2011-01-18 loizidesStd settings
2011-01-18 pulvirUpdate to macros for wider multiplicity axis and fixed...
2011-01-18 amastrosAliDebug removal
2011-01-18 amarinadding pt histos for contamination in gammas, adding...
2011-01-18 gconesabRemove unnecessary print from QA class
2011-01-18 amastrosfix for memory leak and mods according to ITStrackerV2
2011-01-18 mflorisAliTriggerAnalisys:
2011-01-18 morschConsistency of Filter and Tender restored (D. Caffarri)
2011-01-18 hristovFixed compilation
2011-01-18 hristovFixed creation of par files (:aurent)
2011-01-18 belikovForcing the order of the V0 daughter inside the constructor
2011-01-18 maseraRemoving one overlap with the TPC mother volume (M...
2011-01-18 richtermenable keyword substitution
2011-01-18 richtermusing HLT logging instead of AliLog to avoid dependencies
2011-01-18 richtermimplementated parsing of online XML configuration file...
2011-01-18 jgrosseosome small fixes (Chiara)
2011-01-18 hristovSetting ALICE_INSTALL from the environment variable
2011-01-18 hristovCompilation of the ITS upgrade libraries (Annalisa...
2011-01-17 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2011-01-17 kleinbAdding status code to enum for embedded tracks
2011-01-17 pulvirAdd some specific tasks for specific resonances and...
2011-01-17 daineseNew task for QA of ITS standalone tracks (Francesco...
2011-01-17 hristovCreation of par files with CMake
2011-01-17 hdalsgaaMacro to add the energy distribution task to the train
2011-01-17 loizidesconst
2011-01-17 hristovChanges fo bug #77081: Fix to making pars
2011-01-17 jgrosseoupdate to use getter for OADB path
2011-01-17 daineseAdded pt-dep min d0 cut
2011-01-17 snellingimplementing suggestions from V. Koch (differential...
2011-01-17 agheatachanges for high multiplicity (J.Otwinowski)
2011-01-17 hristovFixes for bug #77018: Class versions AliESDEvent and...
2011-01-17 coppedisUpdated PEDESTAL DA
2011-01-17 hristovRemove duplicated class
2011-01-17 jgrosseoproof package support for OADB
2011-01-17 cholmAdded ignore
2011-01-17 jotwinowreduce memory consumption and add high multiplicity...
2011-01-17 cholmAdded ignore
2011-01-17 cholmAdded ignore
2011-01-17 cholmUpdates
2011-01-17 cholmAdded missing CMake file for PWG2/FORWARD/analysis2/
2011-01-17 loizidesIntroduce and adapt parameters ala arXiv:1101.2231v1
2011-01-17 agheatapipe support for the error bar (C.Holm), minor fix...
2011-01-17 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2011-01-17 cholmDoc updates
2011-01-17 cholmUpdates
2011-01-17 cholmDoc updates
2011-01-17 daineseadded AliNormalizationCounter (Francesco)
2011-01-17 jgrosseoinitialize track cuts only once in getrefmultiplicity
2011-01-17 jgrosseobug fix
2011-01-17 jgrosseosmall updates to the multiplicity code
2011-01-17 jgrosseofix for the case of merging older files
2011-01-17 daineseSwitch on again LS (switched off by mistake)
2011-01-16 morschDocumentation lines, consistency checks, ...
2011-01-16 gconesabAdd method to trace back the first common ancestor...
2011-01-16 hristovPartial restoration of the par file functionallity
2011-01-16 gconesabAllow fill histograms for AODs case, remnat of the...
2011-01-15 morschServices for default objects added.
2011-01-15 hristovFixed include file (Johen)
2011-01-15 hristovPossibility to set the geant3 location via GEANT3DIR
2011-01-15 hristovRemoving wrong -m32 (Jochen)
2011-01-15 daineseSpeed up the code
2011-01-15 morschSetter added.
2011-01-15 morschGetCentrality now in base class AliVEvent
2011-01-14 cholmVarious updates
2011-01-14 hristovChanges for report #75287: ITS cluster sharing info...
2011-01-14 morschUpdated example
2011-01-14 morschGetters added.
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2011-01-14 ivanaFixing memory leak introduced with rev. 45388
2011-01-14 hristovAdding OADB to CMake
2011-01-14 hristovAdding OADB to CMake
2011-01-14 morschSetter for fTRDsignal added.
2011-01-14 kleinbadded protection against missing 4 vector area
2011-01-14 morschBug fixes.
2011-01-14 morschBug Fix.
2011-01-14 kleinbAdd setting of status flag for TPConly tracks constrain...
2011-01-14 loizidesFix
2011-01-14 gconesabAdd & when setting TString to avoid crashes
2011-01-14 kleinbChanges for reading Embedded tracks in the cluster...
2011-01-14 kleinbChanges for reading Embedded tracks in the cluster...
2011-01-14 morschOADB added
2011-01-14 morschAliOADBContainer first commit.
2011-01-14 kleinbChanges for running with background subtraction
2011-01-14 kleinbAdded 4 Area backgroudn subtraction
2011-01-14 mflorisMacro to run over all centrality bins
2011-01-14 hristovFixed install target
2011-01-14 kkanaki- making possible to run for a multiple set of cuts...
2011-01-14 morschAddTask was missing.
2011-01-14 amastrosfixes for memory leaks and a bug in loading clusters
2011-01-14 coppedisTask to check ZDC data QA
2011-01-14 mflorisChanges for event-by-event and cosmetics
2011-01-14 dsilvermbranch and binsize tweaks to time-dependent corr
2011-01-14 kowal2Corrections in the TPC mother volume geometry in order...
2011-01-14 richtermadding methods for handling ESDEvent objects outside...
2011-01-14 richtermadding libAliHLTUtil to dependencies
2011-01-14 richtermmoving implementation of template function to header...
2011-01-14 richtermrestoring functionality of unit tests
2011-01-14 hristovFix for bug #76956: Make Info msg like 'Branch <XXX...
2011-01-14 hristovFix for bug #76953: Do not fail if ~/.trdQArec or ...
2011-01-14 hristovFix for bug #76932: Fix missing TEveException argument