2013-12-03 lmilanoadded functions to get the mass according to AliHelperP...
2013-12-03 jgrosseocentrality flattening
2013-12-03 jgrosseomore centrality bins
2013-12-03 jgrosseomarcro updates
2013-12-03 tbreitneBug fix: AliHLTComponent::ConfigureFromArgumentString
2013-12-03 atoiaadd centrality V0A wo innermost ring
2013-12-03 lmilano- Coverity fix - TOF signal from PID response
2013-12-03 shahoianOptionally produce a tree with cluster topologies ...
2013-12-02 jklein- implementation of TRD level-1 trigger conditions...
2013-12-02 zampolliRemoving extern call to gROOT to allow compilation...
2013-12-02 dgangadhPlotting macro updates
2013-12-02 jbook-fix asako part1
2013-12-02 fbelliniFix for TRD/noTRD related histos + cleanup of comments
2013-12-02 jgrosseofix for on the fly MC generation
2013-12-02 kleinb- Added following dimensions to pT resolution output...
2013-12-02 jgrosseochanges needed for MC generation on the fly
2013-12-02 jgrosseoAddition to the analysis framework (Andrei, Jan Fiete):
2013-12-02 maseraadded grounding wire in SDD + improvements in SPD ...
2013-12-02 fbockadjustments in normal task & modifications in AddTasks
2013-12-02 shahoianFix to make sure that the run number is set to CDB...
2013-12-02 rbailhacFix MC efficiencies more
2013-12-02 dgangadhAdd more Mult histos
2013-12-02 rbailhacTOF MC efficiency
2013-12-02 rbailhacFix for MC efficiencies
2013-12-02 miwebernew version of the LRC code (Christoph Mayer <Christoph...
2013-12-02 lmilanoBayesian PID added
2013-12-02 kleinb- Next round of coverity fixes (related to "const")
2013-12-02 fbelliniFix for coverity + improved beta version
2013-12-02 lmilanoVZERO-A default selection for LHC10h
2013-12-02 jgrosseoupdate from Christoph
2013-12-02 fbelliniAdded config macro for K* analysis with TPC (S.Singha)
2013-12-01 gconesabinit mag. field for ESDs, not necessary in maker, neede...
2013-11-29 kleinb- Added geometrical track cut (can be switched on/off
2013-11-29 loizidesadded geo path and updated macro to be able to specify...
2013-11-29 rgrossoIn the local storage case, AliCDBManager::GetAll, via...
2013-11-29 gconesabremove idle dependencies on CaloTrackCorr classes
2013-11-29 gconesabAdd histograms for Not leading photons/pi0
2013-11-29 rbertensupdates to unfolding
2013-11-29 gconesabplot rapidity not eta of primary photon
2013-11-29 gconesabopen primary photon histogram limits
2013-11-29 gconesabcoverity: remove unnecesary consts in methods declaration
2013-11-29 mchojnacPrtinting some info during the calculation
2013-11-29 gconesabcoverity: remove unnecesary consts in methods declaration
2013-11-29 cvetanFix
2013-11-29 agheataReverted leftover debug info
2013-11-29 gconesabcoverity: remove unnecesary consts in methods declaration
2013-11-29 loizidesFrom Marta:
2013-11-29 gconesabprotection for edge centrality and bin setting
2013-11-29 gconesabprotection for edge centrality and bin setting
2013-11-29 miweberadding correction maps for 2011 hybrids
2013-11-28 gconesabin case of ESDs use hybrid track definition for 2011...
2013-11-28 shahoianFix in combinatorics
2013-11-28 mvlFixes for QA train from Marta
2013-11-28 morschCall FindFixBin instead of FindBin for eta correction...
2013-11-28 fbelliniUpdated macros for K* in pA analysis and QA monitoring
2013-11-28 morschremove a printout of missing TRD PID Response parameter...
2013-11-28 fbelliniAdded TPC crossed rows customizable cuts and values...
2013-11-28 fbockConversionCuts extended for Eventplane angle cut, thus...
2013-11-28 pchristaAdding more bins in QA (Alis)
2013-11-28 mbrozChange of cuts for two track loop
2013-11-28 jbook-change order of cuts (should speed up a little)
2013-11-28 lmilanocoverity fix
2013-11-28 gconesabplotting cosmetics
2013-11-28 dgangadhK0s code update (Matt Steinpreis)
2013-11-28 dgangadhK0s code update (Matt Steinpreis)
2013-11-28 mflorisFix in IsSecondaryFromWeakDecay (to properly account...
2013-11-28 loizidesFrom Marta:
2013-11-28 agheataAdded possibility to load automatically the field in...
2013-11-28 slindalset magnetic field if not set
2013-11-28 slindalSet magnetic field for each event if not set. Fixes...
2013-11-27 wiechulaadded new parameter kGetPairPlaneAngle to AliDielectron...
2013-11-27 rbailhacFix
2013-11-27 loizidesfrom Chris
2013-11-27 loizidesupdate from Ruediger
2013-11-27 agheataAllow for a user-initiated event loop with events provi...
2013-11-27 kleinb- Added efficiency step kStepRecWithRecCutsPrimaries
2013-11-27 gconesabadd plot for origin and distribution of MC particles...
2013-11-27 fbelliniModified lego train macro for Lambda(1520) analysis
2013-11-27 rbertensunfolding bugfixes and updates
2013-11-27 shahoianMade InitMagneticField a virtual method of the AliVEvent
2013-11-27 shahoianVarious fixes
2013-11-27 shahoianFixed alternative version, allows to access low pt...
2013-11-27 lmilanoTOF matching from PIDResponse task
2013-11-26 zconesaAdd 2 histograms for the combined multiplicity estimators
2013-11-26 shahoianInit raw cdb path if the storage is not initialized
2013-11-26 shahoianFix in the CheckCovariance to not rescale properly...
2013-11-26 spyropokinks in MC new binning
2013-11-26 morschAliRoot - Bugs: bug #103284, Urgent change in TOF PID...
2013-11-26 pchristaRemoving obsolete call
2013-11-26 lmilanocode cleaning + kTOFpid added to check TPOF matching
2013-11-26 lmilanopt axis extended
2013-11-26 rbertens - coverity fixes for AliFlowVector and AliFlowTrackCuts
2013-11-26 morschtypo fix
2013-11-26 lmilanosmall fix
2013-11-25 zconesafix histogram filling
2013-11-25 kharlovMacros for post-processing histograms produced by AliAn...
2013-11-25 lmilanocoverity fix
2013-11-25 akalweitWarning fix from coverity.
2013-11-25 miweberFlag for checking AliAODTrack::kPrimary
2013-11-25 miwebercoverity fix (NULL pointer check for binning in event...