03-25 aszostakFix for bug https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?64829
2010-03-25 morschProtection against division by 0
2010-03-25 hdalsgaaUpgrades and fixes of warnings from FC
2010-03-25 snellingfixes code viols
2010-03-25 hristovTechnical fix: possibility to use partial EMCAL geometry
2010-03-25 martinezFixing warnings
2010-03-25 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warning
2010-03-25 kkanaki- complete modification of the creation of AliTPCseed...
2010-03-25 maseraFixing coding conventions violations
2010-03-25 cblumeFurther 3% more speed for pp (Theo)
2010-03-25 cblumeSpeedup up clusterizer (Theo)
2010-03-25 rgrossoadding the date to the comment and other updates
2010-03-25 cblumeBug fix for the case HLT is running but no track found...
2010-03-25 rpreghencoding conventions
2010-03-25 cvetanAdding time delays (channel-by-channel) as an OCDB...
2010-03-25 rgrossoAdded the method AddDateToComment, adding the current...
2010-03-25 abercuci- new resolution picture for track resolution vs MC
2010-03-25 cblumeMake data members static for speed (Theo)
2010-03-25 kleinbMake operator= private, modified copy c'tor (Gustavo)
2010-03-24 decaroBug fixed
2010-03-24 akisielFixing coding rule violations
2010-03-24 decaroCoding convention violations: fixed
2010-03-24 morsch- dimuon Dalitz included
2010-03-24 daineseAdding more histograms
2010-03-24 morschWarnings corrected.
2010-03-24 morschWarning corrected.
2010-03-24 morschWarnings corrected.
2010-03-24 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2010-03-24 shahoianadded comments to satisfy coding conventions
2010-03-24 gconesabJetCorrel fixes for mini train (Paul Constantin)
2010-03-24 zampolli******** From the discussion at the Offline Week, 19...
2010-03-24 prinoUpdate sign of SDD correction map (S. Beole)
2010-03-24 jgrosseocoding violation fixes
2010-03-24 jgrosseofixed warning
2010-03-24 mikolajfixes for coding violations
2010-03-24 kleinbremoving obsolete code, for propagation of TPC only...
2010-03-24 kleinbMemory leak initialize AODJet to 0
2010-03-24 daineseCompilation warnings
2010-03-24 hdalsgaaFixing coding violations from FC
2010-03-24 kleinbDo not Dump the track info for high p_T just print out
2010-03-24 abercuciadd configurable segmentation for y resolution/residual...
2010-03-24 abercuciupdates requested by HLT
2010-03-24 cvetanCorrected default values.
2010-03-24 jthaederfixing compilation in HLT build system
2010-03-24 abercucinew short-cut macro to merge performance files
2010-03-24 abercuciadded documentation
2010-03-24 odjuvslaFederico: Adding special rec point for EMCAL
2010-03-24 odjuvslaFederico: AliHLTEMCALGeometry handles transformation...
2010-03-24 odjuvsla- added energy correction from AliPHOSPIDv1
2010-03-24 odjuvsla- dummy implementation of CDB interface functions.
2010-03-24 cvetanCoding conv viols fixed.
2010-03-24 abercucinew resolution plots
2010-03-24 gconesabUpdates from Paul Constantin
2010-03-24 fcaMore stable numerical calculation of combined mass
2010-03-24 hristovFixes for report #64730 High virtual memory consumption...
2010-03-24 morschAvoid numerical problems in calc. if eff. mass.
2010-03-24 agheataFix a shadowed variable
2010-03-24 kleinbforward declaration of TString
2010-03-24 kleinbDelete TRefArray before placement new, avoid mem leak
2010-03-23 akisielFix warnings
2010-03-23 maseranew method added for the Mean threshold scan (A. Mastro...
2010-03-23 maseraCoding conventions fixes
2010-03-23 richtermadding cmake setup for HLT TRD macros, update of macro...