2010-08-23 kleinbAdd the efficiency estimation to common FF task.
2010-08-22 snellingrebin as function of pt
2010-08-21 zampolliAdding hadron level definition for TPC tracks.
2010-08-21 mflorisFixing kink normalization
2010-08-20 prinoComments and colors added to DQM histograms if problems...
2010-08-20 aszostakAllow fetching of the default local logging level.
2010-08-20 cblumeFix memory leak
2010-08-20 hristovFix for bug #70969: Memory leaks in AliTPCcalibDButil
2010-08-20 daineseCommented a printf
2010-08-20 smaAdd missing classes (first try)
2010-08-20 slindaluse common aodhandler on GSI train
2010-08-20 agheataRemoved setting analysis manager verbosity, which is...
2010-08-20 richtermadding helper method to extract object from the DSC map
2010-08-20 richtermadding libAliHLTGlobal and libAliHLTTrigger to the...
2010-08-20 richtermadding pointer protections and proper object casts...
2010-08-20 snellingsmarter input parsing
2010-08-20 daineseBug fix
2010-08-20 snellingscripts to run on PBS
2010-08-20 smaUpdate of the HFE package
2010-08-20 snellingadds possiblilty to use filelists as imput to run on...
2010-08-20 hristovSupport for old tar command, fix in the settings of...
2010-08-20 abercuciStart translation of the macros helper.C and AliTRDperf...
2010-08-20 kleinbfixed typo GetFidutial
2010-08-19 prinoAdd option for building ideal (no dead channels) calibr...
2010-08-19 snellingincreased default cut pt max value
2010-08-19 snellingadded subevents and used more recent settings
2010-08-19 agheataNew configuration for the TRD train.
2010-08-19 agheataFrom Michael Knichel: The THnSparses are not merged...
2010-08-19 snellingmacro to do alice flow analysis on star data
2010-08-19 mfaselMove macro DumpOCDBtoTree.C to Macros
2010-08-19 mfaselMove macro DumpOCDBtoTree.C to Macros
2010-08-19 snellingchanged behavior cut on integer values
2010-08-19 daineseUpdate good runs list: removed lumi scans and runs...
2010-08-19 daineseUpdate good runs list: removed lumi scans and runs...
2010-08-19 snellingfew more minor fixes
2010-08-19 snellingdocs
2010-08-19 snellingdocumentation
2010-08-19 snellingdocumentation
2010-08-19 snellingdir for methods documentation
2010-08-19 snellingupdate to documentation
2010-08-19 snellingAdded v3
2010-08-19 snellingfixes cont return of functions which lead to warnings
2010-08-19 cblumeUpdate running year
2010-08-19 abercucimodified function CookdEdx according to
2010-08-19 daineseAdded check for a valid pointer to the primary vertex
2010-08-19 jjosefixed bugs with the rule checker.
2010-08-19 pulvirAdd-on by F. Blanco: code to manage leading particle...
2010-08-19 daineseAdd the name of the AOD set in the DataPattern
2010-08-19 pulvirAdded new possible values and removed non physical...
2010-08-19 slindaladded macro to draw calorimeter histograms
2010-08-19 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-08-19 kleinbchanged phi calculation
2010-08-19 mflorisFixed a bug in DrawAllAndKaons: ITS/TPC ratios were...
2010-08-18 richtermminor update of comments, adding some TODO
2010-08-18 richtermMaking RootSchemaEvolutionComponent a CalibrationProcessor
2010-08-18 richtermcorrecting log level and BlockFilter arguments
2010-08-18 richtermadding new options '-prescalar' and '-skip-events'
2010-08-18 prinoFix for bug 71598 (Marco Van Leeuwen)
2010-08-18 richtermadding test macro for AliHLTRootSchemaEvolutionComponent
2010-08-18 richtermsuppressing warning for block type kAliHLTDataTypeRunTy...
2010-08-18 richtermPreparing the RootSchemaEvolutionComponent to run at...
2010-08-18 aszostakUpdating documentation
2010-08-18 aszostakSome improvements to handling of private data blocks...
2010-08-18 snellingbug fix array out of bound
2010-08-18 snellingfew more inlcudes
2010-08-18 snellingCalculating QCs at fixed M, rebinning at the and of...
2010-08-18 snellingprotection against missing files
2010-08-18 snellingfix include limits.h
2010-08-18 cblumeAdd validation function for pass0
2010-08-18 gconesabcorrect leak when creating the vertex array
2010-08-18 morsch- some additional information in HIJGLBR
2010-08-18 mfaselGet filter setting from configuration name and add...
2010-08-18 snellingfix cuts
2010-08-18 ivanaIn macros:
2010-08-18 gconesabRecover the Pi0 analysis own mixing to be done on deman...
2010-08-18 jjoseIncreased speed of reporting in continuous build script...
2010-08-18 slindalCreated more pads on QA plot
2010-08-18 snellingchanges to avoid compiler warning
2010-08-18 daineseBug fix (Chiara, Sergey)
2010-08-18 hdalsgaaScripts to make FMD analysis correction objects
2010-08-18 kaamodtAdded functionality for the alfa cut (Ana)
2010-08-18 snellingrewrite of cut classes
2010-08-18 gconesabFix mixing macro to run on grid, remove option mMix.
2010-08-18 hdalsgaaBug fix
2010-08-18 abercucibug fix: In the macro AddTRDinfoGen.C a whitespace was
2010-08-17 hristovAdding tests (Johny)
2010-08-17 gconesabQA: Do not access directly the CaloClusters from the...
2010-08-17 ivanaIn AliMUONTrackerDDLDecoder:
2010-08-17 cblumeTake changes in AliDCSSensor class into account (Ionut)
2010-08-17 jjoseadded gun, ppbench tests, and warnings and coding coven...
2010-08-17 gconesab1) Do not fill aod file if not requested
2010-08-17 mflorisChanged default weights and scaling between different...
2010-08-17 slindalUpdated ConfigGammaConversion.C to deal with GSI AOD...
2010-08-17 cblumeSmall update of clusterizer (Theo)
2010-08-17 pulvirRefined selection of true pairs in order to allow conta...
2010-08-17 jjoseAdding basic testing
2010-08-17 mflorisMerged modifications from Francesco Prino (corrections...
2010-08-16 hdalsgaaAdding NSD analysis as well as new features and removin...
2010-08-16 cblumeAdd virtual destructor
2010-08-16 cblumeAdd AliTRDrawStreamError to linkdef file