2011-02-17 slindalFixing warnings
2011-02-17 daineseSpeed-up (Francesco)
2011-02-17 agheataCoverity fix from Chiara
2011-02-17 marianForgotten commit
2011-02-17 marianBug fix
2011-02-17 marianAdditional protection
2011-02-17 marianadding protection in case of missing sub-calibration
2011-02-16 prinoAdapt macro to read old SDD map format
2011-02-16 marianAliTPCtrackerMI.cxx -> Adding mutliplicity dependent...
2011-02-16 rvernetmemory leak (diego)
2011-02-16 marianAdding protection
2011-02-16 prinoAdded macro to plot the SDD correction maps stored...
2011-02-16 gconesabremove double initialization of emcal geometry, use...
2011-02-16 gconesabchange AliWarning and AliError to AliDebug to avoid...
2011-02-16 marianremoving AnalisysManager warning
2011-02-16 smaEMCAL not yet added. Revert change and postpone to...
2011-02-16 smaCorrections for Coverity warnings
2011-02-16 martinezFixes to run w/o OCDB infotrmation (in that case the...
2011-02-16 martinezFix to correctly set mother type with Phojet simulation...
2011-02-16 martinezAlso count tracks and events in the intermediate centra...
2011-02-16 agheataProtected cases when the user forgot to load the librar...
2011-02-16 cholmMore clean-up
2011-02-16 kleinbfixed type
2011-02-16 kleinbfixed seeting of eta cut
2011-02-16 cholmVarious
2011-02-16 cholmFixed a bug
2011-02-16 cholmCritical fixes to the SPD cluser code:
2011-02-16 agheataChanged ranges (Chiara)
2011-02-16 agheatatechnical fix for insufficient array size allocation
2011-02-16 gconesabremove debug message, change other
2011-02-16 gconesabfix to be able to use again standard fitting mode
2011-02-16 marianWarning removal
2011-02-16 marianremoving warnings
2011-02-16 laphecetCoverity fix
2011-02-16 rvernetcoverity defects
2011-02-16 agheataAdded new ZDC QA task (Chiara)
2011-02-16 cholmFixes for coverty complaints
2011-02-16 jgrosseowarning fixes
2011-02-16 kowal2Corrected MAJOR defects
2011-02-16 rvernetcoverity defects
2011-02-16 prinoMacros to chack SDD online calibrations updated for...
2011-02-16 mflorisFixes for MC runnning
2011-02-16 kkanaki- small improvement in the plotting style
2011-02-16 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-16 laphecetCoverity fix
2011-02-16 laphecetCoverity fix
2011-02-16 maseraCoverity fix
2011-02-16 prinoUpdated computation of truncated mean of dE/dx from...
2011-02-16 morschWe noticed that we did not provide in AliESDtrackCuts...
2011-02-16 morschI prepared a new file for centrality, it uses the multi...
2011-02-16 morschChanges in control histograms.
2011-02-16 maseraFix for a Coverity warning
2011-02-15 marianAdding the new calibration class for the multiplicity...
2011-02-15 marianChange of the Class version
2011-02-15 marianAliTPCClusterParam.h -> simple Getter for Matrix
2011-02-15 kleinbadded histograms and methods for fetching the leading...
2011-02-15 kleinbsetting the eta range for clustered tracks, adding...
2011-02-15 kleinbCoeverity fixes, changed hard-coded track eta of 0...
2011-02-15 morschCorrection of friend connection when used locally.
2011-02-15 marianAdd new class for drift velocity
2011-02-15 daineseAdded selection bits
2011-02-15 morschClass Version increased.
2011-02-15 gconesabset matching residuals
2011-02-15 slindalremoving PartCorrDep dependencies
2011-02-15 marianWarning fixes
2011-02-15 fcaIntroduce smell generator plus some small fixes
2011-02-15 marianWrong commit before -
2011-02-15 prinoUpdated PbPb params
2011-02-15 coppedisUpdated analysis task
2011-02-15 marianmaking object steamable
2011-02-15 pulvirFix of a bug that arises when adding more than 1 functi...
2011-02-15 marianAliTPCcalibTimeGain.cxx - Adding the Gamma conversion...
2011-02-15 marianAliTPCcalibAlign.cxx - changes in filling lookup table
2011-02-15 pulvirCorrected assignment operator
2011-02-15 cholmAdded script
2011-02-15 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-02-15 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-15 richtermbugfix: snprintf takes care of the terminating 0, strnc...
2011-02-15 richtermfixing minor memory leak, using safe string operations
2011-02-15 richtermimplementing safe string operations
2011-02-15 richtermremoving old remnant and obsolete condition which becam...
2011-02-15 morschUpdated run range and scaling.
2011-02-15 cholmAdded class to make the dN/deta from SPD cluster
2011-02-15 cholmAdded task to make the dN/deta from SPD clusters
2011-02-15 richtermimplementing pid hypothesis in track loop, and configur...
2011-02-15 richtermadding support for xml files in AliHLTSystem (Lars)
2011-02-15 richtermupdate of xml configuration parser (Lars)
2011-02-15 rgrossoupdated version (by Andrea)
2011-02-15 decaroFix for coverity
2011-02-15 decaroFix for coverity
2011-02-15 morschDefault of fDecaysOff is 3
2011-02-15 decaroFix for coverity
2011-02-15 gconesabmove printf to debug
2011-02-15 slindalAdded cut to branch name
2011-02-15 pulvirAdded a new cut on comparison of daughters' momenta...
2011-02-15 hdalsgaascript to run energy fits from a file
2011-02-15 allawith TOF satisfied request about writng in ESD T0...
2011-02-15 cholmFixes
2011-02-14 morschInitialisation corrected.
2011-02-14 morschReturn value corrected. (Carlos Perez Lara)