2008-05-23 zampolliChanging the format of the default object stored in...
2008-05-23 belikovThe GRP CDB entry is not any more a TList, but a TMap
2008-05-23 mtadelFrom Yura: Add HMPID.
2008-05-23 richtermTPC commissioning run week 21 (Kennth, Gaute, Jochen)
2008-05-23 morschChange of interface.
2008-05-23 alla One more warning fixed
2008-05-23 ivanaRemoving redundant declaration
2008-05-23 ivana- Make alignment test script work again
2008-05-23 alla preprocessor stored DCS points in RefCDB
2008-05-23 richtermget rid of warnings
2008-05-23 mrodriguWarning Fixed
2008-05-23 coppedisWarnings fixed
2008-05-23 morschMethod shadowing corrected.
2008-05-23 belikovLittle change needed for the HMPID visualization.
2008-05-23 jgrosseofixed 2 warnings
2008-05-23 ivanaIn AliMUONGlobalCrateConfig:
2008-05-22 mrodriguWarnings Fixed
2008-05-22 polichehMisprint corrected.
2008-05-22 philleCoding conventions
2008-05-22 snellingctor and assop
2008-05-22 snellingctor and asingment
2008-05-22 maseraObject updated: parameters to treat bad channels
2008-05-22 maseraBug fix (Class version number)
2008-05-22 maseraDo not exit with AliFatal when the AliITSRecoParam...
2008-05-22 snellingremove some warnings (more to come)
2008-05-22 maseraRemoved pointers to TClonesArray
2008-05-22 gconesabcorrect typo
2008-05-22 coppedisUpdated Shuttle preprocessor for p-p collisions
2008-05-22 philleTemporary patch to fix bug in shared
2008-05-22 ivanaIn AliMUONRawStreamTriggerHP:
2008-05-22 mtadelclusters.C -- a new macro to display used/shared/non...
2008-05-22 belikovLittle changes needed for the visualization.
2008-05-22 maseraPossibility of reading AliAlignObj from OCDB (R. Grosso)
2008-05-22 morschProtection against 0x0 in TList.
2008-05-22 snellingmemory leaks
2008-05-22 vulpescuClean shadowed declarations
2008-05-22 cvetanRaw-reader should be reset.
2008-05-22 fcaUpdating for gfortran
2008-05-22 cvetanNew line missing.
2008-05-22 cvetanVariable shadowing fixed
2008-05-22 fcaShadwo warning fixed
2008-05-22 fcaWarnings fixed
2008-05-22 fcaShadow warnings fixed
2008-05-22 morschShadowed variable corrected.
2008-05-22 fcaReplace consts with defines
2008-05-22 fcaFixing warnings
2008-05-22 coppedisPDG code of incoming particles stored in ZDC hits
2008-05-22 fcaVariable shadowing fixed
2008-05-22 alla bug fix
2008-05-22 kharlovError with redeclaration of fCPVhits in constructor...
2008-05-22 basantaTwo PMD DA codes for online pedestal and gain calibration
2008-05-22 allasome warnings fixed
2008-05-21 morschLeftover from old vertex smearing method reset vertex...
2008-05-21 jklaybug fix from R. Grosso
2008-05-21 cblumeIntroduce additional services in the baby- and backframe
2008-05-21 marianAdding :FillClusterArray for visualization purposess...
2008-05-21 hristovChanges that were lost at version 25245: remove duplica...
2008-05-21 maseraRemoving compilation warnings
2008-05-21 belikovModifications suggested by Federico (Massimo)
2008-05-21 maseraWarnings removed
2008-05-21 hristovTemporary fix to avoid HLT overwriting the offline...
2008-05-21 maseraRemowing shadow warnings
2008-05-21 snellinguse the libPWG2flow
2008-05-21 agheata- Fix : the file handled by the output handler was...
2008-05-21 snellingenabling MC comparison
2008-05-21 akisielFix warnings
2008-05-21 haavardRemove STAT points from HighVoltage configuration ...
2008-05-21 snellingadded uQ method for proton-proton
2008-05-21 jgrosseofix that was missing in the last commit
2008-05-21 hdalsgaaRemoved pointers alltogether from the class members
2008-05-21 cvetanCompilation warning fixed
2008-05-21 belikovChange according to Federico's suggestions (Massimo)
2008-05-21 jgrosseofixing warnings
2008-05-21 zampolliWarning removed.
2008-05-21 mrodriguWarnings potentially serious in compilation fixed
2008-05-21 mrodriguWarnings potentially serious in compilation fixed
2008-05-21 decaroAdded the method FillClusterArray for the TOF cluster...
2008-05-21 cvetanBug fix.
2008-05-21 rvernetCorrection of warnings in ::Slice()
2008-05-21 basantaWarning is removed
2008-05-21 dibariWarnings potentially serious in compilation fixed.
2008-05-21 coppedisWarning fixed
2008-05-21 decaroUnused parameter: warning suppression
2008-05-21 morschInterface to EventPool needed for mixing analysis.
2008-05-21 hdalsgaaCorrected code to get rid of compilation warnings
2008-05-21 cvetanSerious bug fix! The SSD raw-data has not been simulate...
2008-05-21 morschExtra mother volumes for TRD services in back and baby...
2008-05-21 belikovThe magnetic field map is not anymore taken from gAlice...
2008-05-21 haavardUpdate configuration to make it possible to turn off...
2008-05-21 morschWe use 5.3.1 now.
2008-05-21 laphecetMore shadow variable warnings fixed
2008-05-21 zampolliWarning fixed.
2008-05-21 morschShadowed data member corrected.
2008-05-21 morschShadowed variable corrected.
2008-05-21 morschShadowed variable corrected.
2008-05-21 morschShadowed variables corrected.
2008-05-21 morschShadowed methods corrected.
2008-05-21 morschShadowed variables corrected.
2008-05-21 jklayfix compiler warnings
2008-05-21 jklayremove unnecessary histogram booking, filling, storing...