2010-04-01 cvetanCorrected HV values for PbPb. MIP at 2 ADC.
2010-04-01 mtadelFrom Mario:
2010-04-01 morschOne more plot.
2010-04-01 fcaFixing bug #60988: Worrying message from InitPlaneEff
2010-04-01 gvolpeStored time information in the hits
2010-04-01 cvetanMacros used to produce the OCDB entries for MC. One...
2010-04-01 cvetanCorrected PM gain for V0C 27
2010-04-01 abercuci- new pulls plots
2010-04-01 morschAddFriend in Notify()
2010-04-01 rpreghenfixed memory leak in PHYSICS DA and updated configurati...
2010-04-01 mploskonVZERO deps for EMCAL
2010-04-01 daineseUpdate
2010-04-01 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-04-01 daineseadded TPC dcaz VS eta
2010-04-01 fcaCoding Conventions
2010-04-01 jgrosseosupport for first 7 tev runs
2010-04-01 kleinbDo not reset a zero pointer to MC info
2010-03-31 kharlovProtection against double setting of bad channels.
2010-03-31 cvetanRemoving obsolete code.
2010-03-31 dsilvermFrom Jiri and Francesco: code to look at TRU L0 info
2010-03-31 slindalAdded missing deletes
2010-03-31 slindalremoved unnecessary cout
2010-03-31 slindalMerge branch 'trigger'
2010-03-31 slindalchanged max matching distance to 40cm in globaltrackmatcher
2010-03-31 slindalAdded OCDB configuration object for EMCAL Cluster energ...
2010-03-31 dsilvermskip dead and hot check step in DA
2010-03-31 morschSwitch... was called twice.
2010-03-31 agheataA fix for being able to compile the par file of ANALYSI...
2010-03-31 cvetanCoding conv viols fixed (Raphael)
2010-03-31 cvetanAdding the TDC thresholds to the calib object. To be...
2010-03-31 morsch- Reset the MC header in FinishEvent
2010-03-31 abercucifix momentum axis for no of tracklets vs momentum
2010-03-31 kkanaki- added helper macro for changing the run validity...
2010-03-31 ppillotDisable MUON raw data display
2010-03-31 gconesabadd line in wagon to select only physics events
2010-03-31 belikovCreating a new AliTrackerBase class out of the STEER...
2010-03-31 abercuciprotect function against missing data
2010-03-31 morschVariable shadowing corrected.
2010-03-31 shahoiansmall fixes to suppress the warnings
2010-03-31 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2010-03-31 miskoUNICOR version used for the HBT draft version 1.3.
2010-03-31 abercucifix warning
2010-03-31 fcaFixing bug #64807: preprocessor macro AliErrorClass...
2010-03-31 fcaFixing bug #61046: Patch for MONITOR/bin*.pkg for Mac...
2010-03-31 morschCall
2010-03-31 pchristMinor changes (remove TMath::Abs from the dca distribut...
2010-03-31 pchristBug fix for the absorption in y (Michal)
2010-03-31 aszostakBug fix in copying object and improved documentation.
2010-03-30 snellingfix for bug introduced with last checkin
2010-03-30 cholmViolation fixes
2010-03-30 morsch- delete mcparticles in FinishEvent avoids error messag...
2010-03-30 ivanaIn UpdateCDBCTPConfig.C:
2010-03-30 ivanaUpdate AliMUONRecoCheck to find the corresponding track...
2010-03-30 decaroDQM histogram ranges updated. Added new methods. More...
2010-03-30 aszostakFixing coding violations.
2010-03-30 maseraBug fix in AliITStrackerMI::CookLabel. Now the track...
2010-03-30 abercuciadd more points for no of tracklet probab as function...
2010-03-30 kowal2Corrected bug in the gas density correction
2010-03-30 abercuciRobust Sqrt functionality for [2x2] sym matrix
2010-03-30 abercucicorrect manipulation of covariance matrix for pulls...
2010-03-30 gconesabAdd Shower Shape parameters histograms and time vs...
2010-03-30 maseraChanges to method AliITSQADataMakerRec::ResetDetector...
2010-03-30 kowal2Gas values corrected for the real P/T
2010-03-29 dsilvermLED DA now also for PHYSICS, not just STANDALONE
2010-03-29 marianModifiing macros to extract OCDB.
2010-03-29 kleinbpick up QAsym from PWG1 and compile stand alone
2010-03-29 marian// Macro to generate and update OCDB entries for a...
2010-03-29 marianMakeing run list for the OCDB browser
2010-03-29 slindalfixed endofline error
2010-03-29 slindalAdded changes from Indra
2010-03-29 slindalfrom Indra: added library deps for muon display updates
2010-03-29 dainesechanged slot number in Terminate
2010-03-29 daineseConverted to AliAnalysisTaskSE
2010-03-29 slindalRevert "from:Indra updated muon EVE code"
2010-03-29 agheataFix some shadowing variables
2010-03-29 kowal2Drift gas density corrected for the pressure.
2010-03-29 slindalincreased number of pads on TRD canvas
2010-03-29 agheataA fix when in production mode.
2010-03-29 kharlovForward declarartion is replaced by #include
2010-03-29 shahoianThe class for LHC DIP data was completely changed
2010-03-29 kkanaki- small change of the creation of AliTPCseed
2010-03-29 ppillotIncrease transparency
2010-03-29 slindalfrom:Indra updated muon EVE code
2010-03-29 abercucifix plot Ntracklets/track as function pf p
2010-03-29 agheataNew features implemented in the alien plugin:
2010-03-29 morschUpdates.
2010-03-29 morschUpdate and bug correction.
2010-03-29 shahoianCoding convention fixes
2010-03-29 kharlovForward declaration of TVector3 is replaced by #include
2010-03-29 odjuvsla- fixing binning
2010-03-29 morschI have included the possibility to simulate only Lambda...
2010-03-29 abercuciplot fixes
2010-03-29 morschNew CAF qa scripts and macro.
2010-03-29 kowal2Corrected values for the drift gas mixture
2010-03-29 morschObsolete
2010-03-29 dsilvermadding LED Ref FEE channels to PED DA and execute LED...
2010-03-28 gconesabavoid crash when getting EMCAL global position
2010-03-28 marianA guiAlias.C - macros from TPC/calibMacros...
2010-03-28 ppillotAdd MUON display
2010-03-28 marianMacros moved to the TPC/scripts/OCDBscan directory